Chapter 65 A Blessing in Disguise?

Compared with Lin Luoran’s ward, the ward Baojia stays is no doubt popular.

Doctors are doing routine examinations. Commander Qin is whispering to Liu Zheng on the couch. Nurses are assisting the doctors. Soldiers on guard are standing at the door.

It’s not that Commander Qin just casts Lin Luoran aside when she has served her purpose. Truth is, after Lin Luoran rescues Baojia from the jaws of death, Commander Qin demands everybody on the scene to keep the secret. However, he can’t prevent them from having thoughts— They all consider Lin Luoran as an insular master. Who dares to disturb her?

“Grandpa Qin.” Standing at the door, Lin Luoran greets. Commander Qin looks up. Seeing that Lin Luoran is here, smile crawls on his face.

“Lin… Girl, you’re awake. Come here and sit.”

Commander Qin struggles in calling her “girl” because he doesn’t know for now what attitude he should take in front of the young master from the “Taoist School”.

Lin Luoran is aware of this, but she says nothing. If she insists to make a point, she may lose the affinity with him. It’s better to just let this go. Grandpa Qin will get used to this, so will everybody else.

“I’m here to see Baojia. Officer Lu says that she hasn’t woken up yet.”

Commander Qin is not so worried about this. There are various magic arts in the Taoist School. Since they can save Baojia from the jaw of death, no way they will let her sleep forever like this— Take a step back, if Baojia really ends up in the vegetative state, she always has the chance to wake up, which is better than death. Commander Qin is actually positive on this.

Now that Lin Luoran has asked, Commander Qin nods. He really wants her to take another look at Baojia right now if he isn’t too worried about Lin’s health condition.

“Can I have another look at her?” A bunch of doctors and nurses are around Baojia. Lin Luoran can barely see her from the distance, so she asks for Commander Qin’s opinion.

Since Lin Luoran come in, doctors and nurses have remained in silence in the hope of seeing her perform another “magic”. Medically, their desire for knowledge is no less than Lin Luoran’s thirst for Reiki.

Obviously, Commander Qin will not give them the chance to watch. He politely asks everyone out and sends Lu Sanchun to guard the door. Only Liu Zheng is permitted to stay in the room.

She hasn’t seen him for days. Liu Zheng looks thinner. Lin Luoran catches sight of his boney fingers on the cup.

Lin Luoran has a feeling that she has gone over a light year away from Liu Zheng and she can’t figure out why. Maybe it is because of Baojia’s incident, or the fact that Liu Zheng chose to stay quiet on that day when Mrs. Zou came to make a fuss.

After the doctors and nurses are gone, Lin Luoran comes to Baojia’s bed and starts to take a closer look at her.

Unlike her condition on the operating table that day, Baojia now breathes smoothly. The blood stains on her are cleaned and her hair has grown two inches, which is quite amazing in five days.

Scars left by craniotomy have been healed at a surprising speed. It’s not hard to imagine that the scars may disappear within a few days.

Lin Luoran tries to direct Reiki in order to probe inside Baojia’s body. Baojia is experiencing fast metabolism. Her injured organs are in perfect condition and her vital energy and blood are even stronger than normal people. Why is she still in the coma?

Lin Luoran has a feeling that she may have left something out.

Now that Baojia’s internal organs are ok, Lin Luoran turns her eyes to Baojia’s meridians. She actually finds something amazing with a careless glance— There are streams of Reiki flowing inside Baojia’s meridians!

Mortals don’t meditate or practice breathing methods. Even if Reiki or material with spirit happens to go into their bodies, they will only work for the moment. Afterwards, Reiki will definitely run away from their bodies, instead of staying in their meridians.

It’s the same as the last time when Lin Luoran punches Mu Tiannan. Mu Tiannan is kind of a martial art expert, but he never cultivates himself. The stream of tricky Reiki Lin Luoran leaves in his body will come out and make him suffer now and then, but it will normally go away in a few days.

What inside of Baojia’s meridians are the leftover Reiki from the treatment five days ago?

Lin Luoran has a vague sense that things are not so simple. She draws back her spirit and thinks with her eyes closed for a while. An idea occurs to her mind. She opens her eyes and asks, “Grandpa Qin, except for remaining unconscious, does anything else happen to Baojia these days?”

Commander Qin answers, “She is just in a coma with all her body functions perfectly normal. I can’t think of any strangeness.”

Liu Zheng, who has been in silence, says while knocking the table, “I’ve heard nurses talking in private that they have to change Baojia’s clothes and sheets very frequently. Seems that she is sweating much these days… Black sweat.”

Though Commander Qin cares so much about Baojia, it’s natural that he doesn’t notice such a trivial matter. Hearing Liu Zheng’s words, Lin Luoran’s eyes are lighted— Black sweat, coma, and Reiki. With all the three elements, does this mean that Baojia can also become a cultivator?

Lin Luoran remembers the smelly black cocoon and the pain in the middle of the night caused by the flame fruit when her bone marrow was cleansed and her meridians were cleaned. Perhaps, the accident is actually a blessing in disguise, and Baojia is now going through a rather gentle process of physique change?

The more she thinks about this, the higher she believes the possibility is. Lin Luoran can’t help smiling.

Seeing that Lin Luoran is relaxed, Commander Qin stops frowning. He returns to his cheerful self as long as his one and only granddaughter is alright.

“Luoran, you are smiling. Does it mean that Baojia will be ok?”

Lin Luoran grins mysteriously, “It’s more than just ok. Baojia may make good from the misfortune… We should just wait for her to wake up.”

Thinking that Baojia may lay the foundation of cultivation because of the accident, Lin Luoran is glad. The path of cultivation is long and lonely, and she is worried that her friends and relatives will pass away one day. Now, though her parents haven’t made much progress in learning the breathing methods, Baojia has made a jump.

What’s more important is that Lin Luoran herself seems to trigger a deeper level of the bead because she drains up the Reiki inside of her this time— If she can learn how to draw that pattern, even a few lines, her parents’ will easily enter the world of Taoist cultivation.

The shade on Lin Luoran’s head since Baojia’s accident is gone. Lin Luoran mental state is elevated in minutes as the biggest problem of hers is solved.

The atmosphere in the ward is eased under Lin Luoran’s influence.

However, the door is suddenly pushed open. Lu Sanchun comes in with a sullen face and greets Commander Qin. The words he then says destroy the relaxed atmosphere…