Chapter 251 Short of Money

Lin Luoran has been busy.

She is occupied by all the chores she has to do in her space.

After returning from the Dragon Palace, she first went to visit the Buddhist masters in all of the four famous mountains. Then she spent half of a year making two sets of armor. She gave one set to her father and the other to Luodong. As a result, she never got time to organize her space, which is messy, until Luodong’s new semester started. The spirit herbs in the space are vigorous. The herbs she planted after making boluses the last time had grown tall enough to make another batch of “Gathering Qi Bolus”.

Lin Luoran always believes that she is rich enough. However, she realizes recently that she is short of money.

She needs a large sum of money right now!

The treasures in the Dragon Palace and the grand palace itself are so attractive. Lin Luoran has to take the responsibility of purifying the Dongting Lake before inheriting all of these treasures! Water purification costs so much money. Even if Lin sells her house, the money will be utterly inadequate in dealing with the whole situation. The Dongting Lake is so large.

Lin Luoran asks for the help of the government through Master Mu. Leaders of the government respond quickly that the government also doesn’t have the money to do what Lin wants.

The State of Huaxia is certainly rich. However, the country has a large population and a wide territory. From national defense to people’s livelihood, so many departments need money. The government is willing to purify the Dongting Lake, however, to do this means to reform all the factories along the lake. This is such a huge project. The central government can’t just ignore the local economy and give the order recklessly. Besides, to purify the Dongting Lake involves every one of the fishermen. All of this has to be fixed by Lin Luoran.

Therefore, Lin Luoran is in hot water. She can only calm herself down and focus on cultivation. She has no idea how to start this complex project.

At this crucial moment, Zeng Tian offers his help.

Then Lin Luoran realizes that she also needs the help of a pro except for the money!

Though Zeng Tian hasn’t got his bachelor’s degree yet, he knows a lot about the capital operation and he is talented for doing business. Otherwise, his family wouldn’t let him spend a huge amount of money every year on cultivation, which is never recognized by the world until recently.

“Master Lin, have you thought that your name actually worth a lot of money.” Even though Zeng Tian doesn’t understand why Lin Luoran suddenly cares about the Dongting Lake, he gives her his professional opinion soon after he knows about her needs.

My name?

Zeng Tian touches the empty bottle in his pocket. He has eaten up the boluses he exchanged with Lin last time. During the last year, the boluses have helped him a lot. Zeng believes that if he could have the time to focus on cultivation, he might actually break through the limit of his quality and enter the level of Training Qi and become a real cultivator.

Thinking about this, Zeng nods confidently and says, “Master Lin, you’re the last alchemist in the world of cultivation…”

Lin Luoran frowns, “Are you telling me to sell my boluses for money?” Though a day equals a year in her space, selling boluses is an unwise decision. Lin feels that the loss will outweigh the gain if she uses the resource of her family to make money.

Zeng Tian hurries to shake his hand. He could never ask Lin to sell boluses for money. He explains himself,

“Master, I’m thinking about a pharmaceutical factory!”

Pharmaceutical factory? Open a pharmaceutical factory in my name?

“You mean, a normal pharmaceutical factory that makes common medicine, not elixirs?” Lin Luoran finds the plan practical. Except for the prescription of elixirs, she has the old medicine book of her family! The book records prescriptions of all kinds of effective medicines. For example, the Skin Beauty Bolus has helped Wang Miao’e so much! The other prescriptions must also be useful.

Lin Luoran feels relaxed now. Zeng Tian smiles and says, “Master, I bet you’ve made your decisions. A pharmaceutical factory will involve many problems. If you don’t mind, may I bring my family company into this and be your partner?”

Lin Luoran laughs, “Why? Are you done selling houses?”

Zeng Tian answers awkwardly, “There are more houses in our country than people can buy and the housing price is too high. My family company has made quite a lot of money from the real estate industry. If I keep building more houses and compete with my rivals, the company may go bankrupt once the bubble breaks… However, the medicine business is better as long as our medicines are effective. Can you imagine how many people in our country may have a cold in one day? How about around the world? We only need one effective medicine to make a profit.”

Zeng Tian gets excited when he talks about business. In fact, Lin Luoran is also tempted.

After a while, Lin Luoran says smilingly, “I have the prescriptions and I’ll build the factory. Your company can invest and take charge of the selling. Zeng, you can get started now, under my name.”

Zeng Tian agrees immediately. Certainly, he wants to make things clearer to Lin. He offers to calculate the cost and the stock first, and Lin leaves all of these to himself and lets him go.

