Chapter 232 Imprisonment

It’s a trap! The bamboo sheets and even Liao are also parts of the trap!

Lin Luoran is falling. She feels strange. She keeps falling down and she can’t use her Wakan. Lin now hates these tactful senior cultivators. All they could is either imprison her spiritual mind or make her Wakan is out of use. This is so annoying.

Lin thinks of her experience in the secret land. Back when she was at the bottom of the deep valley, it was White Fairy who taught her to ride the flying sword to get out. Now, she can’t even use any of her Wakan… Lin is never a resigned person. Luckily, she still gets her clear eyes. She can see everything in the dark. Lin opens her eyes widely against the wind and sees some vines not far from her.

This is it! She must save herself by these vines! The vines are as thick as the baby’s arms and they should be able to stand Lin’s weight. Nevertheless, she must try.

Lin adjusts her direction of falling in the mid-air. The vines intertwine with each other and form a big web. Lin is confident that she can fall on the web.

Soon, she is above the vines. Suddenly, Lin feels a sting at her waist. A vine has crawled onto her body and she feels like being hit by a baseball bat. Normal people will definitely lose their guard in a situation like this. However, Lin is totally aware that she can’t. She must bounce back!

Lin Luoran is thrown out by the vines. She spreads her arms and catches two thinner vines tightly.

Lin Luoran hangs in the mid-air against the gravity.

She is safe for now. However, her arms are getting numb.

After a while, Lin Luoran finally comes to her sense.

She can’t use her Wakan but her physique is still better than ordinary people. Her body is very coordinated. Lin lets go of one of the vines.

She shakes her hands and swings to another thicker vine and sits down.

Lin first begins to check on the situation she is in.

The bead is her most important belonging. Lin is thrilled when she successfully accesses the space with her spiritual mind.

Though Lin is a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation, she has to eat and drink. Before finding a way out of this place, Lin is glad that she still has access to her space. Besides, there are also weapons and poisons in her space. Without Wakan, the Bright Sword is just an ordinary weapon, but it is better than nothing. She can also use the poison she collected from the scorpion and the snake to sneak attack. Lin is relaxed a bit.

Then she hears the moan of a man coming from below.

The voice sounds familiar.

“Rong, is that you?”

This place is so deep that Lin’s voice echoes. The echo is so loud that it hurts Lin’s ears.

“Miss Lin…” Rong Donglin answers. His voice is low. Thanks to the echoes, Lin can hear him clearly.

Is he hurt?

Lin believes so. She is so much stronger than Rong. It took her so much efforts to land here safely. Rong must be in a worse condition.

“Miss Lin… Why are you down here?” Rong’s voice sounds weak like he is in a lot of pain. Lin is actually a bit agitated by the echoes. She thinks, “Why am I here? Of course, I’m here to look for you!”

From Rong’s voice, Lin knows that he is not far away from her. She looks at the vine in her hand and sees that it is quite long.

She shakes the vine and asks, “Can I get to you through the vine?”

Rong Donglin nods. Then he realizes that Lin can’t see him, so he answers “yes”.

After that, Lin begins to pull the vine up. It turns out that it is hundreds of meters long. Lin wonders why the vines here can be so extraordinarily long…

Lin takes the end of the vine and jumps down. This time, she feels that her body is very light. The wind blows by her ears. It’s like bungee jumping!

In fact, when she is half-way to the bottom, she sees Rong Donglin.

To be frank, Lin is jealous when she sees Rong! Rong is lying quietly on a large web made of vines!

If Lin knew there was a web, she wouldn’t have been hurt on the waist by the vine before.

Lin lands on the web stably. She is a few steps away from Rong.

Lin makes sure that the web is solid enough to hold both of them. Then she notices that Rong doesn’t look so good.

“What’s wrong?”

Rong’s forehead is covered by sweat. He answers, “Miss Lin, I’m afraid I’ve broken my leg.”

A broken leg? That explains why Rong is lying down here steadily.

“Is it your thigh or your shank?”

“My left shank.” Rong answers. He feels blue because he thinks he has slowed Lin down.

