Chapter 58 Rushed Trip to Old Home

In fact, the skin and figure of Wang Miao’e have already improved a lot thanks to the vegetables Lin Luoran sends her. The toxin in her body is expelled gradually. Wang Miao’e and her husband only think that the improvements are caused by the fresh and pollution-free vegetables.

However, this bottle of Skin Beauty Bolus is so precious. Lin Luoran has spent over ten days to make it from all the valuable medicines.

“I’m the only girl in my family, and I don’t have any siblings. Luoran, you are like a real sister to me!”

Common interest is only one of the reasons why Lin Luoran and Wang Miao’e become friends. Wang Miao’e is moved that Lin Luoran is willing to step up so much efforts to prepare a gift for her.

Hearing about the process of Lin Luoran making the bolus, Fatty Cui can’t help sighing that Wang Miao’e really gets herself a good sister. He remembers that Mu Tiannan has asked him about Lin Luoran in Ruili. Out of the gratitude to Lin Luoran’s kind gift, Fatty Cui tells her all about Mu Tiannan and reminds her that he is a mysterious martial art expert.

Mu Tiannan can bend a steel bar with his bare hands? Lin Luoran thinks to herself that he certainly can be regarded as an expert on martial art in the mortal world. However, thinking that he is knocked down by her one move, Lin Luoran is pleased.

Some people may naturally dislike each other, like Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan. In this case, she shall never feel guilty about attacking him.

“Mu Tiannan is looking for jade with Reiki?” Lin Luoran is surprised when she hears the word “Reiki” coming out of Fatty Cui’s mouth, though she already suspects that someone has noticed the uniqueness of the jade she refines with Reiki.

“Yeah. Your Brother Cui is only a normal fatty. How can I know about Reiki… I have a feeling that he is on you now. Sister Lin, you are only a weak little girl. You must stay alerted and never confront him.”

Lin Luoran appreciates Fatty Cui’s advice, but she really wants to say that she is everything but weak…

Still, since Mu Tiannan is aware of “Reiki”, will it be possible that some cultivators are backing him up?

On the way back to her old home, Lin Luoran isn’t having the intention to “looking for her relatives”. Even they are both cultivators, there are good ones and bad ones. She knows nothing about him by now and she isn’t going to confront him—Alright, she really wants to exchange experience or learn something from other cultivators, but only on the condition that she is safe.

Lin Luoran arrives at her old home. Aunty Li is cleaning the yard. Seeing Lin Luoran’s car coming in, Aunty Li puts down the broom and welcomes, “Luoran, why do you have time to come back? It’s your day off today?”

“Yeah, aunty. Sorry to trouble you with looking after our house.”

Straightforward as she is, Aunty Li is a little embarrassed by the lots of gifts Lin Luoran brings for her. She keeps saying that Lin Luoran shouldn’t have spent so much money on the gifts.

Aunty Li whispers to Lin Luoran after they go in the house, “Luoran, you have to be careful when you are at home alone. Li Anping is here these days and he keeps hanging around your house. He even asks me about your address in the city… I know he is plotting something awful.”

Li Anping? He still can’t give up… They have broken up for over three months. Lin Luoran feels like a different person and she has long since put him behind her. She can’t even remember clearly what he looks like.

She really doesn’t care about him. The hate of him sneaking into her house is just hilarious now.

Lin Luoran smiles absently, “I only come to pick up a few things. I have nothing to do with Li Anping now. If he dares to do anything bad, I won’t spare him. Aunty, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Aunty Li nods. Hearing that Lin Luoran comes to pick up things, she assumes that they may be something valuable. Aunty Li believes that it is inappropriate for her to stay and help, so she runs home to prepare for lunch after inviting Lin Luoran over.

Lin Luoran fails to turn down Aunty Li’s invitation and agrees to come for lunch since her family always have a good relationship with Aunty Li’s.

Lin Luoran enters the room after seeing Aunty Li off. It’s less than a month since they move away, and the old furniture is covered with dust. Lin Luoran opens a mottled red suitcase in her parents’ room and takes out a book wrapped in cloth.

It is a thread-bound book with a blue cover. The pages are yellowed and scattered with worm-bites. This is the medicine book which has been passed on for generations in Lin’s family.

Lin Luoran smiles. She was worried that the book may be lost. She puts the book into the space instantly. There is no place safer in the world than the one and only space of hers.


While Lin Luoran is searching for the medicine book, Li Anping’s house is noisy. The minute Lin Luoran drives in the village, Eighth Sister Li who always wanders around sees her.

Eighth Sister Li is a well-known big mouth. Naturally, she runs to Li Anping’s house and delivers the message—It’s not that she is warm-hearted. She just loves being a bystander.

Li Anping, who has lost love and job recently, is experiencing the hardship in the world. Just when he is in decadence, he hears that Lin Luoran, who used to be all obedient to him, has returned. Lin Luoran is rich now. Li Anping jumps up and wants to go out to find her!

His skinny mom holds him in the back with her strong arm, “Anping, don’t be mad! That bitch threated to break my legs last time! This kind of evil woman is not qualified to be my daughter-in-law!”

Eighth Sister Li is watching the fun in Li Anping’s house. Hearing Li Anping’s mom’s words, she sneers in her heart, “What a shameless woman! How can she say that she doesn’t want Lin Luoran to be her daughter-in-law! The current situation is that Lin doesn’t want Li Anping!”

Thinking of Lin Luoran’s pretty face behind the car window and looking at Li Anping’s sloppiness, Eighth Sister Li is certain that the two of them don’t match at all.

Li Anping takes his mom’s advice. At lunchtime, he sneaks out and heads to Lin Luoran’s old house. He sees the brand-new BMW parked there and remembers Lin Luoran’s trap on Elly in Ruili and what she did the last time she was here. Li Anping’s confidence suddenly is lost…

While Li Anping is having random thoughts in the dark, he sees Lin Luoran hurries out from Aunty Li’s house and gets on the BMW. She walks right past him and pretends to not know him. Hate makes Li Anping’s face red. He scolds to himself, “Little bitch!” However, Li Anping doesn’t dare to move and he just helplessly sees Lin Luoran drive out of the village.

“One day, one day…” Li Anping whispers. No one knows what he plans to do one day.