Chapter 59 Baojia is in Danger

Lin Luoran almost rushes out of Aunty Li’s house like smoke. She jumps on her car but fails to turn on the ignition because her hands are trembling.

Her whole body is also shaking. Lin Luoran now forgets that she is a cultivator. Her natural sense of helplessness entangles her like seaweed in the deep sea. The more she struggles, the tighter it becomes. She can barely breathe now.

Lin Luoran was having lunch in Aunty Li’s house just now. Aunty Li’s son who studied in junior high school was also home. The four of them were talking and laughing in a harmonious atmosphere, and Lin Luoran was thinking that she may have time to go to the cliff after lunch and get the quartzite accompanying the black epiphyllum. Who could know that she received a call from Baojia half way through lunch.

Baojia sounded extremely tired. Lin Luoran became suspicious and she was going to inquire what Baojia had been doing these days. Then she heard a large noise of fraction caused by emergency braking!

“Bang!” The car seemed to hit something and Baojia’s cellphone was thrown out. The busy tone came, and Baojia’s voice was gone—Baojia must have an accident. It must be… Lin Luoran knew from her instinct. What’s more, before the car was hit, she heard Baojia saying “help me” in a low voice.

Whiling driving, Lin Luoran can feel herself shaking. As an arrogant girl, Baojia has called for Lin Luoran’s help over the phone—It must be more than a car accident. Something more serious which Lin Luoran is not aware of must have happened, and Baojia’s life may be in danger!

Lin Luoran can barely control the steering wheel. Her cellphone rings when she just arrives at the county town. It is Liu Zheng—Lin Luoran’s heart almost skips a beat, and she gets through the phone after pushing the answer key several times.

“Luoran, Baojia has a car accident…”

Car accident. Baojia is in danger. There is haze in Lin Luoran’s eyes. She tries her best to hold the sadness and says in a grave voice—

“Liu Zheng, arrange for me the fastest flight to the capital… I will be grateful to you forever.”

After a few seconds of silence, Liu Zheng finally says yes.

Lin Luoran hangs up. She sniffs to keep back the tears in her eyes. She must stay calm now. Baojia is waiting for her!

Five minutes later, Liu Zheng calls Lin Luoran back.

“Head to the airport. The flight is ready.”

“Thank you.” Lin Luoran steps on the gas. Her BMW weaves through the traffic. Speeding, red light running, she violates every traffic regulations she can. However, Lin Luoran can’t care less about those right now. All she wants is to get to Baojia as soon as she can.

If the relation between her and Wang Miao’e is friendship with mutual help, Lin Luoran and Baojia are like real sisters!

Baojia, you have to wait for me…


Lin Luoran arrives at the airport within an hour.

Liu Zheng himself is waiting for Lin Luoran at the airport.

He is Baojia’s fiancé. If he doesn’t go to the capital now, Lin Luoran even wants to slap him. Thus she is not surprised to see him here.

The two of them don’t have the mood to catch up. They walk directly to the plane Liu Zheng prepares—It is a helicopter.

Before getting on the plane, Lin Luoran calls home. She doesn’t want her parents to worry, so she hides the truth and only tells them that Baojia has an emergency so she has to go to the capital immediately.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Luoran remembers that she still has a “big enemy” called Elly in R City. She is not at home and she can’t predict what she will be facing in the capital. Lin Luoran is afraid that Elly may make trouble, so she says to Liu Zheng with hesitation,

“If something happens to me, can you please look after my parents?”

The helicopter rotor is spinning fast. Wind is aroused around them, breaking Lin Luoran’s voice. Liu Zheng jumps on the helicopter first and offers his hand to Lin Luoran,

“What are you saying? What can happen to you?”

Lin Luoran looks up at him with eyes cold like a frozen lake. Liu Zheng’s appearance is reflected in her peaceful pupils.

“I don’t believe you have no inside information… If something happens to Baojia, I don’t know what I will do. So, can you please look after my parents?”

Lin Luoran’s hair is dancing in the wind, covering half of her face. Still, her calm eyes are so unique. Liu Zheng says yes to Lin Luoran’s request seriously.

Lin Luoran smiles. Her smiling face in the cold winter is so breathtaking that all staff here are stunned.

She doesn’t reach to Liu Zheng’s hand and jumps on the helicopter by herself like a lithe swallow.

With his hand hanging there, Liu Zheng feels a sting in his heart. Lin Luoran won’t even touch his hand. She must blame him—for failing to protect Baojia.

The helicopter takes off. Lin Luoran’s face is awfully cold. For several times, Liu Zheng opens his mouth and tries to say something, but he becomes unspeakable when he senses Lin Luoran’s sudden indifference. He can only look out through the window… Seeing from up here, cloud floating all year round over S Province envelopes the basin which is surrounded by mountains. The mountains are hazed, just like the relationship between him and Lin Luoran.

Sitting on her seat, Lin Luoran has to direct the Reiki inside of her to flow around her body again and again in order to calm herself down.

Thanks to Liu Zheng or Commander Qin, the helicopter lands on the roof of one of the buildings of The General Capital Military Hospital.

Several core personnels including a military officer in uniform gather around. Lin Luoran assumes that they all work for Commander Qin and she drags the officer over regardless of her image and asks, “What happened to Baojia?!”

The military officer salutes to her but feels awkward to answer the question. He leads her to the operating room where a red light is on.

Commander Qin is smoking on the bench outside of the operating room. Seeing that Lin Luoran and Liu Zheng are here, he nods his head—His granddaughter is lying in the operating room, and Baojia is the only child of his daughter who has died before her time. This old man who used to be vigorous now looks ten years older.

Commander Qin refused to violate his principles when she asked him to help with Luodong’s adoption, but he now arranges to let their helicopter land directly on the roof of the hospital… Lin Luoran’s heart becomes colder since she gets off the helicopter, and she can no longer hold the tears back as she sees Commander Qin’s status.

“Grandpa Qin, Baojia… How is Baojia doing?”

Commander Qin has been through a fierce war. Still, staring at the operating room, he can’t hide the sadness in his eyes and his voice sounds so cracked,

“She has been in surgery. Thank you for coming… The doctor says that her condition is not good.”

The military officer who shows them the way here punches on the white wall of the hospital. His eyes are red like a beast’s!

“Commander, I will kill him to avenge Miss. Qin!” He is held back tightly by other soldiers who push him against the wall,

“Calm down! You will harm Miss. Qin and Commander if you do that!”

In surgery. It has been hours since the accident and Baojia is still in surgery. Her condition is bad. Does the doctor give a critical condition notice? What about “thank you for coming”? Does it mean…?

Her worries have been confirmed. Lin Luoran almost falls over. Her strength seems to be completely drawn out at the moment.

She is always an introverted person and most people believe it is difficult to get along with her. She doesn’t have many friends. Except for her parents, the person who treats her best is not her ex-boyfriend Li Anping, but Qin Baojia, who always says that she will protect her and keep her safe—

Baojia, I’m coming for you… I will kill whoever wants to harm you.