Chapter 62 I Have to Save You

In Lin Luoran’s eyes, five different colors can absolutely stand for the five internal organs of human. Injuries on any one of the organs are fatal for normal people.

Baojia’s internal organs are seriously injured. If the wounds are only on her spleen, the doctor can simply remove it. But Baojia is hurt in all the five organs.

How could a normal car accident do that to people… What really happened before Baojia said “help me”? Lin Luoran holds back the hate in her heart and directs Reiki to nourish Baojia’s injured organs. Then she probes Baojia’s head.

The doctors should have cleaned up her intracranial blood clots. Why there are still lots of clots? Did the doctors only open up her skull without doing any surgery?

It shouldn’t be that. The doctors have been doing surgeries on Baojia for so long. No way haven’t they got to the clean up of blood clots.

Bearing this doubt, Lin Luoran keeps examining Baojia’s body. She discovers that some capillaries in Baojia’s brain are oozing blood— this is abnormal. Human body can absolutely deal with this amount of bleeding. Why can’t Baojia? Is this caused by what Zou Yaowei has done? What exactly has he done?

Hope Reiki is useful… No, it has to be useful!

Lin Luoran draws a stream of Reiki and directs it into Baojia’s head in order to heal those bleeding capillaries… I will stop all the bleeding with Reiki even the blood vessels are wounded!

Reiki origins from molecules in the world which are smaller than cells. Cultivators will meditate to absorb Reiki from thin air in order to draw out the impurities in their bodies. Through continuous refinements, cultivators can transform Reiki into Wakan and even Meta which is in the higher level.

Baojia’s injured organs are nourished by the Reiki Lin Luoran gives to her. Dead cells are resolved and new cells are dividing and differentiating… Due to her anxiety, Lin Luoran believes the process is not quick enough. Actually, if she let the doctors waiting outside come in and have a look under the microscope, they will shout with surprise that this is a miracle!

Lin Luoran is multitasking. She is using one hand to repair Baojia’s brain and the other to heal the organs. However, she has just stepped in the rudimental phase of inducing Reiki into her body. Her elixir fields are not opened and her Sea of Reiki is not formed. Lin Luoran can’t replenish Reiki by herself and she relies on the bead to convey Reiki… Compared with the amount of Reiki Lin Luoran is consuming, the bead is working too slowly and too ineffectively!

It has been just over ten minutes since Lin Luoran starts to heal Baojia, but she is sweating badly. Temperature in the operating room is moderate, and the sweating is the instinctive reaction of her body due to the lack of Reiki.

The bead is working…so slowly.

What, what should I do… There is barely any Reiki left in Lin Luoran’s meridians and she can no longer conduct such a consuming treatment. The Reiki conveyed by the bead is pure, but they are just like drops in the bucket since Baojia is too seriously injured.

The wounded organs are being healed rapidly with the nourishment of Reiki. Baojia’s body is experiencing fast metabolism. Lifeful new cells keep dividing and killing damaged ones… Within less than 20 minutes, Baojia’s body is covered with smelly sweat.

If other cultivators are here, they will beat their breast because of envy. Lin Luoran is clearly using the Reiki she works hard to refine to change the physique of Qin Baojia— This is not exactly bone marrow cleansing or meridian clearing, but this can definitely be considered as the force-passing in the Martial School.

Masters in the Martial School will use a special skill to pass their force to their kin seniors.

The way of nature is ruthless. Most cultivators will abandon the mortal world in pursuit of the way of nature. They may kill their companions for an elixir, and they will never expend any of their refined Reiki on a mortal.

Lin Luoran is shaking. Her hands on Baojia’s body begin to have cramps, and her consciousness is clouding…

The story happened in a city of mist and rain.

A 17-year-old high school girl just finished her night classes. She was carrying a pile of books and had to ride a bike home which was 10 miles away. It was not that she didn’t want to live in the school. Her family was too poor to support her with that. The girl was thoughtful. She chose to be a non-resident student in order to save her parents from more labor.

Though she was only 17, her face and body already started to look like a woman. Under the loose school uniform, the curves of her body were even enchanting.

She had walked through the alley several times. It was dark, but it was the shortcut to her home. She bit her lips, trying to encourage herself.

Neon in the small city were not as bright as those in metropolis, but the girl was happy to see the subtle light by the end of the alley. She gave a hard push to the bike and nearly rushed out of the dark alley.

The bike was stopped. The girl looked by the light and saw a pair of hands grabbing her backseat— she screamed, but another pair of hands covered her mouth.

Three punks dragged the girl deeper inside of the alley.

She was only 17 years old. The girl panicked and didn’t know what to do.

These filthy hands were touching her over the clothes…

The girl tried so hard to hold back tears in her eyes. Still, she felt helpless.

