Chapter 237 Kill Her

Kill her…An is totally torn.

Although he doesn’t want to, his hands seem to be out of control. He throws the Thunder-summoning Figure. As the figure floats over, Lin Luoran’s face turns pale. She has known how powerful the Thunder-summoning Figure is when she fought with Wen Guanjing for the first time at Blue Bird! Is it the kind of figure that can summon thunder and lightning? She has seen with her own eyes that a lamp post was shattered by the figure. She can’t take the attack without the protection of Wakan.

After throwing the Thunder-summoning Figure, An comes round: how could he obey Xin Yuanping’s order like being possessed by a devil?

“Figure-removal Spell…Yes, I can remove the figure.” As An raises his right hand, Xin Yuanping stares at him with a smile. She moves her lips and says something.

She doesn’t make any sound, but An looks gloomy when he understands what she means. After raising his right hand for several times, he clenches his fist and finally drops it.

——An tacitly agrees to kill her! But in an instant, Lin Luoran accepts the fact.

What should she do?

“Miss Lin!” Intuition tells Rong Donglin that the little figure is more powerful than the one that makes him move fast. However, Lin Luoran can’t move at all. He hurries to push her away, but is held tightly by Li Anping.

Does he want her to die? Of course, Li Anping knows that Xin Yuanping never intends to kill Lin Luoran. As for whether or not to let Lin Luoran die, he hesitates for about two or three seconds. He can’t help recalling the time when they were together. However, as everything changes, all he can remember are her unperturbed eyes. Thinking of what happened during these years, Li Anping finally tries his best to stop Rong Donglin from going to rescue.

In this moment, he is actually giving up the woman he loved before! Or he was given up by her four years ago when he chose Elly who could give him quick success.

If I can’t have you, I will not let others have you.

Li Anping comforts himself. But when he sees the figure stick to Lin Luoran’s forehead, he is so stunned that he slightly lets go of his hands. The pair of unperturbed eyes were like stars in the night sky when she looked at him while they were young.

When Rong Donglin was released, he immediately rushes over.

It takes only a few steps for him to push Lin away and save her! It is like that night in the bar when he was forced to kowtow and apologize, Lin Luoran kicked open the door…

But how can an ordinary man run faster than the famous figure of Qingcheng Taoist Temple!

The figure seems to be moving slowly, but it has already been stuck to Lin Luoran’s forehead!

Being a few steps later, Rong Donglin can’t do anything but watch the figure self-ignite. In an instant, lightning suddenly appears in the air and strikes Lin Luoran—

How can a person still be alive when he or she is struck by lightning?

Rong Donglin doesn’t believe that a person with supernatural power will die in this way, so he looks at her with his eyes wide open.

Everyone is looking at her.

After a while, smoke is finally blown away by convective wind from the cave. There is a small hole with a small pile of black ash lying in it. Has Lin Luoran’s body been reduced to black ash?

“Is Thunder-summoning Figure so powerful?” Xin Yuanping doesn’t know well about the power of cultivators from Qingcheng Taoist Temple. Seeing that there is only a hole left there, she is doubtful.

An’s lips are shaking while his face turns pale. Hearing Xin Yuanping’s question, he gives her a fierce look while his eyes are bloodshot. How could he have agreed to join hands with this woman if it had not been for the amazing secret she had exposed to him!

Lin Luoran is dead. An’s mind goes blank. He doesn’t believe that the most talented and beautiful cultivator in recent years is really killed by him. Since he is only at the later stage of Training Qi, why didn’t Miss Lin avoid his attack? Yes, she must be not defensive about him at all.

Looking at his right hand, An can’t believe it. It is the first time that he has killed people. He killed one of his few “acquaintances”.

Xin Yuanping gently touches her right hand with a smile.

The hand has become more and more compatible with her body, but it is not her hand—it belongs to an unknown young woman. The hand always makes her sweat in pain on rainy days. Attaching other people’s limbs with diabolic power always causes serious sequelae. These were all caused by Lin Luoran. Looking at the black ash, Xin Yuanping laughs so hard that she almost sheds tears.

Not only did she avenge her lost hand, but she also killed the genius in the world of cultivation.

No one knows how much she dislikes these so-called geniuses.

Even if they were geniuses, they were killed by her! Now that the world is in disorder, let she be the “leader” of the world so that she can justify the devil and create her own rules!

Lin Luoran is dead.

Elly is complacent for taking revenge. Although she looks sloppy with wet clothes, she is in high spirit.

