Chapter 238 The Treasury (I)

The small stamp shines dimly. When Rong Donglin stands up again, he feels dizzy.

When he opens his eyes again, he has returned to the seventh floor of Sea-view Pavilion.

The floor tile with different patterns is dim. Rong guesses that people may never be able to go down to the dungeon from the original place again. Miss Lin is “left” there alone. She can never come out, can she?

As soon as they come out, An says impatiently, “Give me the Dragon Marrow.”

Xin Yuanping puts away the small stamp and plays with the bead in her hand, saying, “Do you want to part company with me now?”

An doesn’t admit it or deny it. His expression shows that he is disgusted with Xin Yuanping. He doesn’t know why he agreed to cooperate with her.

Xin Yuanping holds the bead on her fingertips. Her red nails are very beautiful.

“Can you get rid of her spiritual mind and get what you want? If you can’t, you have to go with me now. When we come out, I will give the Dragon Marrow to Huizhu in person!” Xin Yuanping says while putting the bead in her arms. She has a hidden buckle at her waist, which is the safest place for the bead.

“Please show respect to the Superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple. His Taoist name…”

An’s face turns red. He is angry at Xin Yuanping for calling his superior “Huizhu”.

Xin Yuanping turns a deaf ear to him. She goes ahead without looking back, sneering, “The Superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple? What do you want me to call him?… No matter what kind of title, he doesn’t deserve it. I’m not from Qingcheng Taoist Temple.”

An is speechless, but he can’t argue with her in front of the outsiders. He has to follow Xin Yuanping.

Elly follows them nervously. To be honest, seeing Xin Yuanping be so familiar with the Dragon Palace, Elly is doubtful. Why does Xin Yuanping bring her here? If it is because her blood is helpful to Xin Yuanping, why does she also bring Li Anping? Does she only need him to humiliate Lin Luoran? Now that Lin Luoran is dead, the two ordinary people are of no use in the Dragon Palace, right? Putting aside these frightening doubts, Elly catches up with Xin Yuanping.

“Miss Xin, where are we going?” Elly asks nervously in a flattering tone.

“The Treasury, of course.” Maybe knowing what’s on Elly’s mind, Xin Yuanping answers kindly, which makes Elly relieved.

The Treasury! Is it the treasury that both he and Miss Lin couldn’t find?

Rong Donglin is wakened by the word. Yes, Miss Lin lost her life for it. He is unable to fight these people with supernatural powers, but he can do something for her.

He needs to find the Treasury and the “Soul Wood” that Miss Lin had been looking for, and then take it out safely.

Secretly making up his mind, Rong Donglin suddenly becomes purposeful and motivated.

But he neglects the facts that even if he finds the Soul Wood, it is not sure whether he can survive. How can Xin Yuanping let him escape with such a treasure?

Lin Luoran has a master in the level of Bearing Essence. So he must die after he serves the purpose.

Xin Yuanping is thinking about different things. Rong Donglin is still useful to her. When she looks at Li Anping, the heartbroken man, her expression becomes complicated: if she had known it was so easy to kill Lin Luoran, she wouldn’t have brought the useless man here.

Before she says anything, they have come to the first floor.

Outside the window is the Dragon Palace’s garden, which Lin Luoran explored.

“The right side of the Sea-view Pavilion. Isn’t it over there…” Xin Yuanping looks at Rong Donglin and says, “It’s a shame that you couldn’t find such a big place?”

Rong Donglin can’t help clenching his fists. Miss Lin did search this strange “garden”. If it hadn’t been for seeking him, would she have entered the Treasury and found the “Soul Wood”?

Then she wouldn’t have died, would she?

At the thought of this possibility, Rong Donglin’s back is instantly wet with sweat.

He has a feeling that he may feel sorry for her for the rest of his life.

* * * * * *

They come in front of a strange tree.

Full of sharp thorns and without any leaves or flower buds, the tree doesn’t match the large-scale and high-end garden.

While Rong Donglin is confused about the strange tree, Xin Yuanping is observing the tree, laughing.

No one knows what she is laughing at. Suddenly, Xin Yuanping grabs Elly’s tender palm and presses it on the strange tree.

“Ah—” Thorns longer than one-inch stab into her palm, and some sharp thorns even stab through her hand. Elly almost faints in pain.

No one expected Xin Yuanping to do this. Elly almost dies in pain. Besides, Elly’s scream even wakes up Li Anping, who is at a loss. When he sees Elly’s horrible palm, he feels sorry for her.

What a cruel woman. The blood suddenly disappears, seeming to be absorbed. Seeing that, An certainly knows that Xin Yuanping needs Elly’s blood. But among so many ways to get blood, she chose the cruelest one. How merciless!

An turns his head to avoid watching the bloody scene.

Only Rong Donglin is happy to see that while feeling disgusted.

He believes she is eating her own bitter fruit. In the dungeon, this woman slapped Miss Lin with her right hand. Now she is punished for that!

The strange tree is sucking up Elly’s blood!

People soon find out this fact, because the seemingly dead wood turns red in a short time, which looks very weird.

Xin Yuanping finally lets go of Elly and throws her rudely on the ground. Looking at the change of the strange tree, she is happy.

It is not known whether she forgets or she thinks it unnecessary, Xin Yuanping doesn’t give Elly tonic as she did the first time she took her blood.

Those who are useless to her will only be abandoned by her.

The strange tree is horribly red. It emits red light and forms projection on the ground, which looks like…a door? Rong Donglin is a little upset. Even if they found something strange, they couldn’t open the door without Elly’s blood. It suddenly strikes the bookworm that the woman in black has taken her blood twice. Her blood is closely related to the Dragon Palace. Why?

Before he has time to think more about it, Xin Yuanping grabs his collar and steps into the shadow with him.

An hesitates for a moment, and then steps in.

Xin Yuanping turns her head and sneers, “Do you want to die with her?”

Li Anping, who wants to squat down to check Elly’s injury, shivers. Die with her…in his mind, she is less important than one-tenth of Lin Luoran. Now that he can watch Lin Luoran die in front of him, how can he be willing to die with Elly?

Without hesitation, Li Anping steps into the shadow without even looking back.

In a flash of light, they disappear in the garden, and the strange tree slowly fades back to its original color.

Elly, who has lost too much blood, curls up on the ground like a dying crayfish. Half buried in the sand, her face is glistening with tears.

Sure enough, in the end, she is alone, just like she was at the beginning… She feels dizzy and gradually loses her consciousness.