Chapter 240 The Treasury (Ⅲ)

Something soft and slippery intertwined on Rong Donglin’s fingers, catching him off-guard.

Then he finds that it is an opal ring, simple and elegant, which is perfect for men.

Although they are not sure if it is a Storage Ring, it is apparently not a real Opal Ring sold in the state, which is enough for An and Xin Yuanping to get frustrated.

How come what they take great efforts to seek finds two mortals instead?

Is it because the magic weapon has its own wish and it chooses who it serves? A feeling tells An that it is not that simple.

Holding the belt in his hand, Li Anping is hesitant. Xin Yuanping doesn’t ask for it and he doesn’t hand it in. Rong Donglin stays calm while wandering around the room with the ring on his finger, mimicking what Rong does.

Both Xin Yuanping and An are not willing to see how everything goes, especially when the flying mist has something they extremely pine for. Therefore, they check the mist clusters around, trying to find what they want.

Yet out of thousands of ever-shifting mist clusters, how can they pinpoint the previous hairpin and sapphire porcelain bottle?

Rong Doinglin looks around, seeing that something is carved on the pillar. Observing closely, he finds it is a paragraph of characters. His stopping catches Xin Yuanping’s attention.

“What have you found?” Xin Yuanpin leans towards him.

Rong Donglin detests them from the bottom of his heart. He wouldn’t translate or even intentionally makes a mistake when translating if it is about something else. But this paragraph makes him think of what happened just then, which makes him feel delighted.

This is just the first hall of the Jiuhua Palace with only the ordinary stuff of the dragons such as elixir, magic weapons and stones. Although it contains a lot, this is but a place for the young dragons to play. Like the Draw Lots Ceremony in ancient times, every baby dragon is taken by the king to Jiuhua Palace to choose their gift on their third birthday.

What these low-level cultivators value so much was only the toys of the baby dragon years ago. For the sake of entertainment, usually the presents chose the dragons. If the dragon insisted on having something, this opportunity would be taken back.

If so, you cannot take anything from here! Rong Donglin thinks, venting his indignation.

An is only frustrated while Xin Yuanping is furious, because she is particularly stubborn, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been a demonized cultivator.

“Let’s go to the second hall!” Xin Yuanping is exceptionally angry, leaving the first hall instantly.

Slowly, Rong Donglin follows with the stick in his hand. He has to stay alive to find the Soul Wood in the seventh hall, which makes him unwilling to lead the way for Xin Yuanping.

Xin Yuanping may feel Rong Donglin more useful than Li Anping, letting Li Anping go first whenever there is a risk to take. The rest of them stay closely behind.

Li Anping has gone through ups and downs and calms down easily, being a completely different person from the old him with temper. Lin Luoran is dead while Elly seems not far from being dead. But he wants to live, better than everyone, even to have the opportunity to learn the magical spell and to be superior to Xin Yuanping and An… Therefore, he has to be careful to stay alive. Checking his Storage Bag tucked to his waist, he is careful with every step he takes.

They reach the second hall safely.

The bamboo sheets say the second hall stores the all kinds of peculiar stones, the wonderful crafts of the nature, such as the spirit stones and minerals for refine weapons.

But now, there are only some ordinary stones in this hall. Rong Donglin takes one ordinary-looking stone up, trying to breathe out the dust on the surface and wipe it clean to look closer. But on the surface of the stone appears the moon with the figure of a woman in ancient clothes standing on the clouds and flying to the moon – the Goddess of the moon! This is indeed a masterpiece of nature!

This stone is not big, so after watching it for a while, Rong Donglin puts it into the bag.

Other stones are just small pieces, which is not worth checking for Xin Yuanping, so she doesn’t take anything from there.

The third hall displays all kinds of swords, which took masters’ life-long efforts to make – the masterpieces the masters are proud of. Even some have the reputation of an immortal swordsman, but no one can be certain since no one has seen it.

Of course, it is only what is written on the bamboo sheets. Rong Donglin has not seen a single sword. But there are some empty shelves left, proving the swords’ existence.

The fourth hall.

The fifth hall.

The sixth hall.

They pass each hall safely, but they haven’t found anything useful. They used a whole day to pass the six halls because of minor dangers and not letting go any clue they had.

When they arrive in the seventh hall, Rong Donglin becomes nervous while Xin Yuanping is completely furious.

The disappearance of dragons is not an escape but a planned migration. Only the first hall has “something for children” while other halls are pretty much empty. Therefore, what Li Anping and Rong Donglin found in the first hall seems more attractive. Li Anping is trying to be silent. The unfriendliness in Xin Yuanping’s eyes makes him afraid.

The seventh hall is different from previous halls, because the gate is not open, which means this is a yet-to-open hall.

Rong Donglin already knew Xin Yuanping has a stamp, like the key for all the things in the Dragon Palace. Therefore, he is not worried about getting into the seventh hall.

What worries him is the possibility of the Soul Wood existing in it.

How can he take the Soul Wood out? He starts to think seriously about how to get out.

“Well, let’s have a rest.” It seems that Xin Yuanping noticed his anxiety, deciding not to go inside for the time being and start to rest.

Be it Xin Yuanping or An, they just get to the level above average people, which is far from being needless of food. They get hungry, thirsty, and need rest.

Xin Yuanping doesn’t care about them. Moreover, they are terrified by her eating blood-like jelly, so no one dares to ask for food. An brings out the water and food in the Storage Bag and gives some to Rong Donglin, who knows that he has to tolerate. In the face of Lin Luoran’s killer, he doesn’t throw away the food to show his dignity. On the contrary, he finishes the food.

Whatever it is that he wants to do, he needs strength.

The spirit herb takes effect quickly on ordinary people. Rong Donglin has tried it secretly. His leg has almost recovered, so he can lose the stick to walk around. Yet he still pretends to be injured to deceive them.

He finds a corner and falls asleep quickly after finishing his meal.

When he is half-asleep, he is awakened by Li Anping. As he turns around, he notices that after some rest, Xin Yuanping and An are in high spirits. What shocks him is that the door of the seventh hall is open.

They opened the gate while he was asleep!

He realizes this instantly and becomes sober.

They get him up now, which means that Xin Yuanping has been keeping him alive for this moment. They need something to be translated!

Rong Donglin gets up, looking at the inside of the gate. He has expectations in his head, but never has he imagined this.

The emptiness in the first six halls makes them hard to believe what they are looking at behind the heavy door, there’s a room full of light!

It is like an exhibition hall in the museum!

Racks come to all sizes, filling the entire hall. Each magical weapon has its own rack, shining brightly on the shelves, demonstrating its value.

This picture is a great challenge to the cultivators’ heart. Be it cultivators or ordinary people, they are all greedy for something. The magical weapons are luring them to fight for their ownership.

A stone tablet stands quietly near the entrance, where it was empty before. It seems that it appears only by opening the seventh hall. Seeing that there are characters on it, Rong Donglin realizes this is where he becomes useful.

He forces himself not to think about the Soul Wood and focus on translating.

But cold sweat appears on his forehead after reading the tablet.

“What does it say?” Since he is very taken-aback, the thing makes him so anxious also makes her wonder.

Looking pale, Rong Donglin feels his throat dry. “The Palace of Void. This is the Palace of Void. This is not the seventh hall at all. This is the ninth hall! ”