Chapter 224 The End of The Incident (Part Two)

Poisons and their antidotes usually accompany each other.

The ancients said that there must be an antidote wherever a poisonous snake lives. Though this is certainly an exaggeration, it is true to an extent. Nevertheless, the antidote Lin Luoran makes this time origins from the blood of the poisonous snake.

The red snake is highly toxic. Unlike the other poisonous snakes which only have a poison gland, this one is poisonous in its saliva, blood, and skin. Lin Luoran has a thought that why the snake itself is unharmed by the poison.

Clearly, the snake has an antidote in its body. After Lin burns the snake and purifies it, she gets some golden dust.

The golden dust, which can’t even be destroyed by the Strange Fire, hides in the snake’s blood. Lin Luoran runs a test of it on the snake poison she preserves and finds it effective.

Under the principle of wasting nothing, she takes half of the golden dust and adds some spring water from her space. The antidote is a success, and the snake incident is over.

For Lin Luoran, this is only one of the three good things that have happened after she gets home.

The second thing is Goldie. It is in a big golden cocoon on the bamboo cabin, peacefully.

Under certain circumstances, the power inside Goldie was unleashed. After it swallowed the gall of the red snake, it rolled over the ground because of the pain. At first, Lin Luoran was scared. She wanted to comfort Goldie but was pushed away. Goldie lost many sharp feathers, and those feathers then stuck to its body and formed a big golden cocoon.

Lin Luoran senses the peacefulness of Goldie inside of the cocoon.

Maybe Goldie is molting?

The third and the best thing for Lin is that Rong Donglin has finished translating the Shui script on the bamboo sheets, and he has delivered the translation to her.

Lin looks through the pages. She can read fast with her sharp eyes. After she finished reading, she closes her eyes and thinks for a while. Then she opens her eyes and asks Rong,

“What is the accuracy of your translation?”

“Around 95%…” Rong Donglin answers honestly. It is not his fault that the translation is not 100% accurate. As a matter of fact, the Shui script has been passed down for generations from mouth to mouth. There are certain mistakes during the process.

“95% is good enough!”

Lin Luoran closes the pages and looks happy.

Rong Donglin is embarrassed. He stammered, “Miss Lin, you can’t really trust what is written, right? The treasure in the Dragon Palace of the Shui nationality? There can’t be dragons in the real world— ” Rong suddenly stops talking. He didn’t believe in all of these mysteries before. However, a living cultivator is standing in front of him!

Rong Donglin smiles awkwardly.

There is light in Lin Luoran’s eyes. She murmurs to herself, “I won’t believe it if it is in another place.”

“Where?” Rong asks curiously.


Lin Luoran smiles mysteriously and answers, “Yunmeng Lake.”

Yunmeng Lake? Rong Donglin majors in ancient scripts and he certainly knows that Yunmeng Lake is now called Dongting Lake. However, is Miss Lin really going to look for the treasure at Dongting Lake? Those stories on the bamboo sheets are just too absurd to be real…

“Pah!” Lin Luoran throws an old thread-bound book on the table. Rong sees the title of the book. It’s the Chronicle of the Nine Provinces. Lin Luoran turns to a page and asks Rong to read.

It’s Chapter 53.

“I passed by the Dongting Lake and read the writings of Mr. Xiwen on the Yueyang Tower. Mist surrounded the vast lake… A black cloud suddenly came and all the golden fish are gone.”

This paragraph has the style of the mythical stories which used to be popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In Rong Donglin’s opinion, this is meaningless. However, his attention is caught by the note written in red on the page: Is the Dragon Palace under the Dongting Lake?

Rong feels that his mouth is dry. Lin Luoran nods smilingly and says,

“This is the travel notes of a senior cultivator. It’s actually quite true that a golden fish once jumped over a gate and became a dragon. Hence, what is written the bamboo sheets you translated may also be true.”

The travel notes of a cultivator?

