Chapter 216 Inception of Spirit and The Snake Accident

The Li’s Village has already become a remote memory for Lin Luoran. The path of cultivation is rough, and she doesn’t have time to think about Li Anping and his family.

Rong Donglin’s translation project is going on smoothly. Lin Luodong is back home from school early today and he comes to the bamboo cabin to do his homework. Lin Luoran is fine with Luodong and Rong spending time together. After all, Rong is trust-worthy in terms of moral quality and professional knowledge.

Lin Luoran comes up with an idea when she sees that Luodong is interested in the Shui script. If Luodong decides to step on the path of cultivation later, he will be in need of knowledge about these ancient scripts. Lin Luoran may as well let Luodong study the Shui script with Rong Donglin from now on. In this way, Luodong will start to lay a foundation from an early age… Even if Luodong doesn’t choose to cultivate, knowledge will never be a bad thing.

Lin Luoran leaves the study quietly. She plans to ask for Rong Donglin’s advice about this next time.

The cyan little fox is awake. Lin Luoran helps it detox again. Though the little fox is not so energetic now. Lin feels that the expressions in its eyes have become more loving than before.

Without cultivation, Lin Luoran now has a lot of spare time. Recently, Mr. Lin likes to go to the park nearby to do morning exercise. He is obsessed with practicing the Five-animal exercises along with other old men. Mr. Lin even drags Ms. Lin into this.

Ms. Lin still can’t cultivate herself. Fortunately, there are enough vegetables and fruits in Lin Luoran’s space and Ms. Lin drinks spirit wine daily. She is so rejuvenated that her body is balanced and strong. Though she feels a little reluctant, she has done quite well in the Five-animal exercises.

Everybody in the Lin family is occupied. Lin Luoran walks into the basement.

She just thought of the saplings she brought home from the mountain. She hasn’t planted these saplings yet.

Lin Luoran plants the peer tree, the chestnut tree and the fig tree in her space. Then she picks an apple and starts to eat, sitting on the swing under the apple tree.

When she first found the space, there were only a small pond, a young sapling, and lots of tall grass. The space was smaller before. Now, she has trees of peaches, apples, cherries, grapes, pears, and figs… Also, there are all kinds of vegetables, medicines, and spirit herbs along with the mini volcano and the spring.

The space looks like a botanic garden.

However, Lin Luoran still has a regret because she can’t break through the inhibition around the log cabin.

Last time, the fire phoenix in her space consumed half of the Strange Fire. Lin worries about it. The log cabin is so quiet.

Lin picks some peaches, apples, and grapes and trims the branches for a few trees. Then she transports them out of the space.

She puts the fruits away. In fact, Lin’s heart itches every time she thinks about the magic circle she planted around the house last time. Her original plan was to do the “Inception of Spirit” tonight, yet she feels so anxious. She must do the inception in order to test whether the plant of magic circle was a success or not.

Lin calms herself down and decides to do the inception now.

She puts some jade around herself so that they can help replenish her Wakan during the inception.

Lin sits down with her legs crossed. Wakan starts to flow out of her fingertip. First, the Wakan finds the jade under the ground nearby. Lin’s Wakan is like a thread and the jade is the needle eye. The Wakan goes through the jade and heads to the next one. One by one, the jades are connected by an invisible line. Except for Lin Luoran, no one else can see this grand view.

The glow of Wakan and jades starts to head to the core of the magic circle. When the glow reaches to the core, Lin will know whether the inception is successful or not.

In the basement, Lin Luoran’s hand moves fast. She is trying her best to stabilize her hand gestures. Lin is aware that the Inception of Spirit will need a huge amount of Wakan, but she never expected that she might be exhausted. The circle is too large and there is a Reiki-gathering Stone at the core. Maybe Lin just doesn’t have the ability to do this. She already feels powerless when the jades are just connected.

As a matter of fact, Lin Luoran is over-confident. Back when the world of cultivation was prosperous, it took the power of an entire school to plant a protection circle in this size. Besides, cultivators before had magic weapons like the Circle Flag… Lin Luoran has nothing useful to help herself in this situation, and the inception is indeed too difficult.

