Chapter 256 Crystal’s Invitation

As Lin Luoran is driving on the road, she has a strange feeling. As the old people say, when something bad is going to happen, people’s eyelids will twitch.

Her eyelids are twitching!

But the traffic in the first ring road of the R City is quite heavy. It is hard for Lin Luoran to speed up.

The closer she gets to Londong’s school, the stronger the feeling is.

She steps on the brake, and the car stops steadily in front of the school gate. The two children don’t wait for her at the school gate as appointed. Lin Luoran calls Luodong, but his phone is turned off. Then she calls her mother, but the latter says he is not at home. How strange!

She pushes open the door of the car and gets off. The leaves on the path have been cleaned up. Because of the smell of pedestrians and the city’s miasma, there is nothing left on the path.

No, when she smells carefully, she finds a faint smell that makes her very uncomfortable. What is it?

Since she began to cultivate, she has met a lot of people. She found a disgusting smell on Zou Yaowei, who is dead.

She also found the smell in the blood pool.

As for Xin Yuanping, she has high ability, so she didn’t often feel it.

Thinking back, she also smelled it in those vampires! Night of Bermuda has passed for a long time, and vampires haven’t appeared in Lin Luoran’s life for a long time. Thus, it takes some time for her to remember that the disgusting smell is the same as what she smelled in the vampires.

The Blood Line? Are Luodong and Huang Weijian in trouble? Lin Luoran finally knows why her eyelids twitched. No matter whether there is something wrong with the two children, she is too careless to let the Blood Line come to the R City without her noticing.

“Excuse me…” A short and fat boy comes to her. Lin Luoran turns her head and sees the fat boy whose eyes can’t be seen when he smiles.

Because of Fatty Cui, Lin Luoran doesn’t have a bad impression on fat people. She immediately recognizes him… Is he Luodong’s former classmate? She saw them fighting when they were in sixth grade!

She restrains her worry and says, “Oh, I remember you, the former classmate of Luodong. Ma Ming, right?”

Hearing his name accurately read out by the pretty woman, the fat boy is so excited that his face turns red. “Yes, yes. Can I call you sister? I am still Lin Luodong’s classmate, and we have a good relationship…Oh, sister, I saw that Luodong and another classmate were kidnapped!”

Are they kidnapped by the Blood Line? Lin Luoran adds secretly. Then she asks anxiously, “Did you see the kidnapper?”

Ma Ming nods violently and says, “It was a foreign woman. That woman once came to our school. At the beginning of the semester, she came with the principal!”

A female vampire. Good, that is it. Lin Luoran squints, looking angry. Hurting her family has violated the bottom line of Lin Luoran!

Seeing that the pretty woman’s expression has changed, the fat boy takes out a piece of paper and gives it to Lin like he is presenting a treasure. It is the price list of a cheap snack bar, with letters and numbers scrawled on it.

“Miss Lin, it is the license plate number that I wrote down. Go to save Luodong. I am worried about him!”

YUCXXXX? Lin Luoran takes the note in her hand and says, “Thank you. Come to my home to play when you have time!”

It is exactly what the fat boy is waiting to hear. He nods violently and says anxiously, “Sister, go to save Luodong first!”

Lin Luoran starts her car while using her spiritual mind.

When her car drives far away, Ma Ming’s sidekicks come out of the snack bar. “Chief, don’t we come to beat Lin Luodong and his friend? Why do you help him?”

The fat boy says seriously, “Do you know what kind of people are likely to be kidnapped?”

One of his supports shakes his head. Another new sidekick asks carefully, “The rich?”

Ma Ming shakes his head, saying, “The rich and the influential…Now that Lin Luodong is not a pauper, we have every reason to try to make him one of us. We can beat him, but other bad guys can’t.”

This remark is very insightful for a thirteen-year-old boy. His sidekicks are even better than adults at flattering. Their compliments even surprise the owner of the snack bar. The compliment that “our chief is the most righteous” makes Ma Ming so proud.

