Chapter 242 Nice to See You Again!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dazzling light bursts out!

The light overshadows all of the other glow in the hall and dazzles everybody’s eyes. Rong even doubts that he is dead because he can’t see anything but the bright light.

The light fades soon. Rong is able to see the disgusting face of Xin Yuanping again. Immediately, Rong realizes that he is still alive. Granted that he is now in hell, he wouldn’t be at the same level as this woman. Rong Donglin blinks and then looks at the item in An’s palm. The item has shined so brightly. The mean young Taoist must have picked a nice treasure. This is so unfair!

Soon, the reality shows Rong that things aren’t what he thinks they are—

The item in An’s palm is so big that An can barely hold it. The sad thing is, why does the item look so familiar? Rong stares at it and finally recognizes it. He knows from his experience of working at the aquarium that this is a dead starfish!

This is a large, dead, hard starfish!

Rong Donglin wanted to lean back and laugh if he could not worry about the emotion of Xin and An. This is karma. An is such an evil person, and the Dragon Palace just punished him. This is hilarious. Rong’s eyes are wet. “Miss. Lin, it’s such a shame that I can’t avenge you personally.” Rong thinks.

An throws the dead starfish away. His hands are smelly.

Xin Yuanping can’t hide the thrill in her mind. She is thrilled!

She puts the black lotus away and takes out the little stamp. The little stamp is like a master key. Xin strokes the little stamp and starts to cast a spell. The little stamp seems to be resisting Xin’s demonized Reiki. Xin sneers while holding the black lotus, “What else could you do? You have to listen to me! Otherwise, I will destroy your last piece of soul and burn down the Dragon Palace!

Xin is not a person who loses her temper so easily. Rong doubts that Xin is talking to the soul of the dragon that lives in the little stamp. As a demonized cultivator, Xin Yuanping is so arrogant. She is not afraid of dragons…

Xin’s anger makes the little stamp agitated. It buzzes and starts to float up and down in the hall under the drive of Xin’s demonized Reiki.

Is the stamp searching for something?

The light of the stamp looks like the detector of the geologists. Some of the treasures on the exhibition stands respond to the stamp, which just ignores and leaves.

What is the woman looking for? Everybody in the hall is nervous and curious. The Hall of Nothingness values nothing but luck. It took a lot of nerve to make three safe picks. No matter how intelligent the little stamp is, they can’t fully trust it because it doesn’t have a life.

In fact, Xin Yuanping has faith in the little stamp. When the buzzing stamp stops over an unimpressive stand at the corner. Thrill crawls onto her face.

Is it finally going to get the thing she wants for so long?

Xin reaches out to the item on the stand before putting the stamp away.

It is a normal brush pen. Nevertheless, all of them know that it is not just an ordinary brush pen!

What will it really be?

It takes so long for the brush pen to return to its real form. Xin’s pick is not only about her own interest, but also the lives of everybody here.

The brush pen jumps up and down and glows. Rong Donglin secretly wishes that the brush pen could turn into a rotten starfish. However, this time, the Hall of Nothingness screws them up once again — After the glow fades away, the brush pen becomes a piece of rotten wood. The name of the wood appears in everybody’s mind: Soul Wood, a treasure in the seventh hall of Jiuhua Palace, can be used to rebuild souls and spirits.

Regardless of the explanation of the use of the Soul Wood, Xin Yuanping is a little bit disappointed. However, Rong Donglin can’t help taking a few steps forward.

The Soul Wood! The evil woman picked the Soul Wood, which Miss Lin was looking for! Take it. How can he find a way to take it?… Rong is so nervous that his hands become sweaty.

“What? Do you want it?” Xin shows Rong what the Soul Wood looks like. The wood is dry, but Rong wants it anyway.

Yes, he wants the Soul Wood. He must fight for it even if he can’t leave here alive. This is Rong’s pride and responsibility.

