Chapter 56 Prepare for Medicine-refining

The next morning, Lin Luoran tells nobody that a man has gone to her room last night. However, Mu Tiannan takes his leave, saying that there is an emergency in his family and he has to hurry back.

Mrs. Lin has no doubt. Although she hopes that this nice young man can spend more time with her daughter, she shall not stop him from going home, right?

After Mu Tiannan leaves, Mrs. Lin just stares at her daughter and sighs all the time. As for Mu Tiannan, when he drives out of Lin’s house, his smiling face cools down. He is frowning and trying hard to keep his mouth shut, but blood spills out.

Mu Tiannan holds the steering wheel with one hand and wipes the blood off with another. His mind goes absent for a while and bursts out a sudden smile.

“Such a ruthless woman!”

But I like her… Mu Tiannan looks back to the red gate of Lin’s and shows an obscure smile.

The smile happens to affect his inner injuries, and he has to punch the steering wheel to ease the pain. Mu Tiannan starts the car and steps on the gas.

The “ruthless” Lin Luoran has no idea about Master Mu’s mental activities. Even if she does, she will just sniff at him. She is not a stupid anthomaniac who will be happy when a handsome thief breaks into her house. Since Mu Tiannan dare not care about her reputation, he certainly deserves being beaten.

Thinking about the bit of Reiki merged in her attack, Lin Luoran can’t help laughing. Her attack is not lethal, but Mu Tiannan may suffer a lot in a long time from now.

Lin Luoran thinks nothing about whether she may expose herself. The road of cultivation is long and dangerous. How can she survive that if she is over-cautious?

Keeping her plan in mind, Lin Luoran enters the space with a knife.

She has gained lots of Reiki from her trip to Ruili. Her body can’t absorb too much, so most of the Reiki is imported to the space. Because of the adequacy of Reiki, the medicines have got the chance to flourish.

The sapling beside the spring is destined not to change. And the black epiphyllum has been staying low since its bloom enhances Lin Luoran’s spirit and turns into ashes.

What is changed is the first foreign resident of the space—The fleece flower Lin Luoran picks up from the market. It blooms out of the blue!

Also, the seven ginseng seedlings surrounding the fleece flower… Oh, one of them has been given as a gift to Master Jia and there are only six left. Leaves of the six seedlings are green with a strip growing in the center. Are the little buds on the top of the strips the flower buds of ginseng?

Lin Luoran first planted the ginseng seeds in autumn, and now it’s already winter. Three months have passed. Does the ginseng in her space need a hundred years to bear fruit?

Though she has bought some cultivated ginseng seeds and planted them in the space, Lin Luoran values these wild seeds the most. She can’t help being happy, thinking that she may be about to harvest some seeds from the wild ginseng.

The fleece flower is blooming, and it won’t take long to bear fruit. Lin Luoran’s original plan is to pull it up but she can’t do this right now.

She can wait a few days, right?

Since she already brings a knife inside, Lin Luoran can’t just go out with nothing. Those ordinary medicines in the space that can meet her need suffer from being cut.

Oh, this angelica is nice. It must be much better than angelica in the store. That’s it!

This tuckahoe is the one Lin Luoran gathers with her dad from the mountain. Back then she didn’t know what it was, but it actually had more Reiki than other plants. Lin Luoran later looks up in the books and learns its name.

However, there are some medicinal plants which are not recorded in current materials. Lin Luoran can see the flowing Reiki in them, which makes her suspect that they are normally used by people in the higher class—like cultivators.

Of course, those are totally her guesses. She will have to explore the truth by herself.

This wolfberry is flourishing and it has almost reached the land of the hyssop. Lin Luoran picks up the fruit of the wolfberry and prepares to use the spare ones to make medicinal liquor for her dad.

The hyssop may be useful, either. Lin Luoran feels sorry to pull it up.

After gathering all the medicines that she needs in the space, Lin Luoran goes to the drug store and buys some dodder. Dodder needs to be soaked in alcohol to grow and she doesn’t have any seed of it in her space.

Lin Luoran now has everything she needs except the fleece flower and she starts the processing in the back yard. There are rules in making traditional Chinese medicine, and medicines made in different methods will have various effects.

For example, Lin Luoran’s prescription is to soak most of the medicines in alcohol and dry them in the sun.

These medicines need different methods and durations while soaking in alcohol. Take hyssop as an example, Lin Luoran has to take all the leaves off and soak the hyssop in alcohol for a day. Then, instead of just drying it in the sun, she shall first steam it with the fleece flower.

The steps are trivial, which makes Lin Luoran frustrated. However, she has to follow them—If one day she obtains an alchemy stove and alchemy fire like what is written in cultivation novels, will she be able to put all the medicines in the stove and simply wait for the fruit?

Since refining medicines in the mortal world can be so complicated, Lin Luoran doubts that the plots in cultivation novels must be fake.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin have seen their daughter busying with pouring alcohol in bottles to soak medicines. On the fifth day, Mr. Lin finally can’t bear his curiosity so he sends Mrs. Lin to asks,

“Luoran, are you making medicinal liquor for your dad to build up his health? Isn’t it too troublesome?”

Lin Luoran is speechless. Turns out her parents think that she is making medicinal liquor. She has to explain to them that she is trying to refine medicines into pills for Wang Miao’e. She makes them understand after a long speech. Of course, she gives some wolfberry fruit to her dad as the material to make medicinal liquor.

It’s not because Lin Luoran is not filial that she doesn’t use the ginseng and fleece flower in the space to build up her parents’ health. Mr. and Mrs. Lin are ordinary people now. Their body contains lots of impurities so that ginseng will do nothing good for them. Lin Luoran has insisted on providing vegetables from the space to them so that they can detox in a slow and stable way.

On the night of the tenth day, which is the 100th day on total, flowers on the fleece flower are withered and it bears a small green fruit.

Lin Luoran holds on for another two days, waiting for the fruit to grow stronger. Then she pours some spring water to the root of the fleece flower and picks up all the fruit. She stores them carefully.

The seeds are from a one-hundred-year-old fleece flower in the space, whose quality will exceed its old self. When she plants the seeds again, she will definitely harvest some medicine with almost the same efficacy as ginseng—Then, fleece flower can deserve its title of one of the “Four Panaceas” in the world!

As for the plant of fleece flower, Lin Luoran takes it out by the root and she even makes its vines into dry tuber fleece flower stem.

As an amateur cultivator, Lin Luoran’s first medicine-refining is about to begin.