I am indeed very righteous. The fat boy laughs. How can I show that I am righteous if I don’t get close to the two guys?

You must be saved!


There are people’s breath and body odor, the smell of fermented garbage, the smell of stray cats and dogs, the vehicle exhaust and the turbid air on earth. If she doesn’t specifically search for the breath of the Blood Line, Lin Luoran, who has a bead as the air purifier, doesn’t know that under the keen perception, this kind of intertwined breath in the city can drive people crazy.

“Minister, can you give me an explanation? The Blood Line has reached the R City, but why didn’t I know about it?” Maybe because she drives the wrong way, she doesn’t find the car, let alone the breath of the Blood Line. Not having gained anything, Lin Luoran speaks on the phone in an angry tone. Traditionally, as long as cultivators from other races come to Huaxia through the ordinary way, local cultivators should be informed by the special department. Cultivators from other races must have different intention from that of local cultivators. Informing the local ones can not only make them keep guarding, but also help the country to monitor the foreign cultivators. It is mutually beneficial. But Lin Luoran didn’t get any information, which makes her unprepared.

Chen Yun answers in surprise, “The Blood Line has come to our country? I don’t know anything about it! Miss Lin, did they enter our country illegally?”

Lin hangs up the phone. Enter the country illegally? Which smuggler dare to openly visit a famous school!

She doesn’t want to hear Chen Yun speak in a bureaucratic tone. Rather than relying on the special departments, she believes in her allies.

Use the official force—countless ubiquitous monitors, as known as Skynet, must be feasible.

In order not to make Commander Qin worried, she turns to Lu Sanchun directly.

The latter is still on marriage leave. Hearing what Lin Luoran says, he immediately put on his coat to go out.

Knowing that he is going to leave, his wife comes out of the kitchen, saying, “Hey, where are you going? Didn’t you say you are going to make dumplings with me?

“The Lin family is in trouble. I have to help!”

Hearing the Lin family, Mrs. Lu stops her steps and says smilingly, “Then go quickly and come back early.”

Lu Sanchun has already rushed out of the door and run far away, while contacting his friends for help.

Mrs. Lu leans against the kitchen door in a trance for a while. She doesn’t remember to turn off the fire until the water in the pot was boiling and hissing. The wedding gifts from Lin Luoran include a necklace made of pearls from the Dragon Palace, with pearls as the main part and jadeite as the auxiliary part; a brooch made of red coral; jadeite earrings and bracelets. Her best friend, who has married a middle-aged paunchy boss and spends money like water, joked that she married a poor officer. But when the friend saw the set of jewelry, she became speechless. At the thought of this, Mrs. Lu feels very happy.

* * * * * * *

“The car disappeared in the western suburb. The last camera shot it. There is no exit in the middle of the road, and there are streets all around. But the next camera didn’t catch it…As for the license plate number you provided, we have verified that it is a fake license plate, and we can’t find the owner. It is the first time in the country to commit a crime with a Lincoln.” A technician points to the playback of the surveillance video and explains it to Lin Luoran.

The pictures of the places where the black Lincoln appeared are all cut and put together. Starting from the school gate, it also passed the custom street near Lin’s family. Then it drove to the western suburb until it disappeared in the street.

Yes, the Lincoln is gone in the day time!

The picture that it passed the Custom Street makes Lin Luoran feel it is an obvious provocation, which makes her sneer.

“Lu, I’m sorry to trouble you tonight. When I’m done with it, I’ll treat you to dinner.” Lin Luoran remembers the road sections in the video and stands up.

Lu Sanchun says seriously, “Do you need me to take some people with you…”

Lin shakes her head. How can ordinary soldiers be the rivals of the Blood Line?

Seeing Lin Luoran going out, the technician says, “Lu, doesn’t your friend call the police?”

