Chapter 219 Rescuers

Although it is early March, Lin Luodong, standing in the square, feels that his mouth is dry. In just a few seconds, he feels as if he had been confronted with the snake for several years. Holding the stick, his hands cannot help shaking.

Rong Donglin and Yan Feng are older than Luodong, but they are just ordinary college students, and they are atheists with scientific world view. It is the first time that they have seen such an unnatural snake that grows bigger and bigger in the wind. They are terrified and confused — is it the monster in American movies or a monster in the legend of Huaxia?

Compared with the extremely excited news presenter, only the three boys, who have no way out in front of the snake, feel helpless and frightened. The snake seems to be teasing them — it shakes its tail and twists its body but doesn’t actually hurt them.

RTV II has many local audiences. Plus, it is not hearsay but real picture from the scene. It even sparks heated discussion in the surrounding cities, let alone in the downtown.

Zeng Tian is having a meeting at that time. When he hears the sudden burst of scream outside his office, he asks the secretary to go out and see what happened. Hearing his secretary’s whisper, he cannot help but coming out to see by himself. He hasn’t seen a monster since he began to cultivate, so he is very curious.

Zeng Tian frowns when he sees Rong Donglin’s face flash through the HD shot. He is hesitating whether to intervene or not when he only sees Rong Donglin. But when he sees Lin Luodong, he unconsciously clenches his fists.

——This is a big gamble. If he wins, he will not only make up with Master Lin, but also have a likely close relationship with the Lin family.

But if he loses, he will die.

After thinking for a few seconds, Zeng Tian runs out, knocking down the papers on his desk. It is not easy to cultivate, but what is easy in this world? His father used to be an employee in a state-owned enterprise. Despite the stable income, his father resolutely went to do business. Wasn’t he gambling?

Suddenly, Zeng Tian becomes very courageous, and he chooses to gamble!

Zeng Tian also has some cultivation. But unlike Mr. Lin and Baojia, his cultivation is the result of countless money, resources and his efforts. Not being very qualified, he can’t meet the requirements of several cultivation schools. So it is good enough for him to acquire basic skills. He doesn’t choose to drive. Instead, he runs through the traffic jam in the R City.


Today is weekend, Lin Luodong can come out to play with Rong Donglin, but Huang Weijian has to collect garbage with a bag. He has almost paid the rent, but he is still struggling to make a living. Given that, there is no weekend for Huang Weijian to rest.

Just because it is weekend, Huang Weijian has quite a productive day. He has brought home a few bags of garbage. At this time, he is carrying the bags to the square. There are many tourists here on weekend, so he should get more.

A group of people are gathering in front of a clothing store. Hearing the constant screams, Huang can’t help glancing in the direction of the TV set. Suddenly, Huang feels some punched him. It is Lin Luodong, who always tried to please him and make him somewhat annoyed.

This nerd… Huang Wei Jian continues to walk expressionlessly. But after taking two steps, he can’t help touching his canvas bag.

Anyway, they are classmates, so he can’t leave Lin Luodong in the lurch. He finds an excuse to persuade himself, but he neglects that Lin Luodong is obviously not an ordinary classmate for him.

Indifferent as Huang Weijian is, he is just a 12-year-old boy. In order to help Huang Weijian, Lin Luodong was beaten by Ma Ming and his friends. This incident has a greater influence on him than he expected.

Huang Weijian rushes to the square with the gunny bag.


The office building of Fortune House is not far from the square. Even Goldie can feel the provocation of the snake, let alone Xin Yuanping, who feels it more strongly.

If such a beast is refined in the blood pool, it will be a tonic even for Xin Yuanping. Of course, she will not easily let it go.

Because Fortune House is very close to the square, and Xin Yuanping is more powerful than others, she is the first to arrive at the square. Xin Yuanping originally wants to subdue the strange snake quietly, but when she finds that it is Lin Luodong who is trapped and there are many other people rushing here, she smiles.

