Chapter 253 Preparation and Situation

Recently, Lin Luoran is living comfortably. Yuan Ye has taken over all of the preparations of the pharmaceutical factory. He goes out every day to communicate with the other three families on Lin’s behalf.

Lin Luoran goes to Mount Qingcheng for a trip. She picks a valley next to Qingcheng Taoist Temple as the planting base of the factory.

The soil here is fertile and the basin area is large. Thanks to the soil, there is no need to worry about waterlogging. This is the best place to plant medicines. The only problem is mountain torrents, so Lin Luoran designs a floodway in the first place. Speaking of planting medicines, the cyan little fox is the top in the world of cultivation except for Lin’s space. The site is picked by the fox personally after walking around the mountain with Lin.

Though they are only going to plant ordinary herbal medicines, the cyan little fox is more enthusiastic than Lin Luoran can ever imagine. The little fox jumps up and down in the forest and sometimes stops in the col filled with weed to smell the soil. It pulls up the weed and checks on the moisture of the soil. The little fox acts like a king who is on an inspection tour of his land. Now, it is thinking seriously. Lin Luoran feels that Zeng Tian has really made a good proposal for opening a pharmaceutical factory.

The cyan little fox is talented for identifying medicines. The backyard of Lin’s house is indeed too small for it. The little fox seems to be genuinely happy when it is out here and busy.

Looking at the mountains, Lin Luoran feels confident. She once heard a saying that people should be good when they are in the decline and they must do good while in power. She is not a corrupt businessman. She will be helping a lot of people with the medicines her factory will make in the future.

Lin Luoran has faith in this.

After picking the site, she goes to talk to the government about the contract. Mount Qingcheng is covered by trees and grass. The guiding principle of the country is afforestation, so leaders of the local government have concerns. They seldom sign a contract to rent out the mountains in recent years. However, Lin Luoran says that she will use the mountain to plant medicines, which raises doubts about the officials. They believe that nobody without a strong background can enter the medicine industry so easily.

The site Lin Luoran picks covers an area of almost 100 acres with several connected cols, which means that mechanization planting is out of option. The construction will create jobs and help the local economy. Villagers around the area may also follow Lin’s step and plant medicines for a living. These will also be considered as the achievements in the officials’’ career!

All of the officials want to get a promotion and they have to prove themselves before being promoted even if they have friends in the higher level of the government. Therefore, officials of the local governments all believe that Lin’s project is practical.

However, these officials have to put on airs. Lin Luoran becomes annoyed after visiting them several times.

After all, Lin is a mature adult who has social experiences. Though she has powerful people to back her up, she would rather not mess with these officials. She doesn’t want to be bothered by them later.

At this crucial moment, Zeng Tian, who is always thoughtful, sends Cao Liyang here to help. Cao acts carefully in front of Lin, trying to change her impression of him. In fact, Lin Luoran has long since forgotten about their old grudges.

Zeng Tian always believes that every person can be useful in certain ways. As expected, after Cao Liyang takes over the negotiation with the government, things finally have a breakthrough.

Within a week, Cao Liyang delivers the signed contract to Lin.

When it comes to socializing, Lin Luoran is not as skillful as Cao is. Cao Liyang treated the officials in luxury hotels and clubs and he promised them some advantages. All of the officials felt that Cao was smart so they signed the contract with him. After all, the project is nothing bad.

Officials all have their habits, and not all of the middle-and-basic level officials are greedy and corrupted.

Huaxia people like to discuss things during dinner. Cao Liyang is aware of the timing to put on airs or to make a toast. He entertains the officials well, which is the reason why the contract is signed so quickly.

Holding the contract in her hand, Lin Luoran says, “Cao, you’re a doer, but your personality can be better.”

Cao Liyang holds back his gladness and nods, “I’ve changed, Master Lin.”

Lin Luoran doesn’t bother to correct Cao Liyang when he called her Master Lin. Therefore, Cao keeps calling Lin this.

Lin Luoran never thinks about the reason why Cao Liyang would like to take all of the troubles to help her. Lin hasn’t gone out recently and she has been focused on cultivation. She seldom thinks about the current situation in the State of Huaxia.