However, Lin Luoran is stubborn. She never gives up without a fight. She makes several more attempts and her Wakan still can’t circulate around the jades to the core.

Being persistent doesn’t always bring about success, but giving up definitely means to lose.

Lin Luoran’s stubbornness takes the upper hand of herself. She controls her bead to absorb Reiki from the jade around her and the bead exports the Reiki to Lin’s body. The three nebulas in her pubic area seem to feel her anxiety and they start to spin faster. Now, the Reiki inside of Lin is transformed into Wakan at high speed. Lin Luoran grits her teeth and a strong light rushes out of her fingertip. The jades she buried last night feel the “summon” and respond. The Reiki inside of these jades starts to flow to the core of the magic circle.

The view in front of Lin’s eyes is like a firework show, so dazzling yet beautiful.

The Reiki runs towards the core of the circle under Lin’s control. With a final push, the Reiki finally reaches to the Reiki-gathering Stone…

The Web of Stars is completed. Lin Luoran falls down on the ground, exhausted.

Lin is waiting nervously. Fifteen seconds later, she feels disappointed. By the eighteen seconds, the glow on the Reiki-gathering Stone starts to fade!

Has she failed?

Though Lin has thought about all the possibilities, she can’t hide her disappointment. After all, she has tried so hard.

Lin Luoran closes her eyes and feels reluctant to draw back her spiritual mind.

Ten seconds later, before she draws back her spiritual mind, she finds that the jades under the ground blink like ill-contacted bulbs.

What just happened?

Lin is confused. Then the jades start to shine one after another. A glowing light has connected the jades together. After a while, an invisible light dome appears over the Lin’s house.

It’s working! Lying on the ground, Lin Luoran smiles sillily at the ceiling of the basement. This protection circle is like a newly installed computer system, which takes a reboot to get into operation!

Mr. Lin’s spiritual mind has opened lately. He has a vague feeling about the change under the house, but he doesn’t know what Lin Luoran has been up to lately. When the magic circle is planted, Mr. Lin senses the change of Reiki. Though the Reiki-gathering Stone has just taken into effect, Mr. Lin is sensible enough to feel it.

The nest of the cyan little fox is right on the island in the backyard which is close to the location of the Reiki-gathering Stone. Last night, after Lin buried the stone, the little fox felt that it had gained more energy. So did Goldie. The little fox and Goldie don’t even want to leave the island again.

In fact, Lin Luoran always feels guilty for Goldie. Though she sometimes feeds it with boluses filled with Reiki, the Reiki outside of the secret land is far less than that inside of the secret land. This will delay Goldie’s development of cultivation.

Fortunately, because of the Reiki-gathering Stone, Lin is hopeful. Everything is going smoothly. How can she not be happy?

Lin Luoran falls into sound sleep.


A little red snake is hiding behind a trash can on the custom street.

It is a nice spring morning. The sunlight is warm. The street is crowded with tourists.

Some of the girls in the R City have put on short skirt and over-knee boots.

A girl in her twenties who wears her hair as a ponytail is walking on the street with her friend. She has just finished eating some hot spices and walked to the trash can to throw away the bamboo sticks.

The trash can is at the corner of the street. The second the girl throws the bamboo sticks into the trash can she feels a sting on her leg. She looks down and finds two little holes on her boots. A red thing slips away into the shadow. The girl thinks that she is only unlucky that her boots are ruined.

She walks back to her friend. However, she falls down on the ground in the middle of the street.

“Ruan, what happened? Ruan…”

Ruan’s friend is also a young girl. She is anxious.

Other tourists on the street don’t dare to touch the girl on the ground. An old man notices the little holes on the girl’s leg and says, “I’m afraid she is bitten by a snake. Call the ambulance!”

Ruan’s friend looks at Ruan’s leg. Black blood is dropping out of the little holes.

“Black blood. Oh my god! The snake is poisonous!”

“Poisonous snake! Let’s step back…”

“Little girl, call the ambulance, hurry!”

Ruan’s friend finally gets through the phone with her shaky hands,

“Hello, my friend was bitten by a poisonous snake… We are in the custom street… Yes, the snake is poisonous.”

When everybody is nervous of the girl. The old man feels strange. Why a poisonous snake is wandering on the crowded street in early spring?