Lin Luoran is scolded by Master Mu after she calls and asks him about the feasibility of her plan.

It’s not that Master Mu thinks that opening a pharmaceutical factory and selling medicines are wrong. Instead, he believes Lin Luoran in the efficacy and quality of the medicines. The problem is that the medical industry involves too much with the health system of the government as well as the hospitals… If Lin’s medicines sell well, other factories and hospitals will definitely bear grudges.

“The Zeng family is specialized in real estate. You’d better drag the Qins into this. Commander Qin will do you lots of help.”

Lin Luoran is ashamed after hearing Master Mu’s opinions. She grows up in a common family and she knows little about doing business. Though she is a cultivator, she will not be able to sell the medicines well without knowing these hidden rules.

Fortunately, Lin Luoran always accepts others’ opinions when it comes to her unfamiliar field.

Lin invites Master Mu to invest in the pharmaceutical factory. Mu remains in silence for a while and sighs, “Alright, my family owes you a lot. Though nobody in my family has ever done business in this field, we shall help you build the factory.”

Lin Luoran is glad about this. Her family is just the new money which lacks influence. Besides, she doesn’t want her parents to be bothered by this. They should focus on cultivation!

One day, Commander Qin comes to Lin’s house to check on Baojia. Lin Luoran brings this up to him. Out of her expectation, Commander Qin doesn’t agree instantly.

He stares at Lin for a while and asks, “Why do you want so much money?”

Lin Luoran feels guilty. She replies, “Though I do need the money…the medicines will be good. What do you think, Commander?”

Commander Qin is stubborn yet sometimes a gossiper. He asks, “Are you going to sell elixirs? Wouldn’t it be a waste?”

Lin Luoran shakes her head, “Selling ordinary people elixirs is certainly a waste. I want to invent some new prescriptions for normal people!”

Commander Qin stops talking. He thinks for a while and says, shaking his head, “You will need the most effective special medicines… There are so many old people in our country who want to keep living, like me. If your medicines work well, your factory will be a huge success and you’ll never be short of money.”

Lin Luoran becomes speechless. She has ever done something like this, but she is not stupid. She understands Commander Qin’s meaning immediately.

This is exactly the reason why she is having a headache.

At first, she only wanted to earn some money to purify the Dongting Lake. Why is the plan going bigger and far away from her original intention?

Now, the Zeng’s company and the Mu and the Qin family have all invest in Lin’s pharmaceutical factory. Lin Luoran has a feeling that her competitors will definitely try to take her down.

Noticing Lin’s worry, Commander Qin thinks and says to her, “Lu is going to get married next week. His wedding will be in the military compound. You should come and see him.”

Lu Sanchun is getting married?

Lin Luoran can’t help but look at Baojia’s room. Everybody knows that Lu loves Baojia. He didn’t even have a girlfriend when he reached thirty years old. Why is he suddenly having a wedding next week?

Commander Qin sees through Lin and laughs. However, he seems to age in a second. He says, “Lu has no idea that Baojia is in a coma. In fact, I forced him to get married… My grandmother has tasted the bad result of marrying an ordinary person. I can’t say whether this is right or wrong. The problem is, you know Baojia’s condition. Nobody knows when she will wake up. I don’t want Lu to wait for her forever. I can’t let him do that.”

Commander Qin has hidden his worry for Baojia deep inside.

Lin Luoran’s eyes are wet. She hugs Commander Qin and comforts him, “Grandpa Qin, don’t worry. I promise you that Baojia will wake up. I promise.”

Commander Qin murmurs, “Will I live to see her wake up?”

Lin Luoran nods. She has checked on Commander Qin’s health condition earlier with her clear eyes. Perhaps thanks to the ginseng he took years ago given by the crazy Taoist, Commander Qin is in good health and he is vigorous. He will have a long life.

Commander Qin pats Lin on her hand and smiles relaxedly after hearing Lin’s words.

He is not afraid of death. He just wants to live long enough to see his granddaughter wake up.

Commander Qin looks forward to seeing how far Lin Luoran and Baojia will go. He will be at ease to die by then.

Lin Luoran changes the topic on purpose, “Grandpa Qin, you’ve informed me about Officer Lu’s wedding too late. You must help me prepare a wedding gift!”

Commander Qin stares, “He won’t dare to earn money by the wedding. I will punish him for that.”

Lin Luoran rolls her eyes secretly and she feels sorry for Lu Sanchun. He is forced to get married and now he won’t be able to collect any cash gift.