Chapter 223 The End of the Incident (Part One)

At this moment, Lin Luoran has no mood to care about the bystanders. She must focus on the giant snake on the square.

Have the red snake reborn, or is this the posthumous child of it?

Lin Luoran worries more about the second possibility. Snakes are semi-oviparous animals, but they are not hermaphroditic. If this is the posthumous child of the red snake, there may be a chance that a male snake still lives somewhere and it may come out and hurt people someday.

In order to make sure the possibility, Lin Luoran covers the giant snake with Reiki and plans to take it home to make research on it.

The giant snake shrinks into its normal size.

Goldie spreads its wings and Lin Luoran jumps onto its back. She can feel the unstable fluctuation of vital energy and blood inside Goldie. Something unexpected has happened to Goldie. Lin decides to check on its condition after they get back home.

The courageous news presenter doesn’t want to let Lin Luoran go just now. He wants to interview this righteous heroin.

However, when he walks to Lin, Lin stares at him coldly. Before asking any question, the presenter doesn’t have the nerve to open his mouth anymore…

The news presenter, along with other bystanders on the square, do nothing but to watch the beautiful woman fly into the sky and disappear in the clouds on the back of a golden hawk.

The captain of the police squad is amazed. Then he receives a call from his superior who demands him to leave the square immediately.

The incident on the square doesn’t become a forbidden topic, and the government never honors the one who saved the day. Except for the cement floor in the center of the square, the only one who was killed is the police officer whose head was bitten off by the snake.

The captain doesn’t care about what the leaders of the government think of this. He makes up his mind that he will argue for more pension for the family of his dead colleague. Everyone in the police squad know that one day they may get killed during a mission. However, they can only risk their lives to fulfill the task when they’re sure that their family will be ok if they are dead.

Doctors who come in the ambulance help move the taxi driver onto the ambulance. This is another man who was bitten by the snake… Officer Li is worried. He is not afraid of death, yet he feels powerless when he can’t do anything to help the patients.

Lin Luoran uses a Mini World to cover herself during her way back home.

When she arrives at home with the snake, the living room is crowded.

Her mom’s eyes are red. She must have cried. Her dad is comforting her mom. Luodong is running around, fetching fruits and tea for everybody.

Yan Feng is here. He recovers from the scare in the quickest time because he is just an innocent and positive person.

Rong Donglin is also sitting on the couch. Mixed expressions are on his face. Rong is a kind and nice person, but he always keeps things to himself.

Zeng Tian stands up and greets Lin Luoran as soon as he sees her. Black blood spills out of his mouth when he opens his mouth. Ms. Lin is frightened.

Huang Weijian is sitting on the corner of the couch, feeling agitated.

“Miss Lin… Mr. Zeng is also bitten by the snake, just like what happened to the girlfriend of my roommate.” Yan Feng breaks the silence.

Zeng Tian gets agitated. He waves to Yan to imply him stop talking. Zeng actually feels so embarrassed when Yan referred him as Mr. Zeng earlier in front of Master Lin.

Looking at Zeng Tian, Lin Luoran would actually burst out of laugh if she weren’t still holding the snake in her hand.

“You guys, don’t be shy… Zeng Tian, you should try and use your cultivation to force the snake poison out of your system. I’ll assist you. It shouldn’t be too big a problem.” Compared with the little cyan fox, Zeng is really not badly hurt.

However, according to Yan Feng, the snake has bitten many ordinary people?

Lin Luoran knows for sure that the snake came for revenge, and the others were just so innocent.

Lin pursues, “Do you know how many people were hurt by the snake?”

“So many!” Lin Luodong answers, thinking about those patients on the same floor of the hospital with Ruan.

Many… This is serious.

Those patients are completely ordinary and they don’t have any cultivation. Even if Lin wants to use her own Wakan to force out the poison in their bodies, she won’t be able to help so many people.

The top priority is to make some antidotes to the snake poison.

Lin Luoran holds the snake up. A saying goes that it is better for the doer to undo what he has done. The snake has hurt so many people. It has to pay for its sins.

Lin leads Zeng to her basement in order to help him force out the poison. While walking, she winks at Luodong—

Lin Luoran is telling her brother to entertain Huang Weijian, his classmate.

Ms. Lin knows that these young men would stay for dinner tonight. She stops crying and goes to prepare in the kitchen. She leaves the living room for these men.

They must have a lot to talk about what happened today.


The media are arguing.

Usually, they have to bid for the exclusive broadcasting right of the wedding of celebrities, let alone the current breaking news of “the appearance of a fairy”.

In the R City and the counties and cities nearby, millions of audiences have seen the live show on TV. Nevertheless, the TV stations of other provinces don’t all regard the video as authentic news. They tell the public that this is just planned acting in order to build up the momentum of an upcoming TV show.

RTV II delivers the video to the technical evaluation department so as to kill the rumor. The technicians see no wires hanging on the people who are flying around in the video. Therefore, the State of Huaxia is shocked. The news spreads all over the world and everybody is excited.

Politically, the State of Huaxia is the enemy of many other countries. Now, the video is forwarded to every corner of the internet. Though the governments are aware of the truth, the public doesn’t. As a result, some people start to help the government cover the truth… Nevertheless, western people still are interested in the woman riding on the flying sword and the woman in black who walks with black lotus surrounding her feet.

It’s such a pity that this is not an HD video!

The government of the State of Huaxia makes no comments on it.

That’s right. The video, which breaks the atheistic view in the world, is not deleted. No one ever comes out and acknowledge it… The world has reached an acquiescence. The attitude of leaders of governments is worth pondering. Some insiders keep thinking about the reason why they act like this. In the meantime, patients who were bitten by the snake are saved.

Rumor says that the antidote is delivered by someone from the military subarea. 10 ml of the antidote is enough to save a person.

Lu Sanchun takes the credit and he is promoted. Of course, everyone knows that Commander Qin, who has retired because of “sickness”, is the one to be thanked.

It has been three years since the Qin family left the political arena of the country. Now the family is coming back. People do have mixed feelings about this.

Certainly, Lin Luoran, the “alchemist” is behind all of this. She smiles with satisfaction when she reads in the news that her antidote is working.