So what if you are good at stone gambling? You are now buried in the cold cave under an abyss where the sun will never be seen. There is no beautiful jade for you. There is even not a living mouse in the dark, cold cave.

You are beautiful? Ha-ha, how funny. In the end, you have become a pile of black ash and don’t even leave the whole body.

There are so many people love her?

Supported by the young master of Liu’s, you were attention-grabbing that day. You picked stones in the pile of raw jade stones. Liu Zheng looked at you smilingly, without any objection.

On your way to gamble on stones, a dandy spent hundreds of million yuan to vouch for you. Popular as you were, you died at the bottom of Dongting Lake. Where are your admirers now?

Elly is really happy. Compared with Xin Yuanping, Elly even slapped Lin Luoran before she died.

But when Elly sees Li Anping, her joy almost fades by half.

Yes, she is the proud daughter of the boss of Fortune House. She will never admit that she hates Lin Luoran so much because of envy.

What does she envy? She envies Lin having someone really loves her… Although Li Anping turned against Lin, the bastard still feels sorry for her.

She died.

With blank eyes, Li Anping’s mind also goes blank.

He didn’t begin to notice her when they were at university. Earlier than that, they studied in the same high school. They were in different classes on different floors, and both of them came from the poor Li’s Village. She was so elegant and beautiful. Poverty could never hide her beauty.

He used to secretly look at her on the balcony, only for brushing past her occasionally.

She carried books. She held a lunch box in her hand. She worn school uniform. She walked with her bike through the shade of trees.

Qin Baojia, who came from Beijing, took her hand and gave him a sharp look as if to say that he was not qualified to covet her.

The secret love went nowhere. Li Anping couldn’t change the fact that he was from a poor family. Couldn’t the poor covet beautiful things? Li Anping felt he was stung. Then he put his energy on studying. Unexpectedly, he really went to the university she went to after the college entrance examination.

Without Qin Baojia around Lin Luoran at university, Li Anping decided to pursue her again. His hospitality, consideration and the fact that they came from the same village finally won her heart.

Like all other lovers at university, they shared one ice cream and laughed heartily on the road, disregarding how other people saw them.

However, his family had an accident that year. Under his mother’s aggressive order, he looked at her expectantly. Sure enough, she left the chance to continue to study for him.

After he left home, Li Anping knew how big the world was. However, Lin Luoran was at her best time when she was the most energetic and beautiful. He was afraid and self-abased. He was not sure whether he would stay with her forever. Would she belong to him forever if she dropped out of school?

Li Anping was grateful for her choice and secretly felt relieved.

This kind of love had lasted for a long time. When did it disappear?

Did the love disappear when she became haggard and ordinary, or when he had to rely on Qin Baojia, who looked down upon him, to introduce a job for him while his classmates with good backgrounds had already got decent jobs?

Was it after seeing his colleagues’ wonderful life that he was increasingly anxious for success?

Poor people couldn’t covet wonderful things! He wanted to succeed! As long as he married Elly…

Li Anping is at a loss. After so many years, he finally remembers why he wanted to succeed. Because he wanted to get rid of poverty.

In the beginning, the poor, ordinary high school student tried to study hard just to get closer to the girl. Right?

At the peak of his life, he almost became the son-in-law of the boss of Fortune House!

But what is the point of thinking about it?

In order to get her, he was so anxious to succeed. But she has long been discarded by him and would never come back.

She is already…dead.

Why is there only a pile of black ash left?

Because of poverty, Rong Donglin was used to seeing all kinds of things in the world since he was young. He doesn’t know that he would cry for a person whom he met not long ago.

What is he crying for? He is crying for the girl, as beautiful as the green bamboo on the island in her backyard, who doesn’t have a whole body after death.

He knows clearly that she entered the Dragon Palace to save people. Rong Donglin doesn’t know whom Lin Luoran was going to save, but he never doubts her. She was so kind that she even saved him, whom she had only met once. How lucky he is to be her friend!

He remembers clearly how happy she was when he translated the information on the bamboo sheets that she had stolen.

But she was killed in the dungeon by a sneak attacker whom she knew… Miss Lin, do you regret smiling at such an inferior?

Rong Donglin kneels on the ground, trying to gather the black ash, but the sudden breeze blows the black ash away.

Does even the ash disappear? Rong Donglin feels powerless. He lowers his head to the ground in agony.

In a trance, he hears the woman in black say, “He reads the Shui script. Don’t kill him now. Take him with us.”