Chapter 221 Beauty Hidden Behind Clouds

Lin Luoran is looking down on the plane when her mother desperately calls her on the phone.

The plane gradually slows down to land, and the appearance of the snake monster on the square is terrifying. But in just ten minutes, she turns her phone on after she got off the plane.

As soon as she lands, Lin receives a lot of messages reminding her that there are a lot of missed calls, all of which were from her mother. Lin Luoran gets a bit nervous: Is there something wrong with the family?

As she prepares to call back, the passengers who get off the plane gather together in twos and threes, pointing at the huge electronic signboard at the airport.

“Sweetie, is this Tianfu Square? Are they shooting a movie here?”

“Shooting a movie? I don’t think so!”

“That is the news presenter at RTV II. Are they not shooting a movie, but hosting a live programme?”



Lin Luoran looks down where the crowd was focusing on, and she gets so shocked that she almost drops her cellphone.

On the square, Zeng Tian excellently stabbed the snake with his sword, but he ended up failing.

Goldie’s claws hang limp as it holds the snake’s tail, obviously looking unusual. What let Lin Luoran cannot help but shrink her pupils is that the person who is entangling the snake’s head with iron thorns is her Dad!

Meanwhile, Lin Luodong, Rong Donglin and Yan Feng’s faces flash through the camera.

The red snake… is not dead, and it even comes back to revenge!

Damn, Lin Luoran stomps her feet. Between impressing the world with her power and saving her relatives’ lives, she would choose the latter without hesitation. She calls out the Bright Sword and casts the Sword-riding Spell without setting a Mini world. Though she is standing behind the crowd, the shining light of her sword still attracts all the passengers and airport staff’s attention.

The water blue sword has a smooth shape. The girl, who has previously been an ordinary passenger, flies into the blue sky on a sword in public!

In just a few seconds, that woman on the sword has disappeared in the clouds. People who have witnessed this scene are whispering to each other in shock, and their voices are louder and louder…

They need an explanation. What’s wrong with the world?


Huang Weijian’s pen is powerful. When he writes the poem, he sets a net around the snake.

Although no ordinary person can see such a divine lock, they can see the snake bending its head and writhing as if it were trapped!

Mr. Lin is glad at first that the iron thorn seeds he has scattered have quickly turned into hard vines, which add another chain to the writhing snake. It looks as if the snake was at last trapped by them.

Mr. Lin feels tired. When Goldie comes fluttering to his side, the light of its body dims, as if something goes wrong.

As the news presenter excitedly introduces their actions, the police captain orders, “Aim and shoot!”

Bullets have no eyes. Although they stand aside, it is not far enough to avoid these bullets. Mr. Lin wants to take Huang Weijian to go away, only to find that the small boy who successfully trapped the snake is staring at a certain direction like a piece of sculpture.

Mr. Lin looks to the direction where Huang is staring at, but only finds a big banyan tree. There is nothing strange.

On hearing the sound of shooting, Mr. Lin knows that they must leave. Huang Weijian, holding the pen in his right hand hardly, feels alerted,

“Come out, I know you’re there!” He shouts to the banyan tree, pointing to the tree with the pen.

Why, what happened to the boy? Does a banyan tree deserve him to be so nervous?

Lin Luodong also does not know what happened to his classmate…

The news presenter, with his keen sense of news, asks his colleague to move the camera in the direction of the banyan tree.

Huang Weijian is as nervous as a frightened cat. There comes a burst of giggle from where was originally an empty banyan tree. The voice is charming and not loud, yet it spreads to every corner of the Tianfu Square.

“Kid, didn’t your teacher tell you that it is not polite to stare at a lady?”

As the laughter stops, Xin Yuanping in black suddenly appears at the top of the tree. She looks exactly the same with the assistant of Fortune House, but has a completely different temperament. Anyway, among all the staff in Fortune House, only Elly, who used to stay with her day and night, recognizes her.


Members of the Lin family will never forget this woman for she was the one to blame for Lin Luoran’s missing that year.

Mr. Lin takes two steps quickly and puts his arms around Lin Luodong.

“Mr. Lin, who is that?” Rong Donglin is confused to see the father and son’s alert appearance. Even fighting the snake didn’t make him look so sullen.

Mr. Lin answers tonelessly, “She is the enemy of our family.”

Mr. Lin hates the woman so much not because Zou Yaowei hurt him when his daughter was not around, but because his daughter suffered so much when she was kidnapped by the woman. Mr. Lin can’t forget it.

“Yes, she is bad!” Lin Luodong nods his head. Even if he was young, he would never forget how much his family suffered during those three years.

A great enemy?

Yan Feng is speechless. Lin’s family are so powerful, but they regard the woman as a great enemy. It’s easy to see that this woman in black is more…Yan quivers on thought of this. He previously admired that woman, but now he is so frightened.

