Chapter 51 Elly is Filthy Rich

The huge stone now is like a delicious poisonous apple. It is a big question about whether she shall eat it or not.

Elly is not an amateur. A raw stone of this size will contain jade unless her luck is particularly bad. Also, black round stone has a high possibility of containing jade.

Lastly, Fortune House is in urgent need of stone supply. The condition inside of the company is worse than the estimation of Liu Zheng and Wang Miao’e.

Elly never takes off her sunglasses today because she doesn’t want anyone to see her eyes and know that something is wrong. Who can imagine that Miss. Elly, who is always proud, can’t sleep last night and comes here with black rims under her eyes?

And who knows that every time Elly makes a straightforward offer, she is actually seized with anxiety?

Why are all of you trying to oppose me? Elly clenches her fist and thinks resentfully. She completely forgets that she is the one who provokes everybody else in the first place.

“150 million.” Elly can’t stand Mu Tiannan’s action of raising the price by 1 yuan. She directly raises the price to a new level— Fortune House must win this stone!

Lin Luoran and Liu Zheng look at each other and decide to quit now. Elly may give up on the stone if they keep raising the price, then Liu’s has to take the huge stone.

Mu Tiannan is only bidding up with the intention of helping Lin Luoran, and Wang Miao’e simply detests Mu Tiannan. Since Lin Luoran stops bidding, both of Mu Tiannan and Wang Miao’e stop either like they are having a chain reaction.

The Burmese host says slowly in a loud voice, “150 million yuan twice. Any other biddings? The stone will be Miss. Elly’s if not!”

Not everybody has the boldness to buy a stone with 150 million yuan. People who can afford stop competing, and other small traders have long become bystanders.

The yard falls in an awkward silence for a few seconds.

“Ha-ha, 150 million yuan third! Miss. Elly, congratulations on becoming the owner of Stone No.1!” It is beyond the host’s expectation that the stone is sold for 150 million yuan. He is quite satisfied with today’s result.

Lin Luoran sighs, “Miss. Elly is filthy rich to spend 150 million on such a stone.”

Liu Zheng asks curiously, “Why? Our Magical Hand here believes Elly will suffer a loss?”

Noticing that Liu Zheng’s uncle is listening, Lin Luoran smiles, “I didn’t say anything. Let’s see!”

Mu Tiannan’s mind becomes absent because of Lin Luoran’s smile. He turns to Elly, “Miss. Elly, we have all lost to you in the bidding. How about cutting the stone open now and let us have a look?”

The base price is 1 million, which is directly raised to 10 million by Elly. This has made most of the traders lose their chances of bidding and they bear grudges about it. People start to create a disturbance.

“Exactly! Fortune House is filled with money and 150 million means nothing. Miss. Elly, please give us a chance of having a look at the stone!”

“Right, right!” The guy from Guangzhou adds.

Li Anping is dazzled by the “150 million yuan”. He whispers to Elly, “Are you really going to cut it open now?”

Elly looks at the sarcastic and resentful crowd… Lin Luoran is standing beside Liu Zheng and watching her with a smile. Elly is uncomfortable about the scene. She ignores Li Anping and says with a smile,

“Thank you for letting me have the stone today. In this case, I shall have the stone cut open right away.”

Wang Miao’e claps her hands, “Good for you, Miss. Elly! No wonder you can be the successor of Mr. Ai. We are all looking forward to seeing the stone.” She winks at Lin Luoran while saying, which makes Lin laugh secretly.

Sister Wang is such a careful person under her forthright appearance! She must have realized that there is something wrong with Lin Luoran’s showing off today, then she chooses to go along with Lin’s plan and raise the bidding price.

Elly at least spends twice of the price of the stone today, whether there is jade in it— This is enough for Lin Luoran for now, but she doesn’t forget that Li Anping still owes her.

The raw stone is huge, which makes the cutting a problem.

The large cutting machine can’t get into the door. The host has to ask workers to roll the stone out of the yard after taking down part of the wall.

The information that the huge stone is about to be cut open spreads all over the village. People of all ages and both sexes come to see the event.

It has been a long time since the afternoon. The sun is still hanging in the sky because the daytime is long in Ruili, but the night is coming. They need to hurry up and cut the stone open.

It doesn’t matter whether Elly draws lines to decide how to cut open a stone of this size. Although they skip the incense-burning part, the Burmese host finds a red cloth to cover the stone and sets off firecrackers as the blessing ceremony.

“Miss, shall we bring the stone back and cut it open under the advice of the masters?”

Let alone outsiders, members of Elly’s purchasing team are feeling diffident about this expensive raw stone. They recommend Elly to bring the stone back to S Province and seek advice from the masters before cutting it open.

Elly has secret intentions by bringing people here this time. Masters in the jade industry consider reputation more important than their lives and they don’t want to disgrace themselves together with their new boss. Therefore, Elly is actually dissatisfied with them, and she stops hesitating while hearing that her team wanting to seek advice from those masters.

“Cut the stone! Now!”

Since the owner insists, the host has no choice but commanding his men to start cutting.

Wang Miao’e walks to Lin Luoran secretly and laughs, “Luoran, is this the plan you made with Mr. Liu?”

Lin Luoran doesn’t dare to make such an evil plan with Liu Zheng. She just uses the trust of Liu Zheng who let her bid on behalf of the company.

Hearing the question of Wang Miao’e, Lin Luoran switches the topic, “What plan? All I know is that if I am Miss. Elly, I won’t cut the stone open in front of all the people.”

Wang Miao’e pats her, “Elly is filthy rich. 150 million means nothing to her. Cutting the stone is just a game.” Wang Miao’e is clearly being ironic. She doesn’t want Elly’s stone to contain any jade. She asks, “Luoran, what do you think about the stone?”

Lin Luoran’s eyesight starts to wander and she is thinking that making a fuss for a mortal like Elly with her cultivator’s ability is not challenging at all. She only hears the question of Wang Miao’e after a while. Looking at the humming cutting machine, everybody is curious about the result even they refuse to admit. Lin Luoran says in a voice that can only be heard by herself, which settles the ending of Elly’s stone-cutting—

A shame.