Chapter 69 Fierce Battle in a Dark Alley

“No matter what you are thinking, I urge you to stay away from Zou Yaowei.”

There is a dark alley at the backdoor of Blue Bird. The whole alley is completely dim with only one old street lamp, which may be designed for someone to avoid being noticed. Few people will tread this path at midnight.

Lin Luoran has just followed Zou Yaowei out of the back door. Brother Wen stops her and says that.

Seeing that Lin Luoran is indifferent to his warning, Brother Wen bursts into laughter, “No one will stop you from bringing about your own destruction. This is it.”

Lin Luoran sneers when she notices that Zou Yaowei is checking on her recklessly under the street lamp, “Granted that I let go of him, he will not do the same to me, right? The special department is indeed privileged!

Zou Yaowei laughs, “You are sent by the Qin family as I expected. What, I hear that Qin Baojia is still breathing?” He keeps checking on Lin Luoran from head to foot and says in regret, “It’s a pity. You are actually the prettiest chick I’ve ever met. So sad you are on the other side.”

Brother Wen seems to understand Zou Yaowei’s unspoken words. He casts a glance to Zou and says, “My department has bailed you out from hitting people with a car, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll let this pass.”

Zou Yaowei lowers his arrogance. He appears to dread Brother Wen here.

Brother Wen turns around and says to Lin Luroan, “Normal people like you can’t understand the power of the strong. He won’t dare to lay a finger on you when I’m here. You should go.”

Lin Luoran squints, “You’ve shielded such a murderer. Now you actually are saying nice things to pretend to be decent… The problem here is not that he wants to hurt me. It’s the very reverse.”

With a flash of mind, Lin Luoran takes out the whip she specially makes for this from the space.”

“What?” Brother Wen is astonished. Even with his sharp eyes, he fails to see where does Lin Luoran take out the whip. It’s like that the whip just appears in her hands in a second.

Lin Luoran cracks the whip. It whistles and comes directly to Zou Yaowei!

Brother Wen’s pupils contract. He reaches out and pulls Zou Yaowei aside like a flash. The whip lashes on the street lamp and makes a huge sound!

The whip tip surges again and twines around the surveillance camera on the street lamp. With a little twist, Lin Luoran rips the camera apart.

Looking at the gash on the lamp post and the pieces of the surveillance camera on the ground, Zou Yaowei says in shock, “Brother Wen, she has broken the surveillance camera… This woman obviously wants to kill me! We can’t go easy on her!”

Standing straight with the whip, Lin Luoran’s clear eyes are filled with hatred— Yes, she has never born so much hate on a person. Friends and families are the bottom line of hers. She rages when they are hurt!

Brother Wen stares at the murderous Lin Luoran. He sighs and let go of Zou Yaowei.

Brother Wen has permitted Zou Yaowei to strike back!

Zou Yaowei smiles maliciously and his temperament which disgusts Lin Luoran surges out. Instinctively, Lin Luoran backs off a few steps.

No, it’s not his temperament this time. It is a stream of pink smoke!

Brother Wen seems to fear the pink smoke on Zou Yaowei. He steps away from Zou as soon as the smoke is out.

A stream of Reiki waves around Zou Yaowei when he generates the pink smoke. Lin Luoran suddenly comes to understand. Is this the reason why the so-called special department wants to shield Zou Yaowei?

Lin Luoran is not stupid. She has watched a lot of TV shows. Colorful smoke is never good! She draws back in top speed and cracks the whip directly to Zou Yaowei!

The wind surged by the whip dissipates the pink smoke. Brother Wen steps further back with a frown.

Zou Yaowei laughs, “This is all you’ve got? Then you will die here tonight!”

The pink smoke gathers into the shape of a snake and rushes at Lin Luoran!

The pink snake made of smoke is not affected by the wind. It comes right in front of Lin Luoran like a flash.

This is beyond Lin Luoran’s expectation. Even she has retreated rapidly, she breathes in a little bit of the smoke. The pink smoke is sweet and greasy, which makes her dizzy and faint. Lin Luoran’s face becomes unnaturally red and she is short of breath— She begins to see a double image of Zou Yaowei. What kind of toxic smoke is it? How can it be so strong?

Lin Luoran can barely stand straight and her whip is drooping on the ground. She is agitated.

Looking at Lin Luoran’s condition, Zou Yaowei knows that the toxic smoke has started doing its work. He walks to her with a grisly smile, “Do you regret now, beauty?”

Lin Luoran is dizzy. The bead has exerted itself to save Baojia so it is now short of power. Still, it infuses a stream of Reiki to Lin Luoran’s head when it senses her abnormity.

After Reiki flows in, Lin Luoran’s head and breath return normal and she regains her strength.

Looking at Zou Yaowei who is observing her from three steps away, Lin Luoran bends her knees instead of standing straight. She is falling to the ground…

Zou Yaowei is laughing insanely. From afar, Brother Wen frowns. Just before Lin Luoran falls over, he believes that he senses a faint fluctuation of Reiki. He is alerted. Before he says anything to warn Zou Yaowei—

Lin Luoran, who is half-way down on the ground, suddenly snaps the whip. Pride has got above Zou Yaowei. The pink smoke is toxic but it has no defensive function. With a blue glow, the whip filled with Reiki hits Zou Yaowei and throws him 20 feet away!

Zou Yaowei bumps hard on the wall then falls down on the ground like slime. Even he is lucky enough to live, he will suffer from internal injuries and multiple fractures!

Brother Wen has been having grave expressions since Lin Luoran snaps the whip. He is smart enough to know that it’s already too late to save Zou Yaowei, so he stands still in order to save strength to deal with the enemy.

Lin Luoran stands straight after kicking away Zou Yaowei. Brother Wen squints, “You are a cultivator!” He is shocked but he doesn’t show it. Cultivators can normally sense each other because of the fluctuation of Reiki, and there are only two exceptions. One is that the opponents are in a much higher level so they can hide their temperament perfectly; The other is that the opponents have treasures which can do the same…

This is no longer the time when masters are all over the world. With his knowledge, Brother knows that the woman in front of his eyes is a master, or she comes from a renowned family or school because these are the only reasons why she owns a unique treasure. He is aware that no matter what the real situation is, he can barely deal with her!

Lin Luoran cracks the whip in the thin air and smiles righteously,

“Aren’t you also a cultivator?”