Chapter 54 Trouble Maker in the House

Lin Luoran senses a subtle change between her and Liu Zheng since they return from the gem washings. The privity between them seems to be killed by her words.

Both of them lose the interest of going sightseeing. Liu Zheng has to deal with business in the company so they take the flight on the next day and go back to R City.

The airport in R City is one-hour-drive away from downtown. Carrying her suitcase, Lin Luoran feels embarrassed to ride in Liu Zheng’s car, and she hates to be hypocritical and takes the taxi. Luckily, Wang Miao’e is available that day and she offers to pick Lin Luoran up at the airport. Lin Luoran is relieved. She says goodbye to Liu Zheng at the airport.

As the purchasing consultant, Lin Luoran has a flexible job. She has brought honor and made a considerable profit for Liu’s. Therefore, she can rest until there is another large purchase.

Before Lin Luoran sets off to Ruili, Baojia goes to the capital. She doesn’t give any clear explanation of the trip, not even to Liu Zheng. Baojia hasn’t returned by now. Every time Lin Luoran calls her, Baojia seems to be in a hurry. Something may be wrong in the capital, which makes Lin Luoran worry.

“How is it going?” Wang Miao’e blinks to Lin Luoran while driving.

Lin Luoran is confused about what Wang Miao’e is asking about. Wang clears her throat, “You and Liu Zheng…”

“Sister Wang, what are you thinking? Manager Liu has a fiancé! Stop joking!” Lin Luoran is speechless. Her mom has asked her the same question on their house-warming party. Why is everybody trying to make a match between her and Liu Zheng?

Wang Miao’e stops talking but can’t help whispering, “You can undermine the wall if you have the right strategy.”

Lin Luoran finally turns her head and looks the other way to the green belt and ignores Wang Miao’e.

Wang Miao’e has to switch the topic, “Luoran, I remember that you say you have prepared a gift for me. It’s been quite long. Where is it?”

Lin Luoran has been busy these days and completely forgotten it. The question of Wang Miao’e makes Lin Luoran guilty. She finally puts the awkward behind her and guarantees to Wang Miao’e that she will soon deliver the gift.

Then Lin Luoran fakes to be angry, “What kind of people will ask for gifts?”

Wang Miao’e turns the steering wheel and laughs, “Am I an ordinary person?!” Her words make Lin Luoran laugh and reduce her worries on Baojia’s trip to the capital as well as her hazy feelings for Liu Zheng.

Although Lin Luoran has only left for less a week, she misses her family much. Lin Luoran wonders if Luodong is getting along well with their parents, and has their parents learnt how to return tranquility?

They arrive at the house. Wang Miao’e is going to park the car in the garage and they notice a flaring black sports car is parked there.

This is odd. Her family doesn’t have any wealthy relatives, and they have just moved here. Who is in her house?

“Dad, mom, Luodong, anybody home?”

Lin Luoran calls. Luodong runs out from the back yard with mud on his face. He is happy seeing that Lin Luoran is back home.

Lin Luoran passes the gift she buys in Ruili to him and touches his head, “Is dad and mom out?”

Luodong nods, “vegetable shopping.”

Vegetable shopping? Lin Luoran is surprised. Recently, her family only eats the vegetable in the mysterious space and they seldom eat meat. As for her close friends, Baojia is in the capital, Sister Wang is right beside her, and even Fatty Cui no longer buys vegetable from the market. Thinking of the black sports car in the garage, Lin Luoran becomes anxious.

Who on earth is here?

“Creak…” The red gate is opened. Mr. and Mrs. Lin enter together with nothing in their hands.

“Luoran, you’re finally back!” Mrs. Lin is glad to see her daughter back. She greets Wang Miao’e and holds Lin Luoran’s hands with a big smile, “Your friend has arrived yesterday. He says that he has something very important to tell you.”

“My friend?” Lin Luoran doubts. Which friend of her will stay at her home and wait for her for a day? Before she pursues further information from her mom, Lin Luoran sees a man coming inside the house—

He is tall, handsome and properly dressed. Groceries in his hands actually ruin his image. The beef in the plastic bag is even dripping bloody water!

“Foppish Mu? Why are you here?!” Lin Luoran is astonished. She fails to restrain herself from pointing to Mu Tiannan who looks like a househusband.

How does this foppish man come to her house!

“Luoran, you’re finally back.” Mu Tiannan grins. In the eyes of Lin Luoran, his white teeth look scary.


“Mom! How can you just let anyone inside our house! Don’t you worry that he may have evil intentions?” Lin Luoran is upset. How can she put her heart down when her parents are so unwary!

Mrs. Lin answers meekly, “Mu looks like a decent person. At least he won’t covet our things… Isn’t he your friend? He is sweet and diligent. You can stop talking nonsense.”

There is something Mrs. Lin doesn’t say. She has asked Mu Tiannan about his impression on Lin Luoran. He said he liked her and he was single. This man may be the perfect match for Lin Luoran.

Certainly, Lin Luoran can’t understand her parents’ worry of her being a real “leftover lady”. She has no choice but to put up with the fact that Mu Tiannan is going to stay in her house— Anyway, she is back now. She will kick him out after dinner!

Wang Miao’e dislikes Mu Tiannan. She doesn’t stay for dinner and leaves early.

Mu Tiannan is brassy. He ignores Lin Luoran’s dark face and keeps complimenting Mrs. Lin on her good cooking. He also praises Mr. Lin for his nice choice on vegetable and Luodong for the exquisite clay figures he makes… Mu Tiannan actually is filled with sugared words!

After dinner, Lin Luoran just sits aside and watches Mu Tiannan talking happily with her parents. He seems to enjoy the trivial stories about their life in the village. Mu Tiannan is not acting like his usual self.

Seeing the smile on her parents’ face and the shiny little eyes of Luodong, Lin Luoran hates to kick Mu Tiannan out.

It’s almost ten o’clock. Luodong starts to yawn. Then Mrs. Lin realizes,

“Oh, I’ve talked too much. You must be tired… It’s late. How about you stay for the night? Sorry for keeping you from talking business with Luoran.”

Of course Mu Tiannan doesn’t refuse the offer. Seeing her mom’s expectative face, Lin Luoran agrees reluctantly.

While the two of them walk pass each other, Lin Luoran whispers severely, “Why are you here? When have we become friends?”

Mu Tiannan rubs his face which is sour because of the laugh. He leans over to Lin Luoran ambiguously and answers, “You know why I am here.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lin exchange a glance and leave with sleepy Luodong. Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan now are alone in the living room.

Lin Luoran is certain that her mom has got a wrong idea about her and Mu Tiannan. She looks at the man in front of her and her head starts to ache.

A trouble maker now lives in her house, and she has no idea how to get rid of him!