Chapter 258 Secret Rescue

“That is not an ordinary bat!” The fire phoenix shouts in Lin’s space.

Lin Luoran nods gently and says, “Hmm!”

“Aren’t you worried?” The fire phoenix can sense the threat of the bat so the bat is definitely something abnormal. With the space as a barrier, the bat can’t sense the presence of the fire phoenix. The two of them should be of the same age. How can it still be alive?

Lin Luoran admits frankly, “I’m worried!”

“Bullshit!” The fire phoenix thinks to itself. It ignores Lin and cuts off the connection.

Lin is certainly concerned. She concerns about Crystal’s intention and the possibility of Crystal hurting Luodong and Huang Weijian.

“Dear guest, go up the stairs and you’ll see my master.” The young girl leads Lin to the building and stops going forward. She lifts her dress up and steps back.

The old wooden stairs creak as Lin walks on them. The building seems to be the library of the Textile University, but Lin is not sure of this.

The building is tall. Not until Lin walks to the eighth floor does she see the half-closed door and the dim and flashing light in the room.

Lin Luoran keeps walking and pushes the door open.

Crystal looks exactly like she did four years ago. If there is any change, her hair seems to be more glossy and her cheeks have become a bit rosy, which adds more vigor to her.

What draws Lin’s attention is not Crystal’s appearance. Four years ago, Crystal was not even strong enough to beat Wen Guanjing without the help of her ring. Now, Lin Luoran can feel the raging bloodiness around Crystal. Crystal has become stronger. Her power is not less than Lin’s. To be frank, Crystal may be stronger than Lin Luoran in terms of personal ability!

Lin Luoran has made progress on her cultivation with the help of her space. What has helped Crystal become so powerful? Can it be the bat that makes the fire phoenix feel threatened? At this moment, all kinds of thoughts run through Lin’s head. Lin Luoran suddenly notices another man from the Blood Line in this room.

The man has curly brown hair and a high-bridged nose just like Dana. Lin Luoran has never met him before. The man looks so much alike Crystal… Lin Luoran is surprised. Vampires don’t form a family in the same way as humans do. Who is this man?

Crystal laughs. Lin Luoran has become stronger and her blood full of Reiki is a huge temptation to vampires. Riddick can’t help himself and he walks to Lin to give kisses on her cheeks. He says, “Oh, lady, you’re definitely the most beautiful eastern woman I’ve ever seen.”

Lin Luoran lowers her eyes and ignores the man. Crystal giggles, “This is my elder brother. You can call him Riddick.”

“Where are they?”

Crystal shrugs and replies, “The moonlight is so beautiful. Let’s forget about the bummer and have a glass of wine. This is the wine I brought all the way from Britain. Don’t you want to have a taste?”

Crystal points at the table behind her. Exquisite lace tablecloth nicely lies on the table. There are brass candle holders, silver tableware, and goblets shining like crystal. A bouquet of roses is at the center of the dinner table, and one of the flowers is missing. It is the rose Lin Luoran was holding.

Though Riddick was ignored by Lin, he acts gentle and pulls the chair for her.

What the hell are Crystal and her brother planning?

It seems that Lin Luoran has to have dinner with them in order to talk about their kidnap of Luodong and Huang Weijian… Lin Luoran wanted to play rough, but the bat’s presence made it impossible. Therefore, Lin has no choice but to sit down by the table.

“Are you offering me dessert made of human blood? If so, I’m afraid I don’t have the appetite for this.”

Crystal smiles brightly, “How can it be? Except for blood, we vampires can only drink wine. We’re just offering you some wine.” Crystal claps her hands. The door is pushed open and a Huaxia woman walks in with a wine cabinet along with exquisite dessert and hot steaks.

Lin Luoran checks on the food and finds that these are normal food for human. The Huaxia woman pushing the cabinet is human, not a vampire. She is very docile and she looks familiar.

The woman pours wine for them. Suddenly, Lin Luoran remembers that she played a role in a popular TV show several years ago. The woman played an amiable girl in the show and Baojia joked about Lin Luoran being so much like her! Why is she here? Lin Luoran remembers that she was quite popular back then. How did she end up being the slave of vampires?

Lin Luoran holds back her temper. It’s not the best time to lose it.

It appears that Crystal can see right through her mind. She asks, “Do you think we forced her?”

Lin Luoran says nothing. However, the actress starts to panic, “My master didn’t force me. Master, please don’t throw me out.”

