Chapter 243 The Arrow of Light

Lin Luoran’s eyes are warm. She also feels good to see Rong again.

She wouldn’t have died. She has the space in her bead. It would be so stupid to die from being hit by the thunder!

The palace only inhibits the Wakan of cultivators but not their spiritual minds. Of course Lin can go into the space. When she was falling down into the deep valley, she didn’t hide into the space because she didn’t want to land in any strange place. For similar reasons, she didn’t hide when An stuck the Petrification Figure on her. If she hid into the space, the bead would float in the air in front of everybody, and her secret would be exposed. Lin Luoran would never act so impulsively.

What’s more, the space doesn’t allow anyone else but her to go inside. Once she hides into the space, Rong would be left on the outside. Xin Yuanping would definitely torture him to force her to come out — Just like what is happening right now.

As a result, Lin Luoran endured Elly’s humiliation and let them take away the bead. She risked being hit by the thunder summoned by the Thunder-summoning Figure and transported into the space under the cover of the smoke. Along the road, she waited patiently for the best timing to come out. Lin feels that she is blessed because Xin Yuanping picked the Soul Wood!

There is no necessity to endure anymore.

Xin Yuanping is not stupid. She has been having doubts about whether Lin Luoran is really dead or not. After she got the Soul Wood, she tried to force Lin out by threatening Rong’s life. It’s a pity that she didn’t realize that Lin was hiding in the bead, which is put at Xin’s waist. Thus, Lin successfully got out in a flash and cut off Xin’s right hand, took the Soul Wood, and saved Rong Donglin.

Chess players don’t have to be very smart. They only need a surprising move to turn the tables. Lin Luoran wants to fondle her bead. Xin has lost because she never imagined that the bead was not a normal spatial magic weapon that can only store things but not living creatures.

They have got out of the prison that trapped the giant dragon. Lin Luoran can use her Wakan now. She is confident that she can beat Xin Yuanping’s ass!

Lin looks around the hall and at An.

An can’t help stepping back. Lin Luoran puts the Soul Wood into her space and throws away Xin’s right hand.

“No matter what, I should thank you for finding it for me.”

Lin smiles. Xin Yuanping gets furious.

Xin doesn’t want to have meaningless conversations with Lin anymore. Her black lotus glows and its fragrant petals spread all over the place. Lin gently pushes Rong away from herself.

Xin attacks with her demonized Reiki. The pink smoke and the black lotus that grows in the blood pool in the dungeon under Zhongshan Moseluem are both evil things of extreme yin. Fire is of yang and it counters yin. Lin Luoran puts her sword away and starts to make hand gestures. She casts a Fire-proof Dome, the famous protection dome of the Wen family. The dome cast by Lin is much more powerful than the one cast by Wen Guanjing.

Xin Yuanping feels that the pain in her hand is fading when she sees that Lin chooses to put on defense instead of fighting.

“Lin is too arrogant. Does she really believe that a fire dome can stand the attack of my black lotus?” Xin thinks. She even starts to imagine the scene of Lin Luoran falling on the ground, surrounded by black smoke. However, Xin is shocked by Lin’s dome.

Buzz… Buzz… It’s the sound of oil dropping on a bonfire.

The fire dome is like a pot of boiling oil. The second the black lotus hits the dome; it shrinks and dies away like a piece of fat meat.

Xin Yuanping can’t believe what is happening. An, who is watching the fight, is also amazed by Lin’s ability!

As he expected, An was only able to stick the Petrification Figure to Lin because he made a sneak attack…

How can this be possible? Lin hasn’t reached the middle stage of Laying Foundation, yet she can shield the petals of the black lotus! Xin now realizes that she has underestimated Lin’s level of cultivation before. Shocked and frightened, Xin can never imagine that Lin is so strong because the fire phoenix in her space is helping her with the Strange Fire, which is much more powerful than normal fire Wakan.

In fact, Lin Luoran doesn’t feel so confident.

Compared with Xin Yuanping, Lin worried more about the black lotus. According to the fire phoenix, the black lotus is extraordinary. The fire phoenix has lived a long life and not everything can be considered as extraordinary in its opinion. Also, the world of cultivation has declined, which makes the black lotus even more special…

If individual cultivators like Lin Luoran are rarely seen, there are less demonized cultivators like Xin Yuanping. Lin has the Bright Sword and Xin only has a black lotus which she cannot make full use of!

Xin has already lost a hand. The situation is not positive for her.

Pink smoke comes out of Xin’s body. Li Anping and Rong Donglin fall down on the ground. An uses a magic figure to protect himself from the smoke.

Lin Luoran frowns. She feels strange that Xin hasn’t shown her best fighting skills yet. Lin is not afraid of the pink smoke because she has the bead, but she must admit that she is expecting Xin’s next move.

In the pink smoke, the stem of the black lotus starts to ooze thick red liquid. Xin drinks the liquid. The fire phoenix screams in Lin’s space and tells Lin to stop Xin from drinking. Lin Luoran shivers and immediately starts to cast a spell. Soon, a fire bow appears in her hands.

Lin was barely capable of casting the Fire-arrow Spell when she was in the later stage of Training Qi. Now, the fire bow in her hands has more complex patterns. A three-feet golden crow is carved on the bow. This is the spell White Fairy taught Lin before. She said that this was the secret spell of a small school of cultivation. It is the most powerful spell cultivators in the level of Laying Foundation can cast — The “Arrow of Light”!

Back in the time when spells were prosperous, young cultivators in the level of Laying Foundation of this small school could beat cultivators in the earlier level of Bearing Essence!

One “Arrow of Light” could kill a cultivator in the level of Bearing Essence despite the gap of cultivation. This powerful spell requires the best control of fire. It is also said that people who are able to shoot the arrow will sense the summon of the sun… Lin Luoran believes that star power is used in the Arrow of Light. Only with the help of star power of the Sun, the arrow can be able to kill people despise the gap between their level of cultivation. Perhaps the Reiki in the world has become too thin, Lin Luoran never felt the summon of the sun, nor any other stars in the universe, when she practiced the spell before… Now, she chooses to cast the spell because the fire phoenix has promised to let her use the Strange Fire.

Lin Luoran makes the bow with her own fire Wakan and the Strange Fire as the arrow. She aims at Xin Yuanping.

She only needs a few more seconds! Lin squints and draws the bow.

Xin Yuanping’s demonized Reiki has become more powerful after she drinks the red liquid oozed from the black lotus. Her right hand grows back and a scary black lotus appears on her face. Her hair is also growing and it flutter in the wind. Xin now looks like a ghost that just escaped from hell. The spell Xin is casting looks like bewitchment. There is no way that Lin Luoran would let Xin finish the spell. Lin draws the bow to its fullest. The string buzzes in the air.

The dazzling arrow flies out with a cracking sound, right toward the black lotus!