Chapter 68 Disgusting

“Brother Zou, what do you say? I will kidnap her for you if you like her…”

It is the son of a deputy director general saying. His father does have real power, but he still works for the Zou family. Naturally, he is quite submissive to young Mr. Zou here.

Zou Yaowei is holding a glass of wine. He smiles, “You’re such an asshole. You should never startle such a beauty! Brother Wen, what do you think about this woman?”

Zou Yaowei’s heart is certainly tempted by the compliment of his minion, but he is not impetuous. He asks for the opinion of the mighty man beside him.

The man referred to as Brother Wen has been sitting in the corner of the couch tonight in silence, but he never let Zou Yaowei out of his sight. The minions think that the man is the new bodyguard of Zou who has provoked the Qin family. No one knows that even Zou Yaowei has to talk to the man with much respect.

The minions are secretly surprised. They can’t think of any powerful family named Wen in the capital, and they are guessing that maybe the man has the character “Wen” in his first name.

Brother Wen is not aware of the minions’ thoughts, and he seems to be not interested in the “beauty”. He doesn’t even raise his head and says carelessly, “Don’t make any fuss until the middle of the month. You will make me look bad.”

Zou Yaowei has always been sophisticated. Hearing this, he laughs and changes the topic. However, he tips one of his minions a wink and the young man whose father owns a company actually goes to send a bottle of wine to Lin Luoran’s table.

Zou Yaowei and his friends are watching the fun, but the young model is grouchy. They see that the beauty smiles at the man with wine and she seems to be easy to get. All of them feel regretful and disappointed.

Nevertheless, the beauty pours a whole glass of wine onto the minion named Yau after the smile. Yau is frozen. He may beat the woman regardless of manner if he isn’t just spying for Zou Yaowei.

Zou Yaowei’s friends are laughing and saying that this woman is like a fiery steed. Yau scurries back. Zou pats him on the shoulder and doesn’t ask about the reason why the beauty pours wine on him.

“The hardest thing to enjoy is the grace of a beauty. Yau here is actually blessed!”

The crowd guffaws. After hearing Zou Yaowei’s words and thinking of the beauty’s stunning smile, Yau wipes off the wine on his face and feels that the atmosphere is getting nebulous.

“Brother Zou, it appears that only you can take down the beauty.”

“Right, right. Wild beauty is more interesting.”

The foppish men gabble complimentary words. Zou Yaowei’s model says jealously, “Master Zou, that woman is so rude. I think she is hard to handle.”

Zou Yaowei pinches her face and says, “Are you jealous? I like it when you are jealous!” Then, regardless of her feeling, he goes to Lin Luoran with a glass of wine in his hand.

Under the light, Lin Luoran’s side face is breathtakingly stunning. Her deep eyes are even enchanting.

Flawless figure, temperament, and look… Zou Yaowei gives the beauty in front of him full marks. However, it is strange that no one in his social circle has ever heard of such a stunning beauty.

“Miss, so sorry that my friend offended you just now. “

Lin Luoran puts on a faint smile, “You are funny. Why are you apologizing for another man’s fault?”

Zou Yaowei doesn’t expect that he can start a conversation with her so easily. He shrugs pretentiously and says,

“Actually this is all just my excuses. I should think of something to start a conversation since you are so beautiful, right?”

Lin Luoran rolls her eyes. Zou Yaowei here is definitely a playboy. How dare Mrs. Zou say in the hospital that day that her son was in deep love with Baojia? Lin Luoran assumes that he hurts Baojia because she refuses his hot pursuit!

Somehow, Lin Luoran senses a bloody feeling on Zou Yaowei, which makes her instinctively feel disgusted.

With a blink of an eye, the bloody feeling is gone.

Thinking of the mighty man who is with Zou Yaowei, Lin Luoran chooses to stay put for now. She sneers, “I was in a bad mood just now so I poured wine onto your friend. I should go over there with you to say sorry.”

Then she stands up in spite of the constantly changing expressions on Zou Yaowei’s face.

Lin Luoran’s anger is also so charming. Zou Yaowei feels itchy in his heart like a dozen of cats are scratching him. He clenches his teeth but can’t stop himself from desiring her.

People clap and cheer when Zou Yaowei comes back with the arrogant beauty.

The young model gives up her seat to Lin Luoran reluctantly and hides in the corner, drinking alone.

“Lady, you just poured a glass of wine on me. Can you at least tell us your name?” Yau is reconciled since Lin Luoran only apologizes by raising her glass in the distance.

Lin Luoran squints, “My family name is Qin. As for my first name, I can’t tell you now.”

Hearing that the beauty’s family name is Qin, all the people there are afraid. They have come here to congratulate Zou Yaowei for getting away with the punishment after hitting Qin Baojia with a car.

Zou Yaowei is still smiling, but his eyes start to get dangerous.

Even Brother Wen, who has been sitting in the corner in silence, casts a glance at Lin Luoran alertly after hearing that her family name is Qin. From the tender skin on her hands and arms, he assumes that she doesn’t practice kung fu, so he lowers his head again.

Holding the wine glass, Lin Luoran says with faked anger, “Why? Is there anything wrong that my family name is Qin?”

Zou Yaowei answers calmly, “Of course not. Miss. Qin, don’t take this the wrong way… By the way, how come we never heard of such a beauty like you in the social circle of the capital? I guess that men who have the luck to meet you before want to keep the information to themselves!”

Lin Luoran certainly knows that he is sounding out. She tells a half-truth, “I’ve just come here from R City. It’s natural that no one knows me.”

R City is the territory under Commander Qin’s control. However, except for Qin Baojia, they never heard that there is another outstanding woman in the Qin family. Is this really just a coincidence?

The son of a deputy director general is called Zeng. He tries to ease the awkward situation, “Brother Zou, this is fate. Things don’t work out between you and the other Miss. Qin, but another stunning Miss. Qin is here. And this one is much prettier than the grumpy granddaughter of old redneck Qin!”

Zou Yaowei thinks to himself that even if the woman is sent by the Qin family, so what? Looking at Brother Wen in the corner, Zou Yaowei makes a decision. This kind of outstanding beauty is hard to find. Why should he expose her and drive her away?

Lust gets the best of Zou Yaowei and he starts to give out that temperament which disgusts Lin Luoran.

Brother Wen raises his head and casts a warning glace to Zou Yaowei.

Lin Luoran is shaking the wine glass gently. Something is indeed strange about Zou Yaowei. Besides, the quiet man in the corner is obviously…