Lin Luoran shakes her wine glass and takes a sip. The wine is sweet and fragrant. As for the actress who wants to be a slave, Lin Luoran doesn’t even look at her again.

Crystal had made up her mind to provoke Lin. She tells the actress to roll up her sleeve. There are bite marks on the woman’s wrist. In front of Lin Luoran, Crystal takes the actress’s wrist and bites her.

Lin Luoran can hear the sound of Crystal sucking blood at the other side of the table. Riddick cuts a piece of his special “steak” and puts it in his mouth. He swallows it down elegantly and explains, “This lady here volunteered to be our blood slave.”

Lin raises her eyebrows and says, “Oh.”

While her blood is being sucked out, the actress seems to be tripping on drugs. Under the moonlight and the flashing candlelight, her expressions become even more tempting, stunning, and scary.

However, Lin Luoran is acting like she couldn’t care less, which makes Crystal lose her interest in putting on a show. She sends the actress away and wipes the blood off the corner of her mouth. She looks at Riddick, who is more interested in this situation than before. Riddick has realized that this Huaixa female cultivator is unlike the others — Some women are like daisies which need to be taken care of; Some women are like wild roses. They will sting your hand if you don’t pay enough attention, and they make you love and hate them at the same time. Vampires are used to dealing with both of these women during their long life.

Lin Luoran is a different kind of woman. When you think you’ve known what she’s thinking, she will deviate everything you’ve planned… She is powerful and she doesn’t need protection. She is strong in mind and nobody can control her easily. You have to pursue her constantly and become stronger in this process. Then you may have a chance to make her yours. Riddick smiles and shows his cute sharp teeth. He really doesn’t look like a 500-year-old vampire.

Lin Luoran has noticed that Crystal and Riddick are making eye contact. She drinks up the wine in her glass and wipes her mouth,

“Shall we get down to business?”

The little eyes of the bat blink. It flies out of the window secretly.


Noises come in from the window. It is one of the old conference room of the Textile University and the vampires have decorated it into a luxurious suite.

Lin Luodong looks at the hot food in the room and says to Huang Weijian, feeling bored, “Shall we keep playing?”

There is a set of Weiqi in the suite. Lin Luodong learned a little about it from Rong Donglin, and Huang Weijian had no idea how to play Weiqi. Therefore, Lin Luodong suggested that they should use black and white chess to play “Five in a Row”. After the panic of being kidnapped, the two of them have been playing “Five in a Row” in this suite for several hours.

Huang Weijian shakes his head, “You’ll lose again if we keep playing.”

Lin Luodong smiles bitterly and says, “What else should we do? You must help me distract so that I won’t go to eat the food over there. You said that I can’t eat those…” He seems to be bothered by this dilemma.

Huang Weijian says again, “They are monsters. Those food are made of human blood. You can’t eat those.”

Lin Luodong wails. He didn’t believe that there could be a building full of foreign monsters in the suburban area of the R City. When he tried to talk to the guards with blond hair, the man showed his long, sharp tusks that silenced Lin Luodong.

Lin Luodong used to think that the so-called monsters were just like Goldie and the little cyan fox. Huang Weijian said that the monsters here eat humans.

After being refused by Huang, Lin Luodong sighs and starts to roll on the couch, regardless of his appearance.

“Lin Luodong, aren’t you scared that we’re caught by monsters?” Huang Weijian wonders that if it is because Lin Luodong is from a family of cultivation that he is so brave even when he is not a cultivator himself? In fact, Huang Weijian is quite impressed by Lin Luodong’s careless and courage.

Lin Luodong stretches himself and answers, “I am scared, but I know that my sister will come and save me… What about you, Huang Weijian? Last time, you were able to fight the monster snake. Right now, there is only one guard out there, why aren’t you doing anything? Why don’t you try to escape?”

Huang Weijian says nothing in reply. He wants to say that I don’t try to escape because I know you can’t go with me. As a matter of fact, Huang Weijian still holds a little bit of expectation in his mind. Lin Luodong said that his sister would come and save him. How about the old man who has disappeared for a year? He always said how powerful he is. Will he come to the building of monsters and save me?

There is a tall cherry bay by the window, and its flowers are so fragrant. Suddenly, the branches of the tree shake abnormally.

Somebody is here! Lin Luodong is thrilled. Huang Weijian points at the door and shushes Lin Luodong.

Who has come to save them?