Chapter 67 Beauty in the Night Club

The capital is surely more luxurious than anywhere else in the country.

Palace walls are still there, but time has changed. Eight Hutong now can’t match the night club street.

For people who are not lack of money, they will spend the night in more exclusive and deluxe private clubs.

For example, Blue Bird, where luxury cars fill its parking lot.

In the parking lot filled with luxury cars that cost millions, you will feel ashamed even you own a plain BMW. This is that kind of place where ordinary people are afraid that they will be charged for passing through.

It’s 11p.m. The capital is ablaze with light. Lights take up the sky of the city with several dynasties history like a winding dragon. Common salaried people have long since prepared to sleep so that they will be able to get up in the next morning in order to punch in on time. However, it is only the opening hour of night clubs.

Blue Bird is popular as usual. On 11:30 p.m., a black Lincoln arrives at the door.

Somehow, the atmosphere in the car is awkward, like a strange silence.

Minutes later, the driver who has stayed quiet says while frowning, “You sure you’re going to do this?”

Sitting in the back seat is an attractive beauty in long dress with silver eye shadow. Hearing the question, she answers with a faint smile, “You guys have too much to worry about, but I am different. Again, if something happens, please take care of my parents for me.”

The driver swallows back the words on the tip of his tongue and finally passes a card to the beauty. This is a VIP card of Blue Bird, which people will fight each other to get one. Yet the driver just hands it over like it is nothing.

“Really, rich masters hang out in quite different places with ordinary people.” The beauty flips the card with her fingertips and says in a wild yet charming way.

The driver sees her expression in the rearview mirror. His heart aches without any reason. Before he gets the chance to say anything, the beauty puts the card away, opens the door and gets off the car like a light-footed crane.

In an elegant long dress, Lin Luoran attracts the attention of everybody here as soon as she gets off the car. Whether it is the doorman, fat rich guys who just arrive, or young masters who consider themselves casual and charming are reluctant to take their eyes off of the beauty.

Lin Luoran is almost 1.7m in height. She curls her long hair tonight and she is wearing a pair of silver spike heels and a nude long dress designed by a famous designer. Her figure is tall and slim, and her skin is bright and smooth. Though her face is not so outstanding, she has a pair of smart and vibrant eyes. Her makeup adds a sense of sacred mystery to her charm— Lots of people fascinate her but they don’t have the courage to start a conversation.

Lin Luoran takes a blind eye to them and walks directly to the door.

Looking at the VIP card of Blue Bird between the beauty’s fingertips, the doorman’s peeping changes into respect— Beauty is inherently the capital of women. The beautiful woman in front of him is also rich, which makes her far beyond his reach.

The front hall of Blue Bird is quite low-pitched but exquisite. The club is entangled with shady affairs. No registration is ever made and nobody will check the authenticity of the VIP cards. A waiter comes to Lin Luoran affably and asks about her needs.

“I’m here for Mr. Zou.”

Hearing that Lin Luoran is here for Zou Yaowei, the young and handsome waiter feels embarrassed. Still, he smiles and answers, “Shall I go and inform Mr. Zou first? Mr. Zou will come to meet a beauty like you personally.”

Lin Luoran smiles back, “I just want to surprise him. Won’t you give me the chance?” She loosens her pride and puts on some shyness while asking, which enchants the waiter.

Beautiful women with perfect makeup are always by the side of young masters in Blue Bird. The waiter has almost seen enough of elegant women, but he never meets such a stunning beauty like Lin Luoran.

While sighing in his heart that Zou Yaowei has so much good fortune in love affairs, the waiter remembers that Mr. Zou has already brought a girl here tonight. Jealousy blinds the waiter’s eyes. The beyond beautiful woman speaks as if she is Zou Yaowei’s girlfriend, and it’ll be fun if she goes in and catches him red-handed.

“There is an event tonight on the second floor, and lots of young masters will be there. Miss, you can go there and join them if you like.” The waiter steers clear of the crucial point.

Lin Luoran understands his meaning tacitly. She takes out some cash, throws them to the waiter and goes in the elevator on her own.

Though Blue Bird also has a gym, Zou Yaowei is definitely in the night club on the second floor.

Blue Bird is an exclusive private club. Its VIP card filters most of the white collars and even some of the gold collars out. The second floor is not crowded yet unexpectedly lively.

Blues is playing in the hall. Light is murky. All men here are wearing suit and women are in formal dresses with jewelry. At first sight, this looks more like a wine party of the upper class instead of a night club.

As soon as Lin Luoran steps in, a beam of spotlight falls on her. Under the light, Lin Luoran looks like an arrogant goddess in Greek mythology. Her eyes are dark and shiny and the spotlight makes her distinctive like the most beautiful white lily. No man can take their eyes off her.

The gaffer ends this on good note. He moves the spotlight away and leaves men here longing for more.

Lin Luoran sneers at those dodging yet burning eyes. As expected, no matter how luxurious or elegant the club seems to be, it is only a despicable and dirty place.

She raises her eyebrows and sits down in the corner.

On the private seats on the other side of the hall, a dozen of men and women are talking heatedly about Lin Luoran since she comes in.

“Brother Zou, no one else here can handle this pretty chick except you, right?” The man speaking is in his twenties. His father is the boss of a well-sized company. He owns some authority in his usual social circle, but he is just a minion who barely gets in tonight’s party.

Zou Yaowei has just got out of jail. He is proud of himself and the woman by his side is the top in the whole club. However, after Lin Luoran comes in, the more he looks at the famous young model, the more he thinks that she is tacky.

Her face is indeed delicate after plastic surgeries, but she seems to lack some…temperament?

Zou Yaowei shakes the wine glass in his hand. Not everybody can have unique temperament. The arrogant Qin Baojia and the new beauty here are both one in a million.