Chapter 239 The Treasury (II)

Dragons love fortune the most. What are in the Treasury of the Dragon King, who is in charge of Dongting Lake?

They pass through the shadow door cast by the strange tree, which is like a small transmission circle. Because Rong Dong and Li Anping are ordinary people, who are not as strong as cultivators, they feel that their bodies are slightly torn. Whereas, Xin Yuanping and An don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Such a short distance transmission circle is perfect for cultivators. The world of cultivation has long abandoned such circles that need “spirit stones” to operate. Come on, they even don’t have enough Reiki to cultivate, how can they have spare energy for such a luxury thing. Besides, people on the earth have shifted their focus from cultivation to technology. There is no place that can’t be reached in a day by plane, no matter how far it is! Cultivators may lack boluses, magic weapons or spirit stones, but they never lack money.

But obviously, the transmission door doesn’t send them somewhere in the Dragon Palace. More specifically, Xin Yuanping and An instantly recognize that it is not a simple warehouse!

It is more like the Dragon Palace, which is openly located at the bottom of Dongting Lake, but hasn’t been detected so far, no matter how advanced the technology is.

Not only because the Dragon Palace itself can avoid technological detect, but also because this place is another large-scale space. How can it be detected with the current technology?

This is also true of the Treasury in front of them. It may be connected with the Dragon Palace, or maybe another separate space outside the Dragon Palace.

Because what appears in front of them is not a cold warehouse, but an open space with many courtyards!

Long ago, there stored treasures accumulated by the dragons generation after generation in the richly ornamented yards. But now in the first hall, the inscribed board is shaking and the door frame is about to collapse. Seeing that, Xin Yuanping looks unhappy.

“Look at the board. Does it say the Treasury?” Xin Yuanping turns her head and asks Rong Donglin coldly.

“Jiuhua Palace.” Of course, the inscribed board can’t say “the Treasury” so openly. The taste of the Dragon King of Dongting Lake can’t be so bad.

But when Rong Donglin reads the characters, he can’t help being excited. According to the information on the bamboo sheets that they sorted out, the Dragon King’s treasury includes nine halls. Every hall has treasures of different levels. The “Soul Wood” that Lin Luoran looked for is invaluable to cultivators, which is only heard about, but nobody has ever seen it with their own eyes. Such precious “Soul Wood” is only placed in the seventh hall. Thus, it can be seen how rich the dragons are.

Xin Yuanping is slightly relaxed, saying, “That’s it.”

It is indeed the right place, but Xin Yuanping is not sure how many treasures are left when she sees the shabby courtyards.

Rong Donglin is not greedy. He only hopes that when the Dragon King moved, it abandoned the heavy wood, so that he can get some residue in the seventh hall.

They walk carefully through the path in front of Jiuhua Palace for fear of any trap that the Dragon King set up to punish those who covet its treasures. Fortunately, there is nothing unusual on the way to the door.

The steps are covered with dust, which symbolizes that the Treasury is in ruins. Xin Yuanping orders Li Anping, the most worthless person there, to open the old door of the palace. When the door opens, they all find the golden light from the palace very dazzling.

It is an empty inner hall. There are thick pillars as an adult can barely able to surround it by arms; windows and top beams carved with flowers and dragons; chair and tables painted gold. All these make the hall look splendid. Not taking its extremely large area into consideration, it resembles the flower hall of the rich people in ancient times.

The exterior and interior of the palace are totally different!

More incredibly, there are small, exquisite objects wrapped in transparent mist-like gas floating in the air. They are floating and rotating respectively, passing by these people at high or low speed. How dreamlike.

What are these?!

What passes Xin Yuanping is a simple and delicate hairpin wrapped in the transparent mist. It is in the color of bright blue, which is rare for ancient jewelry. The hairpin looks so beautiful that even a devil like Xin Yuanping can’t resist it—she hasn’t found something or somebody beautiful for many years, except Lin Luoran, who is not the most beautiful, but has a unique temperament. That’s why Xin Yuanping wants to destroy her.

