Chapter 63 Unusual Change

The bead’s glow becomes brighter and hotter. Gradually, it changes into a piping hot little sun, hanging on Lin Luoran’s wrist.

“Foolish kid…” A sigh comes from the ethereal mountain of immortals at the end of the earth. The voice sounds old and desolate. It disappears within a blink of an eye, but still bears the temperament of reincarnation.

Lin Luoran is passed out. She certainly doesn’t hear the voice. In fact, even she is awake, the huge gap between their levels destines that she will not detect it.

After the sigh disappears, the bead rises, pulling Lin Luoran’s arm up along with it. Then, her whole body is up.

Lin Luoran’s eyes are still closed, but her hands start to move.

Fingertips of her right hand slightly move and draw a mysterious line which makes up an abstruse pattern. The pattern hangs in the sky with gold gleams.

Actually, earth is no longer a good place for cultivation. Gray smoke has occupied most places, and Reiki becomes fiery in this environment and it is inappropriate for cultivators to absorb.

The moment Lin Luoran finishes drawing the gold pattern, it begins to absorb the restless Reiki in the air… Like a naughty boy meets his mom, the agitated Reiki molecules gradually calm down and gather around.

Reiki are accumulating, as if the molecules are spreading the news. 15 minutes later, the gold pattern is surrounded by peaceful Reiki.

Lin Luoran’s fingers seem to be moving randomly since she is passed out. However, in her deeper consciousness, there seems to be a man in robe standing back to her and he is drawing an unidentified pattern in the air… Lin Luoran unconsciously wants to imitate his moves.

Reiki are gathering around Baojia’s operating table. They shield the gray smoke and clean the air around the hospital. At once, everyone in the hospital feels that they can breathe more easily. Air quality appears to be much better!

Outside of the operating room, Commander Qin, who has been waiting for a long time in despair, notices the change in the air. His eyes are lighted with joy— this feeling is so familiar. Is she performing Taoist magic arts?

Soldiers are in fact the most sensible ones to environmental change. Lu Sanchun’s eyes are wide open. He doesn’t know about the concept of the “Taoist School” and can’t figure out what is going on inside the room. Still, his instinct tells him that some magical changes must be happening in the operating room.

Will Miss. Qin be saved… Lu Sanchun’s heart is suspended.

In the meantime, a common black Audi happens to drive pass the hospital. As it suddenly goes into such a clean environment, an old man in the back seat who has been coughing is shocked.

“Stop! Stop the car!”

The driver is also in his fifties. He can’t remember when the last time is that the old man talks in such an urgent tone. He immediately jams on the brake.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” The old man’s health condition has been getting worse. The driver worries that his boss may feel uncomfortable again.

Seeing that the old man’s car is stopped, many men in black suit get off from cars in the front and back and surround the Audi. A guard who seems to be the leader looks around watchfully and asks the drive in a low voice, “Is there anything wrong?”

The driver shakes his head and points at the old man in the back seat who is feeling something with his eyes closed.

The old man holds back the huge shock in his mind and opens his eyes.

“You guys can stand down. Park the car by the road and try to make it closer to the hospital.”

The leader of the guards goes away. The driver starts the car and parks it at the roadside. He has worked for the old man for the longest time, and he can’t help asking, “Boss…”

The old man coughs, “Don’t worry. There is a master performing Taoist magic arts in the hospital. The pure Reiki around here is good for my health.”

The driver actually knows a lot about this kind of stuff. Thinking about the old man’s sickness for years and hearing there is a master performing Taoist magic arts, he wants to say something but stops on second thought.

The old man knows very well about his driver. He waves his hands and says, “I assume that only a master of the Taoist School will have the ability to direct Reiki in such a large area without being backfired. The master is doing this in a hospital, which means that he must be trying to save a life… I am blessed to have the opportunity to absorb the Reiki which my ancestor directs, so I won’t go and disturb him. You can hold back your idea!”

The old man finishes talking and closes his eyes. He actually goes into tranquility at the roadside!

The driver hesitates for a while and sighs. He then returns to the car and guards the old man in silence.

In the operating room, the gold gleams on Lin Luoran’s fingertips are fading. As for the pattern in the sky, it may have absorbed enough Reiki, or Lin Luoran’s body is not strong enough to support such a powerful pattern, the gold gleam around the pattern is getting brighter and almost going to dissipate!

Lin Luoran’s eyes are tightly closed but she frowns a bit. Since the gold pattern is about to dissipate, she has no choice but to push the pure power into Baojia’s body even she is still unreconciled!

As the gold pattern merges into Baojia’s body, Reiki which have been gathering to the operating room lost their target. They become chaotic again and retreat quicker than they come. Fortunately, gray smoke can’t return into the hospital for the moment because huge amounts of Reiki have just been here. What’s more, the bead is still in the operating room.

Outside of the hospital, the old man in the back seat of the black Audi slowly opens his eyes and goes out of tranquility. He hesitates for a while and decides not to disturb the master who just finishes performing Taoist magic arts in the hospital. He asks the driver to start the car and they disappear in the busy traffic of the capital.

However, Lin Luoran, who has been mistaken for a master, knows nothing about what has happened. After the gold pattern merges into Baojia, Lin Luoran falls down heavily beside the operating table like a puppet.

The operating room is in dead silence. Obviously, the gold pattern is more than one level higher than Lin Luoran. When it starts to dissipate, the magic arts is mostly failed. However, the little bit of power left which is pushed into Baojia’s body is rapidly nourishing Baojia’s injured internal organs. Besides, it helps Lin Luoran finish the last step of—completely changing Baojia’s physique!

Commander Qin hears the sound of someone falling. He assumes that something is wrong and pushes the door open a little bit after hesitating for a while.

Lin Luoran is passed out on the floor and Baojia is still lying on the operating table— The Taoist magic arts, don’t work out?

“Doctor, come in!”

Lu Sanchun is the first to rush in, then Liu Zheng and a bunch of doctors and nurses.

“Doctor… The patient’s, ECG…” A nurse with sharp eyes notices the changes in the ECG and stammers in surprise.

The attending doctor looks at the ECG and shouts in astonishment, “Quick! Check on the patient’s state! Her ECG is stable now. We must immediately start to rescue!”

“Breathing is normal!”

“Heartbeat is normal!”

“Pupils are sensitive to light!”

Except for the attending doctor, everybody here hears the data— Baojia’s condition is stabilized. Has the beautiful woman passed out on the floor really created a miracle?

Hearing that Baojia is no longer in danger, Liu Zheng looks at Lin Luoran, who is moved onto a stretcher by the nurses, and finally feels relieved.