Chapter 61 I can Save Her!

“I can save her… Grandpa Qin, I can save Baojia. Let me try. Please just let me try.”

Lin Luoran wipes away her tears and breathtaking words come out of her mouth.

Lu Sanchun’s eyes are lighted with hope, and Liu Zheng stands straight against the wall. Everyone is looking at Lin Luoran with expectation, like she is the last straw of people who are drowning.

Commander Qin only thinks that Lin Luoran is so sad that she is talking nonsenses. He pats on her hands and nods, “Good girl, Baojia will know your nice intentions. Let’s go and see her.”

The attending doctor stares at Lin Luoran. He assumes that this woman is just bewildered. What does she mean by saying she can save the patient? If she has the ability, why do all the doctors work so hard to do the surgery?

Lin Luoran is anxious. She doesn’t know how to prove her capability to the people. Commander Qin clearly doesn’t believe her. What shall she do… How can she save Baojia?

All that left in Lin Luoran’s mind is to save Baojia, and she has no time to try to hide her power. Lin Luoran guesses that as a member of the privileged class, Commander Qin may have heard of information that normal people don’t—for example, cultivators.

“Grandpa Qin, I can save Baojia. Please trust me! I am from the Taoist School!”

The Taoist School!

Commander Qin suddenly wakes up from the dullness. Is Lin Luoran really a member of the few people in China who master the mysterious power? Does this mean that Baojia, the only family member of him, still can be saved?

But Lin Luoran is so young. Even she actually comes from the Taoist School, will she be capable enough to save a life?

Commander Qin’s mood swings, but he nods to Lin Luoran without himself noticing.

Lin Luoran is delighted. She feels like endless power is overflowing in her body. Regardless of manner, she pushes away the attending doctor who is blocking the door and rushes into the operating room.

Screams of nurses and doctors come from the room. Seconds later, they all come out. Lin Luoran kicks everyone out of the operating room and shuts the door.

The doctors all gab around Commander Qin, who then raises his hand to stop them,

“Guys, you have announced that my granddaughter is unsalvageable. In that case, I shall just let her try… Even she fails, the fault will not be on you. Thank you all for helping the Qin family.”

Commander Qin’s words are persuasive. Hearing that the fault won’t be on them, the doctors stop talking and just wait quietly in the hallway— Can the beautiful young woman actually save the unsalvageable girl in the operating room all by herself?

Lu Sanchun is hesitating. He wants to ask Commander Qin about the “Taoist School” and why does he agree to let Miss. Lin save Baojia after hearing the words, but he dares not to disturb Commander Qin from his thoughts.

Commander Qin turns around out of a sudden and says seriously, “No matter what the consequence is today, I don’t want anything about this to leak!”

All the soldiers including Lu Sanchun salute and answer,

“Yes, sir!”

The doctors shrug and promise to say nothing.

Commander Qin looks to Liu Zheng. Liu Zheng smiles bitterly, “I promise I won’t let anyone else in my family know about this.”

Commander Qin stops talking and stares at the closed door of the operating room. His eyes are hazy. His thoughts go back to half a century ago when the war was on.

The Taoist School… Back then, he was only a soldier in rags.


Lin Luoran now has no time to care about other people’s thoughts, and she has no interest in asking Commander Qin about his memory on the “Taoist School”.

She stumbles into the operating room. Lin Luoran ignores the scolding of doctors and nurses and she sees Baojia on the operating table.

Baojia’s silky hair are all gone. Her head is wrapped with bandages which are stained with blood. Seems that Baojia has just gone through a craniotomy.

“Out! Everybody out!” Regardless of manner, Lin Luoran expels the doctors and nurses out of the operating room. She shuts the door and returns to Baojia’s side.

The fluctuations on her ECG are getting weaker. Baojia’s pale face is scattered with blood, making her look extremely gaunt.

In Lin Luoran’s eyes, the gray smoke wandering in the world seems to know that the girl on the operating table is about to die, and it comes flowing around her and even goes in and out of her body.

Lin Luoran puts her right hand on Baojia with concern. The gray smoke instantly escapes from Baojia’s body when it encounters the gleam of the bead.

Baojia’s face appears to be brightened up a bit although it is stained with blood.

Does this mean that the turbid air can influence the life and death of human? The idea flushes in Lin Luoran’s mind. She doesn’t have much time to ponder since this is the matter of life and death of her best friend.

She has said so firmly in front of Commander Qin only in order to fight for a chance to save Baojia’s life. And she just bursts into the operating room with faith in her heart.

Her original panic is now gone. Lin Luoran returns to her calm self in this crucial moment.

Calm down. She has to calm down and she must not throw herself into confusion… Lin Luoran reaches out her right hand to Baojia’s face, which is becoming colder every second. Baojia’s life is passing. How can she be saved?

Ginseng? Or the spring water?

No. It’s no right. Ginseng is a restorative medicine, but Baojia now suffers from internal injuries and massive hemorrhage.

Stop the bleeding! Protect Baojia’s brain!

Thinking about this, Lin Luoran puts her left hand on Baojia’s chest and her right hand on Baojia’s forehead. She guides the Reiki inside of her to probe slowly into Baojia’s body.

Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind sees Baojia’s body as raw jade stone. Her inner vision can see inside her own body, so there is no reason that she can’t see through Baojia’s. Just calm down and focus…

The beeping of the ECG Machine can no longer distract Lin Luoran. With her hands laying on Baojia, Lin Luoran goes into the state of inner vision once again in this bloody operating room.

At first, she can only see inside herself. Then, Lin Luoran tries to focus on Baojia. In the first place, she just notices that Baojia’s vital energy and blood is insufficient. If people in real life have an HP bar like characters in video games, Baojia’s bar is almost empty without doubt.

Lin Luoran directs Reiki to fill her eyes. With Reiki flowing in her cleared eyes and her spiritual mind, Baojia’s body gradually becomes transparent…

No. It’s not that Baojia’s body becomes transparent. In fact, Lin Luoran finally manages to see inside of Baojia’s body!