Lu Sanchun covers it up by saying, “She has called already. Don’t worry. Thank you for your help tonight.”

As Lin Luoran goes out of the door of the traffic police station, Li Xi’er has been waiting at the door for a long time. Besides her, there is Yuan Ye and another young cultivator that she doesn’t know.

“Sister Lin, how is it going?”

Lin Luoran asks, “Who is this?”

“My name is Xiao Xiaomu, an officer in the R City office of the special department. I am ordered by Minister Chen to support you.” The young man looks childish. It is easy to see that he has never been stained with blood, just like the young cultivators who followed her to the secret place. It is the first time that Lin Luoran has seen the officer in the R City office of the special department. She is dissatisfied with Chen Yun for sending such a young man here. But she can’t discourage the young man, so she asks the three people to get on the car together.

Lin hasn’t seen Li Xi’er for a long time. It seems that Li is going to evolve from the middle stage of Training Qi to the late stage. Yuan Ye and Xiao Xiaomu’s cultivation is not high, so she doesn’t know how powerful they are in combat.

The atmosphere in the car is rather tense. It is the first time for Xiao Xiaomu to personally see “Master Lin”, the legendary cultivator in the world of cultivation. It is said that her younger brother is kidnapped by the Blood Line. They don’t know how he is right now.

Li Xi’er doesn’t know what Lin Luodong is suffering from. Every time she thinks of it, she can’t help crying. Of course, Yuan Ye wouldn’t bully her in this case. He is not afraid to fight with the Blood Line. He already had ability when he apprenticed to Lin Luoran. To gain recognition, he has to make more efforts.

The car soon arrives in the western suburb. There is an Industrial and Commercial Bank on that street. Lin Luoran remembers clearly that the Lincoln car disappeared in this section. She pulls over the car and then the four people get off.

It is 9:30 p.m. now. The western suburb is not a busy place. The dim yellow street lights in the town have been on for a long time. There are not many pedestrians on this street. Their school closes at 4:20 p.m. Including the time that they waited for her at the school gate, Lin Luodong and his classmate have been missing for at least five hours. At the thought of their possible suffering, Lin Luoran is on pins and needles.

The street is nothing unusual. How could the car disappear? It can easily be done with Mini World, but only cultivators can use it. People from the Blood Line are physically strong. If they could cast a spell, cultivators of Huaxia wouldn’t be able to suppress them for so many years.

What happened on earth?

Yuan Ye is very careful. He has looked at all the shops in the street that had not been closed yet. Then his eyes fall on a little girl selling flowers around the corner. She wears a thin coat and red leather shoes, shivering in the night wind. There are not many people on the street, but why is she waiting here? Why doesn’t she go home when she has only one rose left in her hand?

“Master, look.”

Lin Luoran looks in that direction and immediately finds the anomalies that Yuan Ye found.

“Little girl, why don’t you go home?” Lin Luoran bends and asks. She looks smiling, but she is afraid that the innocent girl is actually a member of the Blood Line who would suddenly become violent.

However, when the girl selling flowers sees her, she asks while her eyes are bright, “Excuse me, are you Miss Lin?”

Lin Luoran nods.

“A lady asked me to give you this flower. I have been waiting for you for a long time. I will go home soon!” The little girl raises the rose in her hand. It is delicately packed, and the dew on the petals can be seen under the street light. The rose is very fresh, which seems to have just left its stem.

There are a bowknot and a big red invitation letter attached to the rose. In the invitation letter, there is an ancient castle in relief, which seems gorgeous and gloomy.

“To my most distinguished guest: please come to the Blood Line’s masquerade party at midnight with this rose of love in your hand. Yours, Crystal.”

Crystal. It is her!

What appears in Lin Luoran’s mind is the woman of the Blood Line with a pale face, whose smile seems strange. Does she draw a long line on the invitation letter with her fingertip—the rose of love? Crystal comes from Europe to the R City just to invite her to dance?