Chapter 52 Shame

Shame. What is actual shame?

Shame is when you confess your love to the school hunk, he doesn’t accept you and humiliates you in public.

Shame is the woman who steals your boyfriend is prettier and richer, and you are still obsessed with him.

Of course, what is more shameful is that the woman whose boyfriend you steal suddenly becomes much more beautiful and capable. She suppresses you in your area of expertise and you can see the regret in your boyfriend’s eyes as if he is desperate to go back to her…

This the situation where Elly is in right now. Lin Luoran used to be a shabby working girl. Now, Liu’s young boss backs her up and the mysterious Master Mu is willing to lend 100 million to her… Both of them are more handsome and fit than Li Anping and they also own better futures.

Elly doesn’t love Li Anping so deep before, and now her love has mostly turned into disgust.

A woman’s mind is so strange. She never thinks about her own actions and blames everything on Lin Luoran. Elly is determined to exceed Lin Luoran so she just has to win the huge stone.

Hearing the humming of the cutting machine and looking at the flying stone chips, Elly now has no mood to loathe the dust—Her palms are sweaty. Elly feels that she has never been more nervous.

In the humming of the cutting machine, Liu Zheng raises his voice a little and asks Lin Luoran, “Don’t you want to pick some stone for your own?”

Lin Luoran shakes her head, “After they finish cutting the huge stone, the auction will be nearly over… I don’t think he will carry those abortive stone back, so I’ll just wait to buy some discounted ones.”

It’s not that Lin Luoran doesn’t want to buy some stone at the original price. Those leftover raw stone will not be too good, but she is short of money after buying the house. She only has 2 million yuan in her bank account, which means nothing in the stone gambling market.

Discounted raw stone… Hearing Lin Luoran’s words, Mu Tiannan is embarrassed. Where does she ever hear about this? Such a petty thief girl!

Mu Tiannan defines Lin Luoran in his heart. However, Lin Luoran knows nothing about Mu’s thoughts and keeps talking with Liu Zheng, which annoys Mu Tiannan even more.

A woman in traditional Dai costume is watching the scene, holding her child in arms. Dadenghan used to be a famous production place of gemstone, which is different from jade. The child has never seen people cutting open stone and he asks his mom about this.

“Cutting open stone is to take out the jade inside. Do you understand?”

The child looks up and asks, “Are there jade in every piece of stone? Will the big stone in our back yard contain jade?”

Looking at the curious eyes of her child, the Dai woman whispers that there is no jade in the big stone in their back yard. She covers the mouth of her child and hides in the back of the crowd.

The child’s voice comes faintly, “What about this huge stone? Does it contain jade…”

People know the reason why the Dai mother feels inconvenient to answer her child. All of them just wait for the stone to be cut open with a hanging heart—Eight inch left, five inch, three inch…

“Bang! Bang!” The two halves of the stone fall down on the ground, making a noise. Everybody has been on guard and hurry to step back.

Li Anping drags Elly back. Both of them are almost hit by the falling stone.

The Burmese host is frowning. He asks his men to fetch two basins of water and pour it on the section.

Water runs down. The section is smooth but it is shining white, without a single strip of green jade!

“Ahh…” Someone screams. No one can believe that the huge stone contains no jade. Purchasing consultants of many companies are positive on it and it is sold at 150 million yuan during the auction.

The raw stone is already sold, but the Burmese host still feels that this is unacceptable. Amateurs and experts on the scene are feeling sorry, let alone Elly, the owner of the stone!

Seeing the white section with strips of black, Elly immediately trembles and almost falls over. She tries to grip Li Anping, who is quivering harder than her— Li Anping has encouraged Elly into buying the stone because he believes that there must be jade in it. He can never afford the 150 million yuan Elly spends.

“Why do you stop? Keep cutting! No one can see the jade like this!” 150 million is unlike 150 yuan. A spoiled girl who grows up in a wealthy family in the jade industry like Elly can’t stay calm now. She takes off her sunglasses and the heavy makeup on her face fails to cover the dark circles under her eyes. The wind messes with her hairstyle, which makes Elly emaciated.

Looking at the sections, the Burmese host is puzzled, “Miss. Elly, I can’t see the trend of jade. How shall I cut it?”

Elly sneers, “You can sell raw stone, then you must know how to cut them. Just do it!”

Everybody on the scene is displeased by Elly’s cold and arrogant attitude. There are wins and losses in stone gambling so one must be cautious while bidding. Elly should have thought about this when she hopes to double the 150 million yuan she spends on the stone. It’s not the last minute and her attitude is already so bad. The character of Miss. Elly of Fortune House is revealed from her gambling quality.

The Burmese host snorts. He no longer has the mood to carefully look for the jade trend for Elly. He just loads the halves on the cutting machine and neatly cut them in the middle.

White base with black strips… Everybody is stunned by the trashy stone. All of them stay silent.

Liu Zheng’s uncle looks at Lin Luoran’s calm face suspiciously. She said that “we shall look and see” before. It now appears that she is not waiting for jade in the stone but for the fun. Does she know all the time that the huge stone contains no jade?

Liu Zheng’s uncle feels exhausted due to his age. He rubs his temple and gets rid of this weird idea.

Sunset in Ruili casts a layer of golden light on the white stone with black shell, making it shine like Fatty Cui’s gold necklace. Fatty Cui and Wang Miao’e look at each other and see the joy in their eyes—They have planned to buy the stone together. Now it seems that they are lucky for not implementing that lame plan!

Elly’s voice is shaky, “Continue. Cut it into bits.”

The Burmese man seldom sees weird things like this. The stone is three meters high and it takes two men to encircle it. It is now cut into four parts and there is no trace of jade, not even a green strip on the white base. Outsiders may think this is a huge stone from the side of the road and no way it is a raw jade stone from an old field!

The host becomes serious. He keeps cutting the stone into smaller pieces until he can’t.

Looking at the stone pieces scattered on the ground, awkward silence breaks out.

It is so quiet… Elly stares at the pieces one by one till her neck is sour, and she doesn’t find any jade. She raises her head stiffly and scolds Lin Luoran, “You bitch! How dare you to trap me…”

Lin Luoran is calm like an iceberg. She swiftly walks to Elly, raises her hand and slaps Elly on the face. “Pah!” Elly’s face becomes red and swollen.

Nobody will imagine that a rich lady like Elly can’t bear to lose and starts calling another girl a “bitch”. Also, they fail to foresee that a gentle girl like Lin Luoran will slap somebody in the face.

Covering her cheek with one hand, Elly has a hard time believing what just happens. She comes to Lin Luoran along with her purchasing team after returning from the shock.

No one can bear the sight of Lin Luoran being bullied by so many people. Fatty Cui and Wang Miao’e rush to help. The two of them knock down Elly’s team with their strength.

Mu Tiannan runs to Lin Luoran like an agile bird, and Liu Zheng acts quickly— But none of them are faster than Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran easily catches Elly’s wrist and uses her strength to throw Elly away on the ground.

Elly looks up reluctantly and sees Lin Luoran’s shiny eyes.

“Miss. Elly, don’t embarrass yourself and Fortune House. Just admit that you have lost the bet.”

Lin Luoran looks down at this woman covered with dust. Elly has lost all the arrogance back when she sits in her red Audi TT.

You’ve treated me like that. Why can’t I do the same to you?

Lin Luoran claps her hands, feeling absolutely no regret for having an outburst in public. Cultivation, cultivation. She has to avenge herself in order to follow her heart.

Lin Luoran feels so good, looking at confounded Elly and frighten Li Anping!