Chapter 66 Intervention of the Special Department

“Commander, Zou Yaowei is bailed out!” Lu Sanchun delivers the message he just receives with a darkened face.

Commander Qin’s smiling face is gone, “Isn’t he in detention at the police station? He will be charged of attempted murder even Baojia is saved. How dare the Zou family bail him out? Don’t they have any respect for the law!”

Commander Qin is not the kind grandpa anymore, and he just shows a bit of his imposing manner of a soldier!

“Grandpa, don’t be angry. Let’s hear what else officer Lu has got to say, ok?” Seeing that Commander Qin is furious, Lin Luoran comforts him gently out of the concern for his health. After all, he is an old man and he has just recovered from the blow that Baojia may die.

Lu Sanchun then gets the chance to keep saying, “Commander, it seems that the Zou family doesn’t bail Zou Yaowei out. People from the police station are being inexplicit and they say that a secret department has intervened. My extent of power is limited so I can’t get more detailed information.”

A secret department, like the “Dragon Team” written in novels?

Lin Luoran frowns. It’s normal that there are secret departments in the government that normal people don’t know of. However, it’s not normal that the department just uses its power to bail a suspected murderer out… Thinking about Baojia’s bleeding blood vessels of the brain and severely injured internal organs, Lin Luoran has a feeling that all the mysteries are centered on Zou Yaowei, a foppish man who dares to hit people with a car.

Hearing that the Zou family doesn’t take up the matter itself, Commander Qin is mixed in relief and concern.

Baojia has an incident which may be plotted by the only son of the Zou family. This has made a transcending impact on the capital. Contradictions between the Qin and the Zou family are escalated to that between the military and the political system.

In this age of peace, the power of the military has long since been lowered, which is more obvious when it comes to state leaders.

This is exactly the same as the civil and military officials in the feudal system back in old times. It will be pretty good if they don’t frame each other, let alone live in harmony. The Zou family acts in politics and the Qin family is in military. Decades ago, their ancestors were actually comrades in arms. Now, people always compare the two families, which estranges them further.

The only son of the Zou family attempts to murder the daughter of the Qin family in public. Outsiders may think that this is only a normal car accident, but everybody who is qualified to know the truth understands that young Mr. Zou here is indeed an attempted murderer.

This happens in the State of Huaxia, which is generally peaceful. Besides, this is not the time when warlords are locked in tangled warfare, nor the time when the country is fragmented. Let alone assassinations in the dark, this kind of public murder hits the bottom line of most citizens, especially that this happens between two of the most powerful families of the country. Top military leaders are disgruntled, and quite a number of political officials feel the same.

Of course, political opponents of the Zou family are looking forward to Commander Qin’s strike back.

Top military leaders know that Commander Qin and old Mr. Zou used to be close. Though Mr. Zou is gone, Commander Qin will not forget their friendship so soon. The leaders are waiting for Commander Qin to make the choice by himself.

If the only daughter of the Qin family dies…the two families will come to an open break in relationship. No matter how close they used to be, nothing can be equal to the only offspring.

But Qin Baojia has lived…which makes things more complicated. The political opponents of the Zou family have to put their plan on hold and wait for Commander Qin’s response even they are ready to make the critical strike to the Zou family.

Most people may think that if Qin Baojia lives, the conflicts between the Zou and the Qin family can be conciliated by interest.

However, young Mr. Zou here chooses not to wait for the two families to make a deal and jumps out of the vortex himself— With the help of a special department.

The Zou family is happy. Their only offspring, who is despised in the social circle of the capital as a foppish man, now has relationship with a special department. Who will dare to call him an unaccomplished man ever again?

Besides, the special department is under the name of the MI. Mrs. Zou, who used to think that she was bullied, now is glad that she has avenged herself— Don’t Commander Qin and the MI belong to the same system? They still turn on each other!

So many changes have happened in such a short time, and Lin Luoran certainly has no idea about the thinking of people behind this. Hearing that there is intervention of a special department, she doesn’t take a stand. Also, she is unaware of what’s going on so it will be inappropriate for her to make any suggestions.

After Commander Qin leads Lu Sanchun out, Liu Zheng says he has to deal with something elsewhere. Lin Luoran becomes the only one left in Baojia’s ward.

The nurse who goes to buy porridge for Lin Luoran gently opens the door a little bit with an insulation box in her hand.

Lean pork porridge with mushroom? When Lin Luoran opens the box and smells the porridge, she realizes that she is certainly no superwoman. She has eaten nothing in the last five days and lived on injected nutrients. The fragrance of food makes her hungry at once.

After finishing the porridge, Lin Luoran looks at Baojia’s peaceful sleeping face. The relief of knowing Baojia will be alright makes Lin Luoran don’t know what to do for now.

Thinking of the fact that she was in a coma for five days, Lin Luoran suddenly remembers that she should give her parents a call.

Mrs. Lin doesn’t sound worried in the phone and she also tells Lin Luoran to stay longer in the capital to keep Baojia’s grandpa companied if she doesn’t have something else important to do.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know till now that Commander Qin actually had called her parents in person when she was in a coma. Of course, he didn’t mention the real situation in the capital and only said that Lin Luoran was entangled with trivial affairs and couldn’t return home for a while. Commander Qin did this to clear the worries in their hearts.

Since they didn’t know that Baojia’s grandpa was a commander, Mr. and Mrs. Lin believed that Commander Qin was a lonely old man who needed the company of juniors after having some casual chatting. Therefore, they now ask Lin Luoran to stay in the capital longer.

Lin Luoran can’t tell her parents the truth so she just takes the opportunity Commander Qin creates for her and says yes— She will not go back until she sees Zou Yaowei take the punishment he deserves.

Although Baojia is generally in good shape, this can not erase the fact that Zou Yaowei does try to kill her. The scene of Baojia lying on the operating table and dying lingers in Lin Luoran’s head and won’t go out… If everybody does bad things and wishes that the victim doesn’t revenge, the world will be futureless.

Debts should be paid and killers must pay for their crimes. These are not just idioms but the rules of the world— Certainly, another saying goes that the weak are the prey of the strong. Some people may be powerful enough to strike back, but those would aren’t strong enough can only curse in their hearts about the injustice of the society.

How about herself? Does she really belong to the people who can master their own destinies?

Lin Luoran remembers that in the “dream”, she tries to imitate the mysterious pattern and draws the attention of the person in robe who then looks to her across infinite time and space— Lin Luoran’s head aches every time she thinks about the person’s dark and deep eyes.

The headache makes her fail to recall the lines in that mysterious pattern. It’s like thousands of needles are pricking her brain. Lin Luoran moans because of the pain, and she is soaked in sweat in such a short time!

Lin Luoran wipes the sweat off her forehead and smiles bitterly. It is so true that people say greed has no limits. As she attempts to get a peak of the power beyond her capability, she is hurt in spirit by thinking of the eyes of that person!

However, is there really no way that she can draw that pattern?

Lin Luoran is lost in thought.