Chapter 70 Fight with a Cultivator!

Brother Wen is alerted since the woman who says that her family name is Qin has noticed that he is a cultivator when he never shows his Reiki. Still, he makes a complex ancient bow and says,

“My name is Wen Guanjing, the 53rd generation of the Wen family in the Zu Mountain. Miss. Qin, can you tell me which school are you from?”

Hearing the genteel style of Wen’s words and seeing his ancient etiquette, Lin Luoran has a feeling that things may get more serious. Besides, he claims to be the 53rd generation of the Wen family in the Zu Mountain.

Everybody in Lin Luoran’s generation is familiar with the words “Zu Mountain”. People fascinate the bizarre world of swordsman. However, nothing like flying swords performing magical power has ever happened even when the Three Gorges Dam is built and water submerges most of the famous peaks of the Zu Mountain. As a result, people’s desire of becoming “immortal swordsman” is greatly reduced.

However, the man in front of Lin Luoran tells her that he is the 53rd generation of the Wen family in the Zu Mountain— Isn’t this a clue of other cultivators which Lin Luoran has been seeking for? The exciting news is given by the man who acts in collusion with Zou Yaowei, and this disappoints Lin Luoran.

Besides, Wen Guanjing here seems to have less Reiki than Lin Luoran herself. If this is what the famous swordsman of the Zu Mountain is like, she will be surprised.

As an amateur cultivator, Lin Luoran has no idea that Wen Guanjing is actually asking about her master. The world of cultivation in the State of Huaxia has long since declined, and the remaining cultivators mostly know each other. Wen Guanjing is worried that this “Miss. Qin” may be from an old acquainted school of his family. He won’t be able to explain for himself if her master comes to his family and accuses him of bullying his school sister.

Lin Luoran doesn’t figure out Wen Guanjing’s meanings and she is afraid that saying too much may expose her identity as an amateur cultivator who doesn’t even have a master. She snaps the whip, “You guys have shielded a murderer. The nonsense you say is hilarious!”

Brother Wen has seen the power of her whip. After all, Zou Yaowei is lying on the ground dead or alive. He steps out of the reach of the whip.

Lin Luoran goes after him. Wen Guanjing only dodges her attack but doesn’t strike back. With her sharp eyes, Lin Luoran detects that his right hand is moving regularly as if he is drawing a pattern.

Her deep impression t of “immortal swordsman” in the Zu Mountain makes Lin Luoran anxious. Is Wen Guanjing calling for flying swords?

Lin Luoran is rattled. The whip in her hand is made of the only material which she can infuse Reiki into, and it is a favor of Commander Qin. She clearly knows her capabilities. If she doesn’t end the fight quick today and Wen Guanjing manages to call for the flying swords, she may actually die here!

The whip which is glowing blue after filled with Reiki waves like an agile snake. With her clear eyes and flexible moves, Lin Luoran successfully interrupts Wen’s hand motion for several times.

Calm as Wen Guanjing is, he can’t help getting anxious since his spell casting keeps being interrupted. He takes out a piece of yellow paper reluctantly. He mumbles some words and throws the paper out, which flies towards Lin Luoran at high speed like something is pulling it!

The paper rushes at Lin Luoran along with a gust of wind. She instinctively notices the danger and tilts her head to avoid it. The yellow paper sweeps past her hair and lands on the lamp post. Then it burns into smoke without any ignition.

Lin Luoran stabilizes her mind. She thinks that though this thing looks weird, its power is just so so. When the paper burns up in a second, a thunder explodes from the sky out of nothing which hits the lamp post and makes it disappears into thin air!

It is a clear night. Even thunder strikes when there is no storm, how can it happen to hit the lamp post? Compared with herself who is only able to export the Reiki inside of her body, Wen Guanjing has performed a real spell… Lin Luoran starts to sweat. If she doesn’t dodge the paper just now, it will be her, instead of the lamp post, who disappears into the thin air!

Wen Guanjing doesn’t seem to be disappointed that Lin Luoran has dodged his attack. He says seriously, “Miss. Qin, cultivation is hard. Do you really to fight me to death?”

While saying, he finishes drawing a pattern with his right hand when Lin Luoran focuses on dodging the yellow paper. His right hand is glowing. Obviously, he is ready to fight.

Lin Luoran sneers, “How dare you say that cultivation is hard! After all, you choose to help that filthy bastard… I’m not your enemy. The situation now is that you want to stop me!”

Wen Guanjing raises his right hand whose glow is even brighter. Hearing Lin Luoran’s scold, he remains silent with a frown. Moments later, he answers, “I don’t care about your grudge against Zou Yaowei. An order has been given by my department that he can’t die, so I must not watch him die tonight.”

At least he must live till the middle of this month, Wen adds in his heart. He continues, “He hits the girl from the Qin family with a car, but she is not dead. Besides, you have hurt him badly. Why aren’t you satisfied now?”

Not dead… Turns out in the eyes of those people, what Baojia has suffered is not a big deal. Two words, “not dead”, can account for Baojia’s intracranial bleeding, broken organs and multiple fractures?

Lin Luoran is rather calm before Wen Guanjing mentions Baojia. But now, all she can think about is the sight of Baojia lying on the operating table and covered by blood— And the man who does this to her is protected by a so-called “special department” even there is hard evidence!

Is it because Baojia is mortal that cultivators like Wen Guanjing despise her life? If this kind of hierarchy is the law of heaven, sooner or later, I will make it to the top so that no one can take the life of my families or friend lightly!

Flames of fury fill Lin Luoran’s eyes. She doesn’t bother to listen to another word of Wen Guanjing and cracks the whip to him!

Yes! I can’t cast any spell and I don’t have magic weapons, but my cultivation is deeper than you. Let’s see who the winner is!

Lin Luoran’s whip waves and stirs up little cyclones in the air. It can be predicted that even Wen Guanjing is made of concrete, he will be cracked into pieces if he is hit.

Seeing that instead of stopping, Lin Luoran actually speeds up her attack, Wen Guanjing is infuriated. He throws away the thought that this woman may be his school sister and shouts at once, “Spell finished! Go!”

The glow on his right hand flows and gathers the restless fire Reiki. Immediately, a fire ball in the size of a bowl appears on his fingertips and flies