Chapter 222 Great Boast, Small Roast.

Years after, 3 November 2011 is called “the Day of Revealing Divine”.

In the meantime, Tianfu Square in the R City has become a place for pilgrimage for numerous young people to seek immortality and learn from the masters.

At this particular time and space, the original scientific world is torn apart mysteriously, more and more supernatural beings become known to the world. Therefore, the declined world of cultivation bursts blinding light in the 21st century.


Xin Yuanping stares at the sky while the smile disappeared from her face.

With his neck squeezed, Huang Weijian is suffocated with his veins pumping out on his face. The hand around his neck looses a little, and he can finally breathe heavily.

Confusion, anticipation, incredulity and relief are convoluted together. All look up to the sky.

In the looming clouds in the sapphire sky is a smooth flying sword and a divine-like woman in an ancient green dress.

Her voice is melodious, her body beautifully curved, her eyes as clear as colored glass. Yet her appearance is mostly veiled so that people cannot remember her face.

This is, of course, the very intention of Lin Luoran.

She is comfortable with being exposed to others as a cultivator, yet what she dislikes is being recognized by whole the State of Huaxia. In that case, she can only hide herself in the distant mountains and rivers.

“What a coincidence.”

Xin Yuanping drops Huang Weijian on the ground and claps her hands, waving to Lin Luoran like an old friend.

Yet of course, they might never be friends.

“You are full of crap.” Lin Luoran gives a glimpse of what is happening all around, and she is not particularly satisfied with these onlooker-faced people.

“Dad, you go back first with them. Don’t forget bringing that classmate of Luo Dong’s with you.” Lin Luoran talks to her father through her spiritual mind.

Her father blinks to show that he’s got the message.

Both Lin Luoran and Xin Yuanping are beauties, yet of different kind. The former arrives with her sword while the latter walks with lotuses around, which have drawn the attention of all.

Although many cameras have been broken, these “hard-working” journalists are still recording with their phones, all lamenting it is impossible to livestream the scene.

Lin Luoran does not fail their expectation. The moment she finished greeting Xin, streaks of red lights shoot down from the sky, boom like fireworks, and come down as fire rain.

The rain covers an unusually wide area, stretching to the rim of the square. Xin Yuanping watches this attack in confusion. The rain is completely made of Wakan, which cannot do any harm. Yet these ordinary people on the square panicked all the same.

Human can be fear of the unknown, no matter for the police, journalists or the citizens who are bold enough to remain on the square. They don’t know if the sudden fire rain can do much harm. So they all dodge, leaving the scene in a complete mess.

Could it be some kind of corrosive liquid?

Most people present would think this way. Out of all the police, only one of them does nothing to dodge the rain, eyes blinking with brightness. He believes the woman who arrived standing on a sword has no intention of hurting them. Although it’s been 3 or 4 years, Officer Li recognized Lin Luodong at first sight. He encountered such an incident just after he graduated from the Police Training School. The Lin Luodong now is nothing like the skinny boy back in the days, yet not much has changed on the minor expressions, which reminds Li immediately of the little boy… Naturally, he remembers Lin Luoran easily even if she intentionally blurred her appearance.

Therefore, when the crowed panic, Officer Li remains calm.

Two kind girls and young Officer Li helped a little boy in the past. The boy seems to be enjoying a good life now… Holding this warm memory, Li looks again at the boy and the talented people, and quietly gets out of the crowd without making a sound.

After Lin Luodong and others disappeared, the fire rain stops in time.

Unlike what they thought it would be, as soon as the fire rain touches the skin, it seeps right into the skin with no pain. It’s more like a kind of nutrition liquid that invigorates the body, even relieving the old pain and disease.

The divine rain falls from the sky with healing power. The woman with the sword is… a fairy?

Feeling the changes inside their body, even the strongest believers of atheism start to doubt. The appearance of the giant snake, the golden hawk, the sword master, the boy, and the woman in black all foreshadowed the appearance of Lin Luoran.

Deceiving all the people present by standing on the sword in the sky is not possible.

Seeing that Lin Luoran has gained popularization by her action, Xin Yuanping scorned, “How generous you are to waste your power on these ordinary people!”

This is why she detests those talented cultivators. The ordinary cultivators with a little Wakan struggle to live while they waste their born Wakan as such! This is simply not fair!

This unfair world needs someone to restore its rules!

With that in her mind, the lotus suddenly appears in her hand.

But Lin Luoran is already holding the Bright Sword, transforming to a splitting light shooting down.

Within three seconds, they have already fought several times with no winner.

The onlookers are still exclaiming that the fight is not fierce enough, yet Xin Yuanping is already worried. As the one who caught Lin Luoran to humiliate her in the blood pool in the dungeon, Xin Yuanping is more surprised than anyone by Lin Luoran’s progress.

She already knows that Lin Luoran made it to the higher state of Laying Foundation, yet what she doesn’t know is that Lin is so strong that she cannot be defeated, not even once, when encounters her face to face. On the one hand, Xin Yuanping is fear of her talent. On the other hand, she detests her more than ever.

You will be revenged for my broken arm. Just wait for it.

The lotus of Xin Yuanping jerks near Lin Luoran, who is highly alert. Her sword is always prepared to charge yet her charge misses because of Xin’s movement.

“Lin Luoran, you will be begging me soon. We shall see… Believe me. It won’t be long.”

The black smoke arises. After people finish coughing, Xin Yuanping disappeared.

Ordinary people did not see how she managed to do that while Lin Luoran was well aware of that. The woman in black disappeared in the busy street within only a few leaps.

The smoke goes away, leaving only Lin Luoran on the square, pondering the words of the woman in black in silence.

Goldie goes to her, still putting an air of pride of a golden hawk in public, standing by Lin Luoran obediently.


This scene reminds someone of the widely spread photo on the Internet.

The golden hawk and the beauty in an ancient dress combined – is she the fairy with the hawk?