Chapter 246 Owning the Gold Stamp

The four major Buddhist schools convene in Jinling spell conference, making quite a scene.

They are not fake monks trying to earn money by deceiving people. They are experienced cultivators who are experts on transcending spirits full of resentment and grievance.

Although the hostility in the blood pool is unprecedentedly strong, so is the wish of the civilians in Jinling City and other Huaxia people. Everyone is hoping these wronged spirits can rest in peace and reincarnate. Therefore, words travel fast after the announcing of spell conference in Jinling, giving the strong wish of comforting the spirits. People all over the State of Huaxia start to talk about it. With a large number of people, a random sentence like “may they find their peace” can make a difference. The masters cast magic circles, recite sutra in turn, and avail this wish to strengthen the power. The light and comfort actually start to purify the wandering spirits and gradually lead them to peace until they all disappear in the air.

The blood pool remains the same, yet the dungeon is no longer as horrible as a crime scene with blood everywhere. While the spirits are dispersing and the blood pool is purifying, the black lotus miles away in the Dragon Palace finally feels something is wrong.

It’s like the two sides are at war when suddenly the supplies of one side are stolen from the rear. No matter how superior this side is, it will be shocked because of the terror.

This shocking feeling clears out some confusion in Lin Luoran’s eyes.

She drags her consciousness back while her dream plays back the scene when she was thrown out. She feels the scene repeated for several times, which makes her wonder. What is going on today?

Because this sense of consciousness, the desperation the Black Lotus has created is destroyed. Watching the looping scene in front of her, Lin Luoran smiles instead of crying. Even if it is a movie with you as the leading star, you will be bored after times of repetition. Feeling bored, Lin Luoran yawns. Her eyes suddenly open.

Looking around, she can see red threads twining around her body, even some trying to get inside her. Touching her face, she finds her face full of tears. Looking at the black lotus, she finds the clothes of the corpse under the stems and leaves familiar. Is it Li Anping?

For a moment, Lin Luoran admits she feels a little bit down. But it is for only a few seconds.

Because of her consciousness coming back, the spell fell through. Therefore, being the medium of the spell, Li Anping was the first person to be affected. He was sucked up by the black lotus, leaving only the bones and empty clothes. This man once meant so much to Lin Luoran, yet he finally died here with zero possibility of coming back to life!

The second one being affected is Xin Yuanping. The right hand she grew by the evil spell immediately becomes dysfunctional. Dark blood comes out from her mouth fiercely. It seems that she is on the brink of being dead.

The third one being affected is Lin Luoran herself. The black lotus went crazy out of no reason with its seeds exploding one by one while she is still in the circle. Although she put up several protection domes, they held only for a few seconds before being blown out, hitting a large number of shining exhibition stands, and rolling with treasures. She spits out a lot of blood like Xin Yuanping.

It ends up hurting three parties!

As an old saying goes, “A hero is nothing but a product of his time.” The not-so-useful An suddenly becomes the only one that can turn around the situation.

“Little Taoist…Why don’t you move…” Xin Yuanping is on her stomach with a mouthful of cough once she starts to talk. She seems to have been injured again.

An is hesitating. Although killing her for the second time is not so different from the first time, seeing her badly injured with tears on her face, his hardly-hard heart goes soft again.

For only a moment he hesitates. Suddenly a streak of golden light appears in front of Lin Luoran, who was rolling along with the treasures.


Rong Donglin is in shock while trying to help her up. It is true that everyone goes into the Hall of Nothingness gets to choose one treasure. But why does she have to do this now?

Lin Luoran shows a bitter smile. This is not her choice to make. Out of all the treasures with which she was rolling when she was blown away, this one happened to be under her right palm. That was how the hall considers the treasure hers — this life-staking coincidence is so unfair! She throws some Circulation Bolus in her mouth to keep the injury from deteriorating.

Now An doesn’t have to make a choice. If Lin Luoran unfortunately chooses a massive killing weapon, everyone will be dead and becomes the guardian of the hall.

Has Lin Luoran ever been unlucky?

Asked the childish silver fish. The fire phoenix can hardly hold back the jeer look.

How can she be unlucky? The bead passed down from generation to generation of the Lins was awaken by her. With no masters to guide her, on the brink of wasting the flame fruit, the spirit herb guarded by the red snake for years was taken by her, which helped her open the spiritual mind. Even when she fell off the abyss, she could encounter the seemingly clever Qi-trainer White Fairy… When she got out, she brought the silver fish into the space. If this is called bad luck, for all the years it has lived, the fire phoenix cannot find another one who is less lucky than her. Of course, this good luck is disguised by her thrilling experiences. Sometimes the fire phoenix feels that she is taken care of by a master who has arranged the shortcut for her cultivation while purposefully sets up several difficulties for her to avert the judge from the Tao of nature.