But this time, while Xin Yuanping is amazed by the hairpin, she wants to get it.

Only she is qualified to have such a hairpin. Xin Yuanping wants to catch the hairpin with black thread on her fingertips, but the hairpin, as slippery as a loach, always dodges the black thread, making Xin Yuanping furious! She sneers and moves her fingertips. Then the black threads turn into a big fine net, moving towards the hairpin.

Logically speaking, it is foolproof. But unexpectedly, although trapped in the net, the hairpin wrapped in the transparent mist breaks through the net and flies to another side of the hall!

Why! Xin Yuanping notices what’s wrong with her unusually sharp eyes. The black net is not damaged. It is the transparent mist-like thing that can freely expand and contract, which enables the hairpin to escape from the black net! Besides, when Xin Yuanping forcibly pulls back the net, she feels some irresistible resistance.

Obviously, she can’t grab it by force. Xin Yuanping doesn’t take action immediately. Instead, she is thinking in the hall.

What passes by An is a sapphire porcelain bottle with a piece of red paper on it. The characters “Muqian Bolus” make An stunned. It is an elixir for the Wood. For cultivators of the Wood Taoist root, it is more useful than the Foundation-laying Bolus! According to the ancient books in the temple, Muqian Bolus has a surprising effect even for cultivators in the level lower than Bearing Essence…He must get the bolus and give it to his superior. Compared with the precious Dragon Marrow, the Muqian Bolus may better meet the need of his superior, who is stuck in the later stage of the Laying Foundation.

An throws four figures, which encircle the sapphire porcelain bottle.

Seeing the figures that An thrown, Xin Yuanping eyelids twitch. The figure circle! The Taoist is really gifted. He is still at a low level. How can he use the figure circle?

An is skilled in the small circle, which mainly “traps” things in it. The power of magic figures is formed, stably fixing the slippery bottle in the air and humming.

Xin Yuanping is a little surprised. But soon she laughs.

The humming figure circle fixed the bottle. But when An goes to get it, there is an explosion caused by Wakan disorder at his fingertips. While the figures turn into ash, the sapphire porcelain bottle slips away as the hairpin did. If An hadn’t retreated quickly, he might lose his right hand! Even so, his Taoist robe is burnt and has many holes on it.

Both of them failed!

These damn things are tempting, yet cunning.

Xin Yuanping is annoyed. Since the two cultivators didn’t get any benefit, as ordinary people, Rong Donglin and Li Anping have no expectations.

At this time, a white light flies towards Li Anping and soon comes to him.

Li Anping has been in a panic, because he doesn’t know what Xin Yuanping will do to him. Besides, Lin Luoran’s death and Elly’s injury make him at a loss. Seeing the white light flying to him, Li Anping stretches out his hand, and then the white light stays in his hand quietly.

Li Anping is stunned. When he looks down, the transparent mist disappears. What is left on his hand is something like a belt, which is decorated with a beautiful jade, looking miraculous.

“The Storage Belt!”

An and Xin Yuanping recognize it almost at the same time. That’s why they are shocked.

Among the magic weapons for storage in the cultivation world, the most basic one is the Storage Bag. Limited by the material, the Storage Bag is usually small and items in it are placed in disorder. The more advanced one is the Storage Belt. Compared with the Universal Sack, the Storage Belt is much bigger and has many boxes for storing different items, which is much more convenient. Unfortunately, cultivators can’t even make the Universal Sack, let alone the Storage Belt, the Storage Bracelet, the Storage Ring and even the higher-leveled storing method like Lin Luoran’s bead.

The question is that even they can’t grab the slippery mist, how can it fly to an ordinary man’s hand?!

“Err…” Rong Donglin, who is also absent-minded, feels something calling him. When he raises his head, he sees a white light fly to him.

Under the eyes of Xin Yuanping and An, Rong Donglin hesitates for a while, and then slowly stretches out his hand to touch the mist suspending in front of him.

Just as his fingers reach the mist, that thing twines his fingers like a snake.