Chapter 236 Humiliation! Danger!

Would I spare him?

Lin Luoran is not the heroine in a Mary Sue novel. If she can move, she would definitely kill An with her sword.

Whatever reason he has, it does not make his move forgivable. If he can negotiate with her reasonably, he can exchange the Dragon Marrow for something equally valuable in Qingcheng Taoist Temple considering that Lin Luoran is not a scrooge. Even if he wants to take a little for granted, after everything they’ve been through, she is willing to give him some for free.

What shocked her was that he’d rather choose to work with Xin Yuanping to take it in such a shameful way.

Watching their change of looks, naturally, Xin Yuanping would not want them to reconcile with each other.

“No more hesitation. Lin Luoran, which one do you choose? The Dragon Bones and Dragon Marrow, or your own life?”

“Master Lin, I just want a bit of Dragon Marrow.”

Their noisy voices pump at Lin Luoran’s ears like two detestable flies. The stiffness has already reached her waist. Although she is stalling, the other two are also waiting for the figure to work so that they can take what they want effortlessly.

Sticking the pole against the ground, Rong Donglin looks at her worriedly, his mouth moving. Lin Luoran understands that he is telling her to get the figure off.

How naive he is! If the figures from Qingcheng Taoist Temple could be easily ripped off, they would have been dead several times back then.

But now, she’d like to take the chance.

Lin Luoran is pondering while her face is shaking slightly, as if she was possessed by the irresistible sense of powerless caused by the sprawling effect of the Petrifaction Figure.

“Oops, our cultivator at Laying Foundation level cannot move. Elly, why don’t you go and search her? Do not leave out anything.” Xin Yuanping is afraid to be deceived too. Although this place can suppress her Wakan, being an experienced cultivator, she couldn’t have been here without any preparation.

To be searched by her old rival in love, Lin Luoran must be furious.

Xin Yuanping glimpses at An. He has already prepared some figures in his hand, being ready for any move Lin Luoran makes.

Elly is soaked yet excited. She still remembers Lin Luoran slapped her in the face at Ruili. Humiliating her has become one of the most important wishes to be fulfilled. Now that she gets to do it in front of the public, how can she not be exhilarated?

She stands face to face with Lin Luoran, not missing the frightfulness in her eyes.

She does not search Lin Luoran to begin with. Instead, she holds her hands up high and slaps her in the face!

“Miss Lin!”

“Master Lin!”

Shout Rong Donglin and An. Even Li Anping starts to feel uncomfortable.

As elegant as Lin Luoran is, being searched in public is already humiliating enough. No one has seen that coming except Xin Yuanping.

Lin Luoran’s face burns red. Anger rushes from her head to her toes. She knows Elly is revenging for what happened in Ruili… Lin Luoran doesn’t regret slapping her at all. What she is furious about is that she didn’t kill her instead! She was being too softhearted back then. She will not be softhearted ever again.

“Oops. Sorry, that was a mistake. You are not getting angry with me, are you?” Elly is still wet, yet her eyes are shining. The glory she feels and the contentment of revenge makes her feel worth it to be humble and inferior in front of Xin Yuanping.

A mistake? Who would buy it? Rong Donglin is the first one to defend Lin Luoran, shoving Elly with the wood stick.

“Don’t be excessive!”

Xin Yuanping smiles, casting a glance at Li Anping. Rong Donglin is pulled back.

Humiliated and angry though, Lin Luoran cannot move. There are still some figures left in An’s hands. Moreover, Xin Yuanping brought two ordinary people who had a history with her, which is also suppressing her. She has to take them out at once… The only thing she can do now is to tolerate it.

Triumphantly, Elly starts to search her. Lin Luoran wears very simply — casual clothes with no pockets. It’s clear that no storage bag is hidden.

As if making fun of Lin Luoran, she even searches her ponytail, making a mess out of it.

“She carries nothing?” Elly observes intently. Finally, her eyes fall on her right hand. An ordinary yet familiar bead catches her eyes.

“What is it?!” The familiar sense becomes stronger and stronger. The cloth around her wrist is too tight and torn apart by force, revealing her pale, thin arm.

Being humiliated as such with no defense, is she really petrified by the figure?

A bead with silver thread. Xin Yuanping narrows her eyes.

Is it a spatial magic weapon? In the world of cultivation with only storage bags as a magic weapon for storage, she possesses a superior one. No wonder rumor has it that she has a master in the level of Bearing Essence! But so what? Huizhu is in the later stage of the Laying Foundation. As long as she has the Dragon Bone and Dragon Orb, they will no longer be fearful.

Then again, who would know it is she who kills Lin Luoran except for those in the Dragon Palace?

“Elly, take the bead.”

“Yes!” The silver thread is extremely fine and is snapped by a slight pull of Elly.

“No… You can’t take it…” Lin Luoran is worried yet cannot form a sentence. It seems like the figure finally petrifies her head.

The bead lies in the palm of Elly, still warm after taken away from Lin Luoran. Judging by Lin Luoran’s expression, everyone knows this is what Elly intends to find. Elly only feels it familiar yet cannot recall what it is by its ordinary appearance, so she hands it to Xin Yuanping respectfully.

Xin Yuanping is still afraid of the Reiki bomb three years ago, so she holds the bead carefully, observing it closely after she confirmed that it is harmless.

She tests it with her spiritual mind yet receives no response.

“Interesting.” Xin Yuanping throws the bead upwards in her hand. “An, aren’t you going to do something?”

Do something? An panics, “We agreed to take only the Dragon Marrow!”

Xin Yuanping laughs hard, as if she heard a most humorous joke. “Only the Dragon Marrow? Do you think she will let you go when she gets out? If it’s only you, it’s no big deal. But you are letting go of an enemy-to-be of Qingcheng Taoist Temple, which is a big deal.”

An looks as if he was hit in the head. He finally knows why he has always been hesitating.

Betraying is a one-way ticket. If you choose to betray someone, it always ends in fight and blood!

A Thunder-summoning Figure is hidden in his sleeve. Presently, Lin Luoran cannot move because of the Petrifaction Figure. Therefore, a tiny purple thunder should do it… An feels his heart thumping in his chest. He grows up in Qingcheng Taoist Temple, surrounded by the mountains. He has never killed anyone.

“Kill her, and that’s the end of it.” Xin Yuanping’s voice sounds tempting, bringing a sense of livelihood to this long-hidden cave.

Kill her. Kill her. The voice is faint and floating, resounding at An’s ears. His looks bewildered and he can only hear one voice. Kill her!

A magic figure slips down his sleeve, glowing!

It’s the Thunder-summoning Figure!