Since the surprising scene on the Tianfu Square was lived, most of the junior cultivators began to act less cautiously.

Recently, news about cultivators riding on swords comes out now and then. The public understands that these people are not fairies or gods, and they are just cultivators who are capable of doing marvelous things.

It is no longer a secret that there are cultivators living in the country. Many people even start to long for becoming cultivators so that they can learn spells and pursue immortality.

Of course, cultivators are not immortal. Even though people have known about the existence of a cultivator in the level of Bearing Essence, the senior cultivator is far from being immortal.

Although cultivators are powerful in combat, they are not as powerful as modern weapons. The world of cultivation has declined and the cultivator in the level of Bearing Essence wouldn’t show his power easily. The protection spells of famous cultivation schools certainly can’t stand against a missile!

Science and technology are the most powerful things in the current world. The declined world of cultivation can do nothing more than deterrence. Though cultivators are privileged, they can’t make decisions for the country anymore.

Master Mu and other senior cultivators join hands and sign a treaty of peace with the government. The first and most important condition is that cultivators must not kill innocent ordinary people. If anyone does, he will be hunted by all the other cultivators. The treaty is sent to officials at higher levels than Chen Yun and leaders of the country are satisfied.

The State of Huaxia is developing and the country needs to be stable. Cultivation has no national boundaries. Cultivators in the country are also lawful citizens. Huaxia cultivators are loyal to their country. Years ago, Master Guo and other cultivators had done a lot to help Huaxia fight against the foreign invaders. Besides, the special department has been established since the founding of the state and it has made contributions. As a result, leaders of the government have a generally good impression of cultivators.

That’s right. Cultivators are just a group of people who excel in traditional martial artists and haven’t gained immortality. They can live in peace with ordinary people and gain mutual benefits.

Modern weapons give the authorities confidence in themselves. The public is informed of the existence of cultivators in this delicate balance.

As the matter of fact, most people don’t have the same concerns as the officials do. They are only curious that whether they have a chance of learning these magical spells!

Cultivation becomes popular among ordinary people. They try so hard to find a chance to learn spells and they even gather together to share the experience. However, Master Mu and Master Guo, as well as Xi Heng and other school leaders, have no intention of taking more apprentices because the resources are limited. Only people with the best quality and personality may have a chance to step on the path of cultivation.

When will the opportunity come?

Cao Liyang has been acting respectfully in front of Lin Luoran for the reasons above.

Many people have seen the video of the fight on Tianfu Square. Nobody recognizes the swordsman with a funny floral shirt covering his face, but Cao Liyang does. The swordsman is clearly Zeng Tian, who has been friend with Cao since they were little boys. Rong Donglin is also in the video and Cao recognizes him immediately — Cao once took a beating because of Rong!

As for the woman who came from the sky and saved the day, Cao Liyang knows who she is without thinking.

Zeng Tian’s master is a mysterious cultivator! This makes Cao Liyang awkward and afraid. He is afraid that he may not wake up from his sleep someday in the future because he had messed with a cultivator.

Zeng Tian sent Cao Liyang to help Lin Luoran also in order to ease Cao’s anxiety. Words alone are no proof. Zeng Tian wanted Cao to get in touch with Lin directly so that he would know that Master Lin is a kind person who would not care about their old conflicts.

Lin Luoran is now carrying a cyan little fox in her arms and walking around the mountain with the contract in her hand. Sometimes, she tells Cao Liyang what medicine she plans to plant here and there. Cao Liyang has a hard time connecting her with the superior cultivators. Nevertheless, Lin seems to be really a nice person.

Cao Liyang is not worried anymore and he decides to see Lin through the construction of the medicine base.

As a second-generation rich, Cao Liyang hasn’t thought about his own future on the path of cultivation. He is doing this with a simple and clear purpose.

Cultivation is trending all around the world! Providing timely help is better than adding brilliance to one’s present splendor. Cao Liyang wants to get closer to Lin Luoran before she reaches her peak!