Chapter 64 Dreamland

On lofty mountains with eminent peaks, tall broad-leaved ancient trees cast a mass of shade. Between the sky and the earth, pure and energetic Reiki are flowing.

Mist circles around the cliffs. The planet is mostly covered by ocean. Miasma is rising. There are numerous birds and beasts as well as strange flowers and magic plants.

Tigers with wings, giant snakes, golden hawks whose wings can shade trees, and big toxic toads with bulging back… The clear and fresh mountains live together with toxic and miasmatic swamps. This is the time when intelligent animals first appear on earth.

There is no human on the planet yet. Until one day, a figure in wide-sleeved robe shows up on the cliff. The figure stands alone on the peak. Long hair is fluttering, but no one can tell whether this is a man or a woman.

In front of the figure, tigers lower their head, hawks land on the ground and giant snakes come to worship. All the toxic insects flee away and hide.

The person in robe turns a blind eye to the ambience. Right hand raised, fingertips move and draw the same pattern which Lin Luoran has drawn unconsciously!

On the beautiful wrist, a bead is glowing. It seems to be emitting more light than the sun in the sky!

Gold gleams gather in the hand of the person in robe and become brighter. The hand, the bead, and the gleaming gold pattern are the only things left in the world— the magnificent world is almost overshadowed by the splendid magic arts!

Lin Luoran feels that she is standing behind a barrier, like a passer-by. She just nervously watches the person in robe performing Taoist magic arts.

Her instinct tells her that the gold gleam in the hand of the person in robe seems to have the ability to destroy or disorder the world! Standing on the other side of the barrier, Lin Luoran unintentionally wants to imitate that person’s action. However, the second she moves her fingers, the person in robe appears to notice her presence. The person looks back to Lin Luoran across thousands of years of time—

Lin Luoran’s head aches. She feels like being thrown out of a world in a second and opens her eyes!

White walls and white sheets… Is she herself lying on the hospital bed?

The nurse who is changing Lin Luoran’s IV notices that her eyes are open. The nurse says in surprise, “Miss. Lin, you are awake?”

Lin Luoran nods. She first does a simple check on her body and finds that thanks to the bead, her meridians are filled with Reiki once again. Lin Luoran breathes out after knowing that she is alright, “How long have I been in a coma?”

Her voice is cracked because she hasn’t spoken for a long time. She sounds unlike her usual clear self.

The nurse swiftly changes the IV and says softly, “Miss. Lin, you have been in a coma for five days.”

Five days? How is Baojia doing… Lin Luoran doesn’t know about Baojia’s situation and she is somehow scared to ask.

She is afraid that the nurse may give her bad news. While she hesitates, the door of her ward is open and the soldier called Lu Sanchun comes in with a basket of flowers. Seeing that Lin Luoran is awake, he grins.

Then, like something occurs to him, Lu Sanchun salutes to Lin Luoran.

“Miss. Lin, so great that you’re awake!”

Lin Luoran doesn’t notice that Lu Sanchun is using the complimentary close. She says with hesitation, “How is…Baojia doing?”

Speaking of this, Lu Sanchun salutes again and answers, “Thanks to you, Miss. Lin, Miss. Qin is out of danger five days ago. Commander Qin will be so glad that you’re awake!”

Lin Luoran is finally relieved. So, the scene in her memory which is like a “dream” may be real?

In her dream, her eyes were tightly closed and her hair was fluttering when there was no wind. She drew a mysterious pattern in the sky and pushed the gold gleam into Baojia’s body… It must be the gold gleam that saved Baojia!

“Can I go and check on Baojia?” Lin Luoran has been in a coma for five days. Except that her throat is dry, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable anywhere else. That day, she passed out not only because she drained the Reiki inside of her, but also she used up her energy.

Before Lu Sanchun says anything, the nurse is vexed, “Miss. Lin, you just wake up. You should wait for the doctors to check on your condition before going to see Miss. Qin.”

Lin Luoran smiles, “Doesn’t matter. I’m aware of my condition. Could you please buy a bowl of porridge for me and deliver it to Miss. Qin’s ward?”

People who can stay in the intensive care unit in the General Capital Military Hospital are not only rich but also powerful. The nurse has fulfilled her duty. Since Lin Luoran insists, she has to notice the doctor and go to buy a bowl of porridge.

“Ok, there are no outsiders here now. Can you tell me the actual situation?” Lin Luoran is sensitive. She has noticed that Lu Sanchun just says some unreal words. Therefore, she sends the nurse away and asks the question when they are alone so that she will not panic before seeing Baojia.

Lu Sanchun is inarticulate. He has no idea how to make things clear so he just tells Lin Luoran everything he knows.

Lin Luoran frowns and smiles while listening to his words.

“You mean, according to the doctors, Baojia is a healthy person now… But she is in a coma and nothing can wake her up?”

Lu Sanchun nods and looks to Lin Luoran who is lying on the bed with respect. Frankly, as a Chinese soldier from the mountains, Lu Sanchun has seen blood when he carries out secret tasks. Still, he can’t figure out what is the “Taoist School” Lin Luoran has mentioned before. That day, doctors rushed into the operating room and found that Miss. Qin’s internal injuries were cured and the wounds on her body were healing… Was that a miracle?

Lin Luoran thinks for a while and has no solution. She gets out of bed. Lin Luoran is wearing the loose hospital gown but her clean clothes are hanging in the closet. She runs to the bathroom and gets changed. Lin Luoran moves her hands and feet and feels strong, which is nothing like a person who hasn’t eaten anything for five days. She turns around and says to Lu Sanchun,

“Let’s go. Please lead me to Baojia.”

Lu Sanchun is a soldier. He respects Lin Luoran very much but he doesn’t act shyly in front of her. He leads Lin Luoran out of her ward and heads to where Baojia is staying.

Lu Sanchun is wearing army boots. He unintentionally lighters his steps on the long clean hallway. Behind him, Lin Luoran makes absolutely no sound while walking.

Nothing can wake Baojia up?

After secretly “seeing” the mysterious pattern the person in robe draws, Lin Luoran believes that the gold gleam is powerful. Although it has started to dissipate before she pushes it into Baojia, it won’t make Baojia trapped in the vegetative state, right?