Lin smiles, “Don’t worry. Let me have a look at it.” Having a broken leg is certainly not good news. However, compared to a thigh fracture, a shank fracture doesn’t affect people’s activities so much. After all, Lin Luoran can’t just cast a “Healing Spell” to cure Rong since her Wakan is out of use right now.

Lin carefully rolls up Rong’s trousers. His shank is in a weird angle. It is indeed a bone fracture.

Lin Luoran is not a professional doctor. Nevertheless, she has studied medical skills in order to make better boluses. Medical science and pharmacy have similar origins. Lin values the space in her bead so much that she wants to utilize it to the maximum extent. Therefore, she must be able to know the symptom of the patients in order to cure them.

Rong’s shank is swollen. The dark red part on it is the exact location of the fracture.

“Here, eat this peach. Do you want an apple or some grapes?” Lin Luoran takes a ripe peach out of her space and gives it to Rong.

Rong swallows the saliva in his mouth as soon as he sees the peach. He has been in pain for a long time and he is thirsty. Though he doesn’t know how Lin Luoran manages to take the peach with her, he certainly loves it.

Rong accepts the peach and feels gratitude for Lin’s thoughtfulness. He takes a bite. The peach tastes even better than those he used to eat at Lin’s house. The thing is, he remembers that the peach tree in the back yard of Lin’s house just bloomed before they left. How can the peach ripe so fast?

Rong Donglin is fully immersed in the taste of the peach. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain in his shank. Rong is immediately soaked by sweat. He stares at Lin Luoran with the peach pit in his mouth.

“Alright, I’ve fixed your bone. Stay put. I’ll apply some medicine to your leg.”

“Miss Lin, you’re so awesome! You really used the peach as a distraction!” Rong thinks.

Lin Luoran takes some herbs from her space and applies their juice on Rong’s leg. Then she goes to find a wooden board and some clothes to keep his leg in place.

The pain in Rong’s leg is eased. Rong has a feeling that the herbs Lin gave him are definitely extraordinary. He wants to say something but hesitates.

“Be careful for the next a few days. You’ll be ok.”

The herbs Lin used on Rong’s leg are the ingredients of third-grade elixirs. Detumescence is only one of their efficacies. To be honest, this is such a waste.

However, Lin is willing to use them as long as Rong can be ok.

The two of them are on the web in the mid-air. They can’t even tell day from night. Lin Luoran’s Wakan is out of use and she is not able to find the end of the valley with her spiritual mind. The only thing they can do is chat.

Rong tells Lin that he noticed the weird patterns on the tile. He touched it and fell down here. He couldn’t control his speed of falling, so he bounced up on the web and broke his leg on a rock.

Lin tells Rong that she can’t cast any spell right now. Rong can’t help being worried. Lin’s composure gives him confidence.

Rong didn’t find that telescope? Lin thinks about the strangeness silently.

“Miss Lin, where are we? The bamboo sheets never record a place like this.” They have been talking for so long that Rong almost has nothing interesting to say but to tell Lin the story he once set a girl’s hair on fire at the elementary school.

Lin Luoran answers vaguely, “I guess we’re at the prison of the Dragon Palace. Nobody can get out of here easily.”

Lin looks at Rong. He has fallen asleep.

The more Lin thinks about this, the more she believes that she is in a prison. This is the only explanation of her loss of Wakan.

What a bad luck!

Lin and Rong have no idea how long they’ve spent on the web. They eat the fruits and salmon in Lin’s space when they’re hungry.

They sleep when they’re tired. Without Wakan, Lin can’t cultivate herself by mediation. She must sleep in order to gain more energy.

They have enough food and drinks to support a few leisure days. The only bad thing is that they smell bad because there is no place to shower.

One time, Rong Donglin wakes up and sees Lin’s eyes shining in the dark. He shivers,

“Miss Lin.”

“Rong, this is not the solution. Shall we try to go down there today?”

Go down? Rong throws a rock down to the valley. He doesn’t hear the sound of the rock landing on the ground. How should they go down to such a deep valley?