She finds it interesting and is going to watch the free play. Therefore, she doesn’t show up immediately. Instead, she jumps onto a big tree.

Goldie arrives in a flash, only a few seconds later than Xin Yuanping.

Of course it has sensed Xin Yuanping, and it feels uncomfortable when it sees her. But looking at Lin Luodong on the ground, it finally lands after hovering in the air for a while.

When the wings of golden hawk are fully open, they are seven or eight-meters long, casting a huge shadow on the ground. Lin Luodong, whose mouth and tongue are dry, feels the darkness overhead. When he raises his head, he sees Goldie hover in the sky. Then the nervous boy suddenly becomes relaxed.

Oh, isn’t it the huge bird of the Lin family?

Rong Donglin clenches the stick in his hands, unsure whether the golden hawk can save them or not.

Yan Feng, after being stunned for a while, swallows the saliva in his mouth and says:

“The mysterious hawk of the State of Huaxia?……God, is it coming to save us?”

The distant passers-by, including the news presenter of Channel 2 of the R City, are obviously more certain than Yan Feng. The presenter was just excited when he found the snake previously, but now he is so amazed that he wants to go home and worship his ancestors!

“The mysterious hawk of the State of Huaxia! What appears on camera is the mysterious hawk of the State of Huaxia that disappeared in Zhongshan Mausoleum! Does it come to save people? God, the snake is attacking it!”

When the snake sees Goldie, it becomes vicious like seeing an enemy. Goldie doesn’t land at once. The snake twists its body into circles and leans its tail against the ground to help it leap up. Then it takes a bite at Goldie’s wings.

Meanwhile, the snake shakes its tail, breaking a street lamp post, which falls on the three people at the wall.

The police car finally arrives. The square is in chaos.

Goldie screeches and flaps its wings, blowing the three boys away like gourds rolling on the ground. They get hurt more or less, but successfully escape from the fight between the snake and the golden hawk.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Bullets continuously hit the snake, causing several blood holes in its body. The snake is irritated. It turns around and rushes to the police car. Lin Luodong and his friends are also fleeing in this direction — damn, they almost escape from the square, almost!

Goldie catches the snake’s tail, but its long body rushes to the police car and bites off a policeman’s head.

The headless body walks a few steps and falls by Yan Feng. Seeing the blood coming out of the neck, the glib university student feels dizzy.

Seeing that someone is really killed, the onlookers far away finally wake up from the excitement of seeing the mysterious hawk. It is a snake that can kill people. This is not a film!

The crowd disperses quickly. The snake, whose tail is caught, wants to turn around and bite Goldie. Goldie sweeps its wings, leaving several bloodstains on the snake’s neck.

“Let’s go…” Rong Donglin stumbles to help Yan Feng up. Being hurt by Goldie, the snake turns to attack the three boys. Goldie is about to catch the snake’s tail and flies up to the sky. Xin Yuanping smiles on the tree, and a black lotus appears in her hand. A burst of mist is released quietly and Goldie feels weak. It flutters its wings, but can’t fly.

Goldie’s claws pierce in the snake, but the snake is not affected by the fog. Feeling that its tail is loosened, the snake drags Goldie to the three boys.

“How dare you!”

The hard vines of the iron thorns are winding. Mr. Lin crosses over the cars from afar and twines the snake’s head around a statue.


Lin Luodong yells. Rong Donglin, who is holding Yan Feng, opens his eyes wide. He asks: What’s wrong with the world? The golden hawk of the Lin family is powerful enough. Is Mr. Lin, the amicable man, also has great power?

He doesn’t associate this accident with cultivators. He also doesn’t expect that the unknown cultivators in Huaxia will appear in the world again like in ancient times.

In countless coincidences, some secrets can no longer be concealed.

When the crowd disperse, a silent teenager comes against the stream of people. When he sees his classmate stand there motionlessly, he cannot help raising his pretty eyebrows under his bangs.