Chapter 220 The World Belongs to Them

Zeng Tian comes shortly after Huang Weijian. Unlike Mr. Lin, who can control iron thorns, Zeng Tian’s weapon is a soft sword, which is made by the Wen family in Zu Mountain. When he uses it, he can just pull it out of the belt. It is a handy weapon even for the most powerful cultivators, let alone Zeng Tian.

Zeng knows that he should keep a low profile, so he tears a piece of shirt and puts it on his face, which makes him look funny:

“Get out!”

He pushes the three boys away. Only Rong Donglin recognizes that the man’s figure and accent are very similar to those of Zeng, the young master of the bar in which he was bullied. Then Rong Donglin runs out of the square with Lin Luodong and Yan Feng. They know that the target of the snake is Lin Luodong, and they have seen a policeman’s head being bitten off. Not daring to get others in trouble, they run to an empty space.

Zeng Tian points the sword to the ground and jumps to the side of the snake.

Since Goldie suddenly loses its power, it is hard for Mr. Lin to fight with the snake alone. The iron thorns are extremely tough, but Mr. Lin obviously lacks practical experience to use them. He was not able to attack the snake even when he was at an advantage. Now he can only pull the snake, but doesn’t have the strength to kill it.

Zeng Tian wields his sword and jumps in the air. Then the shining sword stabs the giant snake in the right eye!

Zeng’s soft sword moves swiftly like a snake. However, can he beat this living giant snake?

Countless people are expecting him to make it.

The captain of the police squad asked for more police to help, but when humans are involved, he orders to stop shooting to avoid hurting the innocent.

At this moment, all the people, including the nagging news presenter, are holding their breath in the corner.

People can only see the action in a split second with their naked eyes. The camera faithfully records the moment that impresses countless young people. In fact, at this time, Zeng Tian, a man with a funny mask, is gambling with his future.

He has recognized Lin Luodong and Rong Donglin. More importantly, he knows that the one who is containing the snake is Master Lin’s father. Zeng Tian feels extremely motivated. When he later recalls the moment when he hits the snake, he also finds it amazing, because his performance is apparently better than ever!

The snake writhes in pain. Zeng Tian waves the sword so firmly that the air seems to be broken.


It is the sound of cutting flesh with a sharp object. As expected, the iron sword precisely pierces the snake’s right eye, the weakest part of it!

When the blood of the snake splashes, the people on the square, the police and the audience watching the live television all cheer simultaneously.

Good job!

Zeng Tian also feels great. The snake’s eye is close to its brain. No matter how powerful the snake is, can it still live if he turns the sword to break its brain?

Zeng Tian’s wrist shakes, and then his smiling face freezes.

Damn it. His sword is stuck in the snake bone!

The snake turns its head and blows yellow gas to Zeng Tian. He knows the gas is powerful, so he has to let go of the sword immediately and turns a back somersault, falling on the ground.

The blood of the snake spills all over the ground. Xin Yuanping, standing on a tree, finds it really boring. The camera can only capture the big tree, not the woman on the tree.

Zeng Tian bites his lips, but he can’t stop the black blood spilling out of his mouth. Quickly as he has retreated, he is still poisoned…

People tell Lin Luodong to run, but how can he run away while his father is still fighting the snake? At the back of the police car, Lin Luodong refuses to move. Let alone Rong Donglin, even Yan Feng will not leave a child there.

The three boys are watching what is going on on the square. They are happy to see Zeng Tian stab the snake. But seeing that Zeng Tian has fallen back while his sword is still stuck in the snake’s eye, they are all worried.

Huang Weijian puts mud on his face and then runs out from the back of the police car. He stares at Lin Luodong, who is stunned, and asks seriously, “Why don’t you run?”

Lin Luodong looks at him for a while before recognizing that this is his classmate. Although Lin doesn’t know why Huang Weijian is also here, he hurriedly pushes Huang away and says:

“It is too dangerous here, Huang Weijian. Leave now!”

The silent boy seems not to hear Lin Luodong’s words, and he asks impatiently, “Lin Luodong, why don’t you run?”

Rong Donglin and Yan Feng can’t help but look at the young man who keeps asking the same question. It suddenly occurs to Lin Luodong that the one talking to him is Huang Weijian. It is the boy who always ignored Lin no matter how hard Lin tried to talk to him.

“My dad’s still there. I can’t go!” Lin Luodong points to his father, who is fighting alone with the snake. Mr. Lin has the determination that is exclusive to young people.

Huang’s expression in his eyes hidden under his bangs is hard to recognize. He just murmurs, “It is really troublesome.”

Standing high on the tree, Xin Yuanping sees the panic, joy and disappointment of all the people. Xin Yuanping’s right hand was broken by Lin Luoran, and she still can’t get used to her new hand. Thinking of that, she raises her hand. When she puts it down, there comes a black gas that ordinary people can’t see with their naked eyes. Like a sharp knife, the gas cuts the iron thorns…

Feeling his hands loose, Mr. Lin knows something is wrong. He scatters the seeds, but it is obviously too late.

The snake doesn’t rush to Lin Luodong for the first time. Instead, it turns to kill Mr. Lin, the annoying man who has been containing it. In this dangerous moment, Goldie, who has been feeble, finally regains its power, together with the silent boy complaining about the trouble.

Goldie feels that some power deep in its blood is anxiously waiting to come out. Its wings are shining, and its claws seem to be full of power again. It grasps the snake’s tail again and drags it back!

While the police are crying, “Kid, it is dangerous over there”, the young boy in shabby clothes jumps out of the crowd and runs towards the snake. While he is running, he takes a large bare pen out of his canvas bag. The pen looks as funny as him.

The wind blows up his bangs. His eyes that have been covered are dark and deep. When Mr. Lin sees Huang’s eyes, he feels that the boy looks like someone.

Whom does he look like?

Huang Weijian doesn’t care about other people’s thoughts. He just takes out the barely broken pen and writes in the air. While people are wondering what it is, the young boy recites with his tender voice:

“Goose, goose, goose. You bend your neck towards the sky and sing.”

At first, it seems like the young boy is pretending to look weak to cheat the snake. But when he recites the poem, the mystique is totally destroyed.

Lin Luodong doesn’t know what his classmate is doing. The bold news presenter has prepared a wonderful speech, but at last he can’t say any word but scream in shock!

Only Yan Feng, whose legs are weak in terror, murmurs, “The young generation excels the older one. How can such a young boy have so much bravado…”

It is not bravado. Only Xin Yuanping standing on the tree can see the power of his writing.

“The child is so interesting. Why not come and play with me?”

As soon as Huang Weijian finishes reciting, “Your red feet push the clear waves”, great power is formed at the end of the pen. Although he hasn’t put his power into actual use, he is confident that he can stop the snake, even if he can’t kill it!

At this time, he hears the sound of teasing from the air waves. When Huang Weijian suddenly raises his head, he sees Xin Yuanping in black standing on the tree. She smiles gently and harmlessly, like a friendly girl living next door.