Chapter 229 Liao Did Not Lie to You

The Shui script on the wall is written lively and vigorous in calligraphy, also clear to see. It is easy to recognize for Rong Donglin who is well-educated. It is because he understands the meaning immediately that his expression becomes so weird.

“What does it mean?” Lin Luoran asks anxiously.

When Rong Donglin finally closes his eyes and reads the contents on the wall out loud, Lin Luoran is confused—

“Knock three times and enter Dongting Dragon Palace.”

Such a simple way is too incredible. Besides, the signature under the big characters make them astonished.

“Liao didn’t lie to you, did he?”

Liao! These characters are 100% Shui script, but they are newly engraved…Is all this arranged by Liao? Even Lin Luoran doubts if she was cheated by Liao, let alone Rong Donglin!

Why did she believe in Liao? Lin Luoran finds she has no reason to do so.

Knock three times. How should she knock? Somehow, Rong Donglin stretches out his right hand to make a fist and knocks gently as if he was knocking a neighbor’s door:

The first time he knocks, there appears fierce fire, but they remain unchanged in the water dome.

The second time he knocks, they look at each other and can hear each other’s breath, but they still remain in the same place.

Rong Donglin is a little nervous. He knocks for the third time with his eyes closed. After a few seconds, a big whirlpool appears on the stone wall, pulling them in with irresistible force.

Civilized as Lin Luoran is, she still wants to curse in such a situation. She spins around in the whirlpool and then falls heavily on the ground.

The water dome has already broken. Rong Donglin also falls on the ground not far away. He is too weak that he even faints. Lin Luoran gets up to check him. Making sure that he is all right, she uses her power to wake him up. Then Lin Luoran looks around this place.

Through the transparent dome, they can see fish swimming outside. With lake water isolated outside, it is dry and bright here. This should be the bottom of Dongting Lake.

It is an ancient building complex with palaces and attics.

In front of the highest and biggest palace is a golden gate. The top of the gate is decorated with patterns of dragons and phoenixes, which look extremely imposing.

Now even Lin Luoran can read the characters on the inscribed board— the Dongting Dragon Palace.

As expected, dragons love glittering treasures. Even though it may be just the outer hall, she sees red corals higher than humans on both sides of the gate, and the top of the palace gate is decorated with huge pearls. In front of the corals, there are two broadswords, which may be weapons of shrimp soldiers and crab generals. But now with all the fish and shrimps isolated outside the palace, it is empty here. They can’t even see a turtle, let alone dragons.

As Lin Luoran hits the palace gate with Wakan, electric sparks come out immediately, and she can also hear faint thunder. Lin Luoran’s Wakan doesn’t work at all.

She doesn’t know anything about inhibition. Even if she knows, she might not be able to open the gate. After all, it is the palace for dragons, who are the main characters in Huaxia legends. As a cultivator on the level of Laying Foundation, she may only be able to fight a shrimp soldier.

“There is indeed a Dongting Dragon Palace.” The palace looks golden. From the inside of the palace, you can see the outside. Fish swim among the algae, isolating all the lake water outside the palace.

Even with modern technology, it is hard to build such a huge palace under the deep lake with high water pressure, isn’t it?

Rong Donglin wanders around curiously and even makes a childish act of pressing his face against the wall.

“If you’re bored, you might as well walk around… Even one single bead here is top treasure if you take it out.” Knowing that his family is poor, Lin Luoran kindly reminds him. She has detected with her spiritual mind and finds that except the gate, other places are very ordinary, so it should be safe for Rong Donglin.

Rong Donglin is not an idiot. The red corals with the height of a human are the most valuable, but he can’t take it away. He also can’t move the golden palace… After searching around, he finds a big pearl on the wall is loose, so he takes it down.

Lin Luoran has already taken all the corals. Even if she doesn’t take it, it will be taken by Xin Yuanping. Corals of such quality are useful even when she refines high-level elixirs.

The two broadswords, which might have been dropped by some shrimp soldiers are also treasures. In this era, they should be valuable, right? Take them!

As for the pearls that are hard for Rong Donglin to dig out, Lin Luoran can take them out even without using her flying sword. She can have a lot of them with the help of Wakan.

“Why not keep them?” The beautiful peals the size of pigeon’s eggs are real treasures. Lin Luoran keeps some as souvenirs and then signals Rong to put the rest away.

Then Rong packs a bag of pearls. The weight on his shoulders is sweet burden for him.

In order not to waste, Lin Luoran puts the rest into the space.

When she stands in front of the gate again, there appears three figures at the place where they fell.

Different from them, Xin Yuanping and her other two companions have a small stamp hanging over their heads, which casts light and covers them in it. The way they show up is really graceful.

Lin Luoran has prepared to cooperate with Xin Yuanping when necessary. But she didn’t expect to see her ex-boyfriend and ex-rival at the same time.

Elly hasn’t changed much. With Lin Luoran’s sharp eyes, she notices that Elly’s skin has got better—maybe that is why she is here. It turns out that Miss Elly has been hanging with Xin Yuanping these years.

As for Li Anping, he has got dark circles, swollen face and fat that can’t be hided even by a nice suit. Lin Luoran has a hard time remembering his facial features, and finally matches him with her “ex-boyfriend”. Even if she has already let it go, but as people say—

I am relieved as long as you are not doing well.

Although she is not ruthless, she is not a kind-hearted goddess. It was Li Anping who cheated on her. Even if it has become a distant memory, it is still bitter for Lin Luoran.

So, Lin Luoran finds that when she meets her ex-boyfriend and ex-rival again, she just finds them annoying, but she doesn’t hate them very much.

“Miss Lin, I have been looking for you everywhere. You are a step ahead of me.” Xin Yuanping knows that Rong Donglin is an ordinary people as soon as she takes a glance at him. But she is not surprised.

Lin Luoran nods slightly and says, “Yes, I am. But the gate of the Dragon Palace is locked. I am afraid our cooperation will start here.”

Xin Yuanping plays with the small stamp in her hand while saying, “It is said that there are countless treasures in the Dragon Palace. Before entering, shall we discuss how to distribute them?”

Lin Luoran sneers. No one knows where the dragons have gone, but she guesses that they couldn’t have abandoned all the treasures before they moved. She only hopes to find the Soul Wood. As for other treasures, she neither has much hope for them nor looks forward to them.

“I just want the Soul Wood.”

Xin Yuanping smiles and says, “That’s a deal…Please infuse your Wakan into this small stamp.”

The small stamp in Xin Yuanping’s hand is very ordinary. Is it the key to the palace door?!

As Lin Luoran raises her right hand, a person suddenly falls down on the ground—

Oh, it is him. Lin Luoran didn’t expect to see him here! Even Xin Yuanping is confused, and her expression becomes complicated.