Rong Donglin suddenly feels that the old book in his hand is so precious. He is only an ordinary person. He shouldn’t know much about the secrets of cultivators! Carefully, Rong puts the book on the table and makes a “sincere smile”. He says, “Miss Lin, I’ll leave you alone to these materials. I hope you have a nice trip…”

Sitting on the chair, Lin Luoran takes a sip of the tea,

“Rong, you’re wrong. It should be a nice trip for both of us. Oh, I will ask Professor Qi for your leave.”

Rong stands there stiffly and makes a smiley face uglier than a crying one.

He says, “Whatever you want, Miss Lin.”

Come on! It’s the Dragon Palace of the Shui nationality! Would it be appropriate for an ordinary person to go in there?

Rong is worried.


“Master, are you saying that Lin Luoran is also heading to Dongting Lake?” Elly frowns, sitting behind her desk. Xin Yuanping has promised to teach her to cultivate long ago, yet she has learned nothing just yet.

She has seen the video of Lin and Xin fighting. Though the video is short, Elly has a feeling that Lin Luoran is not less powerful than Xin. This is a pretty bad news for Elly because all she wants is to kick Lin’s ass.

Lying on the couch, Xin is playing with a little stamp. She nods,

“Lin Luoran is looking for the Soul Wood recently. I happen to know that there may be some in the Dragon Palace. The thing is, you have to go there this time.”

I have to go?

Elly can’t understand what Xin Yuanping is thinking about. Before becoming a cultivator, Elly doesn’t really want to meet Lin Luoran at all.

Lin Luoran is now better than Elly in terms of appearance, talent, and cultivation. As an ordinary person, Elly lacks confidence. In fact, Lin Luoran hasn’t even thought of Elly for years. Elly is too weak to be Lin’s enemy.

There is a huge gap between Lin Luoran and Elly now. Elly never makes progress but Lin is on a much higher level. Lin doesn’t care about their unpleasant history.

Noticing Elly’s reluctance, Xin Yuanping makes the final offer,

“Rest assured. You will be able to vent your anger on her during the trip. After we get back, I’ll teach you how to cultivate.”

Elly’s eyes are lightened up by the words “vent anger” and “cultivate”.

Before she says anything, someone knocks at the door.

“Come in.” Elly says seriously.

The door is gently pushed open. Li Anping comes in with a pile of documents. He says, “Miss Elly, this is the report forms of the last year. I’ve organized them as you asked me to.”

Li Anping doesn’t look as handsome as he did years ago. Besides, most women hate to see their ex walking around them. Elly now has absolutely no feelings for him. Though she has asked Li to come back to work in Fortune House as Xin told her to, she never lets him do any practical work and just humiliates him every day.

For example, right now, Li Anping is bringing the report forms Elly has long since kept properly. She only told him to do the work again to humiliated him again.

“Li, I remember that I told you to organize the report forms of the year before last. You’ve got the wrong forms. Please organize the right ones for me!”

Li Anping gets angry. However, he says yes.

Elly waves her hand and tells Li to get out and smiles faintly.

Li Anping takes the report forms and walks to the door. Suddenly, Xin Yuanping says, “Li, can you send a letter for me?” Though this is a request, Xin’s tone makes Li have no choice but to say yes.

Li Anping can endure Elly’s humiliation. How can he refuse to help Xin Yuanping, the star of the company?

Li Anping takes the envelope. There is only an address written on it, but no name of the recipient. He leaves with confusion. Xin Yuanping puts away the little stamp and smiles foxily.

This man is endurable. Nevertheless, she has seen the anger in his eyes. Li was able to trick Elly, but not Xin. Xin finds Li so interesting because he just faked to be angry.

She knows that Elly doesn’t understand why she asked Li Anping to send the letter. Xin changes the topic, “I think you should treat him better.”

“What?” Elly is confused.

“I said, you should be nicer to Li Anping. You have to be together with him along the trip to Dongting Lake. We can’t do things when you two still bear grudge against each other.


Li Anping is also going to Dongting Lake? What’s wrong with her?

Elly can’t believe it. She wants to express her discontent, but after seeing Xin’s smile, Elly doesn’t dare to say anything.

Xin is definitely just a worker at the Fortune House. Of course she doesn’t listen to Elly… After realizing the fact, Elly looks even paler.