Chapter 244 Seal Her in the Name of Love

Destroy the leader and the gang will collapse!

The evil spell Xin Yuanping is casting must depend on the creepy black lotus. Nevertheless, the light will always conquer the darkness.

The Arrow of Light and the black lotus mutually restrict each other. The second the arrow made from the Strange Fire is out, it ignores Xin Yuanping and rushes at the black lotus in Xin’s hand under Lin Luoran’s command.

The black lotus senses the incoming heat. Before the arrow hits it, it falls off a petal out of the instinct for survival and forms a shield in front of itself.

The petal is not illusionary. It is from the real black lotus—

Lin Luoran gasps. The Arrow of Light could kill cultivators in the level of Bearing Essence. It should be able to pierce through a petal, right?

Under Lin’s expectation, with the burning fire, the arrow pierces through the petal within a second and keeps rushing to the lotus!

The black lotus is alarmed. It falls off more petals to block the arrow.

The first layer of protection is broken!

The second stands for one second and is broken!

The third stands for two seconds and is broken!

The fourth stands for three seconds and is broken!

The fifth stands for…

The fight is so intense! Rong Donglin and Li Anping, two ordinary people who don’t have the ability to join the fight, are also shocked by the earth-shaking arrow and they don’t even dare to look at it directly. An is having mixed expressions. He wonders how many precious bamboo magic figures he would have to crush if the arrow were rushing at him, or, maybe he couldn’t stand a chance of blocking the attack! An’s hands are wet because he is getting more and more nervous and scared after questioning the ability of himself.

What about the Superior? Will he be able to block the attack…? An immediately puts the question behind him. In his mind, Huizhu is extremely powerful. He shouldn’t have questioned the Superior’s cultivation.

In the meantime, the arrow has pierced through nine petals of the black lotus. Though the petals can stand longer, the momentum of the arrow is not declined at all!

As the petals are broken, black smoke pervades in the Hall of Nothingness. Now, the hall is divided into two factions by the black smoke and the bright light of the arrow. In the rolling black smoke, Xin Yuanping, An, and Li Anping look like the evil villains.

On Lin and Rong’s side, there is light and fire. The light shines so brightly and it hurts the villains’ eyes. An can’t help thinking if he weren’t tricked to Xin’s side in the first place, he would be so proud of fighting with Lin against the “demonized woman” and he might build a reputation for himself.

Lin Luoran’s face looks glory and elegant under the light. As the Arrow of Light rushes forward, the black lotus is falling back. The black smoke retreats. It seems that the arrow is winning.

However, Lin Luoran knows clearly that the situation is not so positive.

The arrow has a connection with her. She can sense its short of momentum after piercing through so many petals. There is one petal left. Even if the arrow can break it, it will not be able to kill the black lotus anymore.

Lin Luoran makes the decision quickly. She holds the bow in her left hand and pulls back the chord with her right hand. She is in the position of shooting again.

The attack works better when it is out of the enemy’s expectation. The second arrow is doomed to be less intimidating than the first one. Nevertheless, this is acceptable for Lin Luoran. All she needs to do is to shoot another arrow and hit the black lotus… Then she will be able to kill Xin Yuanping!

Light of fire gathers again on Lin’s fingertip. Another arrow made of the Strange Fire forms while she draws the bow—

The petals were able to stop the first arrow for less than one minute. During this, Xin has finished casting the spell. She has forced out her own pure blood and used it as the media to cast the spell.

When the second arrow rushes towards the black lotus, the lotus has no petal left. The seedpod suddenly grows larger. After absorbing Xin’s pure blood, it starts to spin at high speed. Nine lotus seeds fly out and the first person hit by them is Xin herself!

Xin Yuanping falls back and hits the exhibition stands. Her mouth is filled with blood. However, she looks up and laughs crazily.

She says, “Lin Luoran, you’re screwed. Enjoy the surprise! Ha-ha!”

Crazy. Lin now is sure that Xin Yuanping is crazy. Xin is now more dead than alive. Lin knows that the creepy evil spell Xin cast has harmed herself.

Nine lotus seeds rush at Lin Luoran. They encounter Lin’s arrow and the fire on the arrow is put out—

The seeds surround Lin from all directions. Lin Luoran falls back to the corner of the hall!

The lotus seeds are spinning red threads, trying to trap Lin. This is just what is happening on the outside. Lin Luoran feels that her face is burning and something is definitely wrong inside of her.

These red threads gather into a web. The web can’t be cut off by sword or be burnt down by fire. It is like the most poisonous toxin, trapping Lin Luoran in it. What the hell is it?

Xin Yuanping stands up and wipes off the blood on the corner of her mouth. She laughs viciously and says, “You must want to know what it is, right? It’s called the Love Threads. It’s the tomb I specially prepared for you, so that you and your old lover can die here together…”

The Love Threads! Though Lin Luoran hates Xin’s tone, she has to admit that the name of the threads is perfect. These threads are so much alike people in love, which can never be torn apart.

Love is hard and memorable, but can it be used as a way of attacking? Lin Luoran looks at Li Anping. She doesn’t have feelings for him long time ago. How can Xin Yuanping use him to get to her?

Is this the reason why Xin brought Li here? Should I hide into the space? At this critical moment, Lin Luoran denies this idea. Before, she was able to hide into the space because nobody knew about this. If she did this again, the bead would float in the air and her secret would be exposed. The secret would be leaked if she couldn’t kill all of her three enemies at once. Her bead, which can let a living person in, is clearly not a plain “spatial magic weapon”!

Can she ask for the fire phoenix’s help? No. The fire phoenix said that it couldn’t get out of the space.

Should she pin her hope on the last chance? Lin Luoran is not sure whether Master Mu has started what he promised to do. Why nothing is happening…? Has she made a mistake?

Trapped in the web, Lin Luoran’s thoughts are going wild.

Meanwhile, Xin Yuanping kicks Li Anping, who is in horror, away. Li hits on the black lotus which is floating in the air. The scene becomes disgusting.

The stem of the black lotus stabs into Li Anping’s brain like a sharp needle!

His blood runs up along the translucent stem and into the seedpod. The seedpod then transfuses the blood to the seeds around Lin Luoran. The threads become redder. Li Anping is not dead yet. A twisted smile appears on his face.

Why is he smiling? An feels sick. He asks, “What are you doing?”

Xin Yuanping answers with an enchanting smile, “What am I doing? I’m sealing her in the name of love… Young Taoist, don’t you find this interesting?”

Sealing her in the name of love? How? Li Anping is just an ordinary person. How can he deserve to be the lover of Master Lin? If Master Lin doesn’t love him, how can she be trapped by the demonized woman?

Xin notices An’s confusion but says nothing to explain.

She believes in the black lotus when it comes to the understanding of the human mind. Just like the way it lured her to demonize, the black lotus will put Lin into the illusion of her old time with Li Anping. Lin will never wake up from that.

In the web, Lin’s expressions show that the illusion has already been in her head.

Rong Donglin witnesses everything. He notices Lin’s abnormality and tries to drag her. However, he can’t get to the center of the web and save her.

Lin’s eyes are blurring.

Where am I? This long hallway looks so familiar.