Xin sneers. She grabs Rong Donglin by his neck and lifts him up with one hand.

Li Anping steps back. He is afraid of being the next person who is lifted up like this.

An frowns. He hesitates between trying to stop Xin or not.

Rong can’t breathe. He thinks that this evil woman is not so imaginative. She used to lift Luodong’s classmate by the neck on the square, and now she is doing this to him. She is so lame. Rong’s lungs are short of air. He starts to gasp.

“I’m going to die.” Rong thinks. Last time when Luodong’s classmates were grabbed by the neck, Miss Lin came and saved him.

It’s such a pity that Miss Lin is dead now. She couldn’t come and save him.

Will the Lin family take care of his family after he dies? Rong thinks of his parents who don’t have jobs and his younger sister who is in middle school… Rong is losing his consciousness. He believes that Mr. and Ms. Lin are nice people, and they would take care of his family. That’s it. He can die in peace now.

“What? Lin, aren’t you coming out before your friend dies?” Xin says. Rong is shocked.

Lin? Is Xin talking to Miss Lin? Lin has been hit by a thunder and turned into ashes. Isn’t she died?

Still lifting Rong up, Xin looks around the hall alertly.

“I knew you wouldn’t die so easily. Now I’m sure of that when the door of the hall is still closed after I’ve got the wood. Lin Luoran, stop hiding!” Xin Yuanping shouts like Lin Luoran is really hiding at a corner in the hall and waiting to make a deadly attack against her!

That’s right. According to the stone tablet, the door of the Hall of Nothingness will open after everybody picks an item.

Now, everybody here has made their picks. Li Anping has got a bamboo cup, Rong has an inkstone, An has a dead starfish, and Xin has the Soul Wood… The door is still closed.

Is there another person hiding in the hall?

Who would the person be?

Could it be Lin Luoran?

The hall is bright and there is no shadow for anyone to hide. Xin Yuanping fails to see anybody else.

Is she not going to come out? Ruthless flashes in Xin’s eyes. She throws Rong Donglin away — Rong is heading to a sharp exhibition stand. He will definitely die if he hits it!

As the saying goes, the person who knows you best is your enemy. Xin looks around with her guard up. If Lin is really alive and she has followed them into the Hall of Nothingness, she will definitely come out and save the man.

“She will die in my hands. In other words, she will die because of her useless mercy that no cultivator should bear.” Xin sneers secretly. She will not even blink if 1,000 ordinary people die in front of her eyes, but she knows that Lin Luoran will try to save them!

Rong is thrown out. He is surrounded by Xin’s spiritual mind. As soon as Lin Luoran comes out, she will be killed in one second!

Bang! Rong Donglin hits the exhibition stands. Treasures fall all over the place. In a flash, his head is so close to the sharp corner of a stand—

Xin Yuanping smiles coldly. The black lotus is glowing behind her, ready to attack.

However, the next second, Xin feels a sharp pain in her right arm, which takes her a lot of effort to get. She looks down and sees a flash of greenness. Her hand is cut off and blood is running out!

It takes her three years to get this new arm and she cherishes it! Though in lots of pain, Xin is holding the Soul Wood tightly which Lin Luoran wants the most!

“Kill you… I must kill you!” Xin grabs her right arm. Her eyes are burning because of hate.

In front of the sharp edge of the stand, Rong Donglin is held by a rope made of Reiki. He lands on the ground stably.

A pretty woman is standing beside him. She is wearing light green clothes and holding a sword. The woman looks at the three people in front of her with cold eyes.

“Lin…” An stumbles. He wanted to call her “Master Lin” but failed to say the words out loud.

As the successor of Qingcheng Taoist Temple, An had sneak-attacked Lin Luoran. He knows that he will never be able to make a bow to her and call her “Master Lin” like before anymore.

Rong lies on his stomach and coughs violently. He says while laughing,

“Miss Lin, it’s so nice to see you again!”