What could I do…

The humming of a motorbike came nearer. Was someone coming to such a desolate alley? The girl gradually calmed down. This was one and the only hope for her— All of a sudden, she used all her strength to bit that sweaty hand covering her mouth. The man let her go out of the pain.

“Help… Help me!” The girl thought she was calling in a loud voice. In fact, she had lost most of her strength from the scare and her voice sounded like the whining of a stray cat.

The three punks were alarmed in the first place. Then they heard the motorbike drive pass the alley and burst into wretched laughs.

“Do you think someone will come and save you? Haha… Stop having day dreams!”

Day dream. Was her really day dreaming? Desperation rushed up in her heart. However, she didn’t want to give up just yet. She kicked and screamed, yet couldn’t get away from these men.

“Chi—” Her shirt was torn. Her smooth skin was exposed to the damp air of the small city. When a repulsive hand crawled on her neck, the girl finally couldn’t bear the shame and cried.

A foul smell came closer to her. One of the ugly men kissed the girl on the cheek with his yellow teeth—

The brake of the motorbike squealed. Its headlights were bright as fire which immediately lighted the dirty alley up!

The girl opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe that a motorbike was in front of her. Was it the one just passed by?

“I hate punks like you…” The rider said. It was a girl’s voice. The three punks looked at each other and laughed.

“I was just worrying that one girl was not enough for us three. Brothers, this will be a good night. Ha ha.”

The three men went to the rider. The girl’s heart sank. Her hope transformed into regret. She might have harmed another girl. If she didn’t call for help…

However, the next second, things in her imagination didn’t happen. The rider in leather jacket and leather pants threw her backpack out with a single hand and hit a man. She then got off her bike and kicked another guy in the face!

While the last punk was still surprised, the rider took off her helmet and hit his head hard!

The girl watched the rider’s move without blinking but she couldn’t see clearly. The rider stamped her feet and said, “Come on!” She dragged the girl up and they got on the motorbike.

The three punks’ pain went away and they tried to encircle the girls. However, the rider had already started her motorbike and drove out of the alley. The punks were swearing, but they didn’t dare to go after the girls on the big road so they had to return to the dark.

The motorbike didn’t stop until it arrived at a busy square. Looking at the crowd, the girl knew she had survived and started to cry.

The rider who just beat three punks was rattled by the girl’s tears. She rushed into a snack bar by the road.

“Hey, here you are!” Against the light, the girl looked up and saw that the rider was offering her a cup of hot soybean milk.

“You are…the new girl in Class Three, Qin Baojia?!” The girl suddenly recognized her savior. She forgot to cry and said, pointing to the rider.

Then Qin Baojia noticed the school uniform the girl was wearing. The two of them did go to the same school. Qin Baojia shoved the cup in the hands of the girl whose face was still covered by tears, “It’s the best that you know me. Stop crying. My head aches when I hear people cry. Drink the soybean milk…”

The girl was frightened and surprised. A cup of hot soybean milk was attractive in this cold early spring night. Besides, the person who saved her was standing right there and they were schoolmate. The girl was relaxed and unconsciously started drinking.

“You… How did you have the courage to come back and save me?” With soybean milk in her mouth, the girl whispered.

“Ah… It’s not that I want to save you. I just hate scumbags who do that to a girl!”

Qin Baojia made a move of cutting throat and said seriously, “Anyway, can you call for help in a louder voice if something like this happens to you again? Your voice was like a cat. Who else would come and save you if I didn’t just pass by!”

Although Qin Baojia didn’t admit that she deliberately headed back to save the girl and her attitude was tough, the girl believed that Qin Baojia was warm like the soybean milk in her hand no matter how bad her reputation was…

“Lin Luoran, my name is Lin Luoran… From now on, you are my best friend. I will come and save you too if you are in danger.”

Lin Luoran looked up and promised. Qin Baojia laughed, “Just drink your soybean milk! You look like a punchbag. Who do you want to save!”

Lin Luoran lowered her head, but she couldn’t help biting the straw— If Baojia didn’t save her in the alley, she might kill herself after being insulted.

I mean it. I owe you my life. I swear I will save you when you’re in danger!

The fatigue caused by the overuse of Reiki comes, and Lin Luoran’s conscious returns. The promise she made ten years ago is the backbone that supporting her till now!

Lin Luoran is bearing more than one life on her shoulder. She still owes Baojia. She can’t fall down now!

Lin Luoran grits her teeth and draws out the last stream of Reiki inside of her which is used to nourish her meridians… She can no longer hold on to herself and falls down by the operating table.

The second before she becomes out of consciousness, desperate surges in Lin Luoran’s heart. Has she, failed to save Baojia…

Sorrow pervades. Before she faints, Lin Luoran doesn’t notice that her bead, which keeps conveying Reiki to her, slightly moves a bit.