Chapter 60 Flower is about to Fade

Soldiers finally manage to pin down the “crazy” officer. The sound of high heels comes from the other end of the hallway.

It is a lady in her forties in a red suit. She walks here elegantly with a bunch of men surrounding her.

Everybody here is grieving because of Baojia’s condition. The lady comes with her bodyguards and her red suit looks inconsistent with their black uniform. Lin Luoran naturally dislikes this woman. The officer who has been pinned down starts to struggle again, looking at the woman with murderous eyes.

The lady seems to detest these rustic soldiers. She tilts her head and says, “Commander Qin.”

Commander Qin looks up. His pupils constrict. He answers in a cold voice, “Mrs. Zou, what’s done is done, and there is no use in discussing it. We shall just follow the procedures.”

Mrs. Zou frowns. Then she takes out a handkerchief and pretends to wipe away tears on her face. She says, “Commander Qin, you know better than anyone about the situation in my family. My son is overbearing, but he loves Baojia. Even he knows that she is engaged, he will never try to hurt her… This is just a misunderstanding.”

Before Commander Qin says anything, the military officer swears, “Misunderstanding? A misunderstanding can put Miss. Qin’s life on the line?! Others may fear your powerful family, I don’t! I, Lu Sanchun, don’t care about my cheap life! Your son Zou Yaowei deliberately hits Miss. Qin’s car because he can’t force her into a marriage…”

Tears are still hanging on the corner of Lin Luoran’s eyes. Hearing Lu Sanchun’s words, she suddenly raises her head—Deliberately hit? The son of the lady called Zou Yaowei wants to kill Baojia in the car crash?

Mincing Mrs. Zou starts to get anxious since Commander Qin doesn’t disapprove his man’s words, “Commander Qin, I only come here in regard of our generations of friendship. Yaowei is a good boy. He will never deliberately hit Baojia’s car. Commander Qin, don’t be fooled by the outsiders… No matter what, he is the only son of the Zou family. My father in law would be so sad if he knew this.”

Mrs. Zou starts to cry.

Lin Luoran notices that when the lady says “father in law”, Commander Qin’s anger changes into hesitation.

Will Mrs. Zou’s father in law, a dead man, become the key figure to affect Commander Qin’s attitude to this accident? No. Mrs. Zou’s feeble argument indicates that this is definitely an attempted murder!

Lin Luoran’s eyes become colder. Seems that Mrs. Zou is acting so aggressively because the Zou family is powerful and senior Mr. Zou who is deceased still has an influence on Commander Qin. Things like this have happened and she doesn’t apologize first. Instead, she shows up in the hospital and makes a scene wearing a red suit with a bunch of bodyguards…

Lin Luoran looks to Liu Zheng, who has been silent since the beginning. His fiancé is in the operating room, and he chooses to stay silent in front of the mother of his enemy.

Is this because that the elders are here, or the Zou family is so powerful that even Liu Zheng has to lay low?

Lin Luoran doesn’t know, and she doesn’t want to know.

All she knows is that Baojia hasn’t come out of the operating room. The doctors are trying to save her life, and she will not let anyone disturb the intensely quiet environment! Never!

“Mrs. Zou, please go if you don’t have anything else to say… As for your son, he will be ok if he doesn’t do this. If he does, he won’t get away with it.”

Lin Luoran unconsciously uses some Reiki in saying “won’t get away with it”. Her words echo in the long hallway, making her voice inviolable!

Mrs. Zou is frightened by this beautiful woman who has a clear and elegant temperament. Mrs. Zou is not sure about the origin of Lin Luoran and she knows that there are many people she shall not mess with in the capital, so she ignores Lin Luoran’s words and starts to cry against Commander Qin.

“Commander Qin, you’ve known Yaowei since he was a little boy… He is not this kind of person…”

Lin Luoran notices that Commander Qin is frowning. She is also irrigated by Mrs. Zou’s sharp voice and she is trying her best to hold her anger back.

“Bang—” The door of the operating room is opened. A nurse leans her head out and shouts, “Hold your noise! Don’t you know you shall keep quiet in here?!”

Lin Luoran casts a glance and Mrs. Zou shuts up.

The nurse fiercely closes the door. Nobody has the chance to ask the question in their hearts.

Time passes in the quiet hallway in the hospital. The light in the operating room flashes and a doctor in white coat walks out. In front of everybody’s expecting eyes, the doctor takes off the surgical mask and says to Baojia’s grandpa apologetically,

“Commander Qin, we have done our best. Your granddaughter has massive intrathoracic bleeding, encephalic trauma and multiple fractures. I’m afraid she may not live through the night… Family members shall go in and say your goodbyes.”

Commander Qin almost falls over and his men hurry to hold him.

Covering her mouth with one hand, Mrs. Zou is scared. How should she clear her son from a charge if Qin Baojia is dead?

Hearing the words “say your goodbyes”, Lin Luoran falls down by the door. Liu Zheng wants to help her up, but he remembers the scene when he and Baojia played together in Beihai Park when they were kids. Back then, Baojia was only a stingy little girl who would call him “Brother Liu Zheng” sweetly instead of the arrogant woman who calls him “Master Liu”…

Baojia is his fiancé, but he always considers her as a little sister and he has feelings for another woman. Liu Zheng is strengthless. Tears start running down behind the gold-rimmed glasses.

Lu Sanchun comes at Mrs. Zou out of a sudden and asks for an explanation, but he is dragged away by Mrs. Zou’s strong bodyguards.

Hearing the noise, Lin Luoran comes to herself. She looks to the door of the operating room and thinks of the fact that these people won’t even give peace to Baojia in her last minutes… Baojia, how can you die on me? I’m coming to save you! I’m going to save you!

“Get out! All of you, get out!! If Baojia is gone, I’ll bury your son with her!”

Lin Luoran jumps up. She instantly grasps one of the bodyguards and throws him to the wall. The other bodyguards let Lu Sanchun go and come for her, and they are kicked away by her crazy moves.

Mrs. Zou is entranced with fear by Lin Luoran. She runs out of the hallway while screaming “don’t kill me”. Seeing that their boss is away, the bodyguards get up and follow her out.

Everybody is shocked by Lin Luoran’s outbreak. Lin Luoran doesn’t calm down after chasing Mrs. Zou away. Instead, she grips Commander Qin’s sleeves.

Looking at Lin Luoran who is bathed in tears, Commander Qin thinks of how the girl in front of him has been keeping his granddaughter company all these years, and his heart starts to ache,

“Luoran, go and see Baojia for the last time… She always sees you as her sister. She will be happy to hear your goodbyes.”