Is that true?

It thinks about it for a long time, for the first time in forever it has analyzed Lin Luoran to the extreme. As a half-soul, half-spirit creature, it breaks cold sweat when she thinks about it.

This can only be achieved by that person, right? This is cheating against the Tao of nature! How dares that person!

The fire phoenix feels like dying again, except for the fact that it cannot be killed twice.


The golden light is shining in the palm of Lin Luoran while the treasure shifts into all kinds of shapes such as a shell and a rattle, which is embarrassing for everyone.

Yet everyone stays alert. Even Xin Yuanping doesn’t make a single move before she finds out what exactly that thing is.

It’s just because the treasure Lin Luoran is holding is shifting for a particularly long time, much longer than before. Under such circumstances, the treasure is either a massive killing weapon or an extremely precious one.

What kind of precious treasure is it?

The golden light fades away, leaving the shape of treasure in her hand. The final appearance is a flashing gold ware whose hard-papered cover and style reminds Lin Luoran of the memorials to the emperors. With no name on it, it can only be classified as gold ware.

They do not think of the introduction to the Hall of Nothingness, believing that this thing is of no use. However, the naughty floating stamp begins shaking in delight and swoops down. It comes to the right hand of Lin Luoran and leads her hand to stamp on the gold ware. Here is a blood-red stamp on the cover of the gold ware.

While Lin Luoran is still trying to make out the words, Rong Donglin reads, trembling, “In the name of heaven… It’s… It’s the Stamp of the Dragon King…”

The Stamp of the Dragon King?!

Is it the imperial stamp of the Dragon King in the Donting Lake?

Xin Yuanping screams, “That’s impossible! How can you find it!”

With no need to guess, everyone now knows that the gold ware is the thing she has been dying to find. It ends up in the hand of her enemy. No one can take that instantly. Xin Yuanping spits blood by a single move. She has no strength to take the gold ware and the gold stamp back.

“Grab the gold ware and the gold stamp! If she has them, we are all going to die!” She shouts out weakly, out of breath.

Grab them? An frowns. As soon as he moves his foot, the gold ware shines strongly, covering Lin Luoran and Rong Donglin in its light. Although others cannot get in, Lin Luoran’s mind seems to be elsewhere.

They have no choice but to leave now. An shakes his head at Xin Yuanping and walks quickly to the gate — ever since the gold ware comes back, the hall gate was quietly open.

With so much resentment in her heart, Xin Yuanping can only grab the bald stem of the lotus and disappear in blood mist.

Lin Luoran’s mind is wandering, so Rong Donglin is not capable of neither waking her up nor stopping the two people from leaving. He can only walk around the hall in anxiety. He can only calm himself down by holding the exhibition stands up and sorting out the treasures. After this is all done, he notices that Lin Luoran is still “somewhere else”. His eyes fall on the corpse of Li Anping. This man lived an awful life and died in a shameful way. It is such a waste for the belt. As Rong Donglin has heard that it is a storage belt, he figures Miss Lin can use it in the future. Therefore, he gives a slight pull, and the belt fall right off the body. Because the body is dry and the clothes are loose, with the belt roll out the ten giant pearls exchanged by the Bamboo Cup previously… You cannot keep what you don’t deserve, right?

Rong Donglin takes the pearls and wipes the belt fiercely with his clothes, trying to get rid of Li Anping’s smell.

Rong Donglin comes all the way trying to survive in the hands of Xin Yuanping and find the Soul Wood to take it out. Now he finally relaxes, falling asleep while he is wiping the belt.

After a good three hours, Lin Luoran’s consciousness comes back.

Her look shifts very fast. A moment she is happy; a moment she is worried. This stamp is indeed bestowed by heaven when the Dragon King took a mission from heaven. Also the gold ware – or should she call it the administration brochure of the Dragon Palace of the Dongting Lake? Her mind has been taken away and witnessed in person the magnificent scene when the Dragon King was receiving the gold stamp and the gold ware. She has no doubt that it is true.

She smiles because she gets this for free during this adventure. From now on, this palace belongs to the Lins!

She is worried because she is on her own now. Being a young cultivator at the level of Laying Foundation, how can she fulfill the mission of the previous Dragon King?

This is such a huge mission!

Just the Shui nationality is difficult to manage enough. How can she find the crabs, lobsters, carps, tortoises, snakes that already gained intelligence? Are there monsters in the world? Lin Luoran seriously doubts that.