But the mysterious hawk of the State of Huaxia turns out to belong to the prettiest girl at school. Yan Feng feels lucky that he didn’t think about pursuing her.

Seeing Goldie standing aloof on his side, Yan Feng feels both curious and afraid. After all, he is just an ordinary person.

Zeng Tian has long retreated to this side. The snake venom is running wildly in his body, so he is afraid that if he speaks, blood will come out. Therefore, he doesn’t take the ridiculous shirt strip down, and just calmly watches the scene.

As people are whispering, the police captain orders the police to shoot the snake. Seeing that the snake is dying and its blood spreads all over, they all turn their attention to the woman in black who has suddenly appeared. Since the young man who has trapped the snake looks so nervous at her appearance, people know that she is not a good person!

Xin Yuanping, who is pointed at by dozens of handguns, thinks nothing of these ordinary policemen.

She still stares at Huang Weijian and says to him with a smile, “Little boy, why not follow me, the young lady, to…”

Huang Weijian smiles and interrupts Xin Yuanping, “Young lady? Old woman, I am an orphan. Please don’t cheat me!”

The young boy says seriously, as if he is kindly correcting Xin Yuanping’s mistakes. The onlookers who are tightly nervous finally get amused…The children’s words are unscrupulous. The woman’s expression immediately changes.

There is probably no young and beautiful woman in the world who is willing to be called old, even if she is actually a grandmother!

Lin Luodong is amazed. He and Lin Luoran followed Huang Weijian for many days, but he never knows that Huang is such an interesting and vicious person. When Lin Luodong recalls that Huang solemnly recited “The goose, the goose, the goose”, he can’t help but laugh.

Xin Yuanping looks unusually sullen. She stares at Huang Weijian, intending to kill him.

The captain of the police is also afraid of this black woman on the top of the tree. When he sees her expression change, he feels nervous for the teenager on the square.

Xin Yuanping walks down from the tree as if she has thought of something.

She doesn’t jump down or leap down. She really walks down step by step. It seems that there is an invisible step under her feet.

What is more shocking is that every time she takes a step, there are shining, fragrant black lotuses under her feet. In the eyes of ordinary people, this is really a miracle.

The news presenter says intermittently, “Lotus under feet? Audience, apart from the giant snake, the swordsman, druids that control plants, the little poet, there is also a mysterious woman who walks with lotuses around her feet…” The news presenter is so excited that he even doesn’t have time to wipe the sweat on his forehead. He has already predicted that his career would usher in a new peak after today!

Looking at his peers who are coming in succession, busy operating their cameras in a remote place, the news presenter gets more excited. His peers are all behind him, and his station is the first to cover the event!

As the news presenter is still excited, he suddenly hears a sound of breaking glasses. No, not a sound, but continuous sounds—did the police shoot the woman?

When he looks around, he almost passes out!

With lotuses under her feet, Xin Yuanping just takes back her fingers.

“You guys are so annoying, just like mosquitoes.” She says, as if destroying all the cameras on the scene is a matter of course.

The news presenter points at her, stammering for a long time, but does not dare to go forward to blame her. Other reporters and news presenters who have just arrived are completely stunned, feeling extremely sad.

Xin Yuanping comes to Huang Weijian in a few steps. The boy does not evade, looking very brave. But in fact, in such confrontation, he has already soaked by sweat.

This woman is very powerful!

Huang Weijian feels a bit thirsty. Then he writes firmly with the broken pen again—

He writes every stroke fast and seriously.

“The water of the Yellow River…comes from the sky” Instead of reciting the simple poem “Ode to the Goose”, he is reciting a famous poem by Li Bai.

When the teenager recites, Xin Yuanping finds that her footsteps seem to be blocked.

“It is really interesting, but do you think this will stop me?” Xin Yuanping stops walking. When she lifts her right foot and puts it down again, Huang Weijian’s face turns pale, but he doesn’t stop writing. He continues to recite, “Running to the sea…never come back!”

The lines under the pen rush toward Xin Yuanping.

“You overestimated yourself!”

Xin Yuanping sneers, and the previous kindness on her face is gone. As she takes another step, the black lotuses emerge. Then she steps down, crushing the lines that can trap the snake!

Huang Weijian spits out blood and steps back. He can barely stand upright.

Xin Yuanping blinks her eyes and pinches the neck of the boy.

“Little boy, aren’t you a talker? You can no longer be so arrogant, hahaha!”

Seeing that Huang Weijian is caught, Lin Luodong clenches his fists. Rong Donglin and Yan Feng quickly stop him.

Among all these people there, apart from the policemen, there is only Mr. Lin who can continue to fight. As he is about to move, he hears a female voice from the cloud. The voice is toneless and lazy, but very familiar:

“Long time no see. You only bully the weak as usual!”

Mr. Lin is relaxed and Lin Luodong smiles.

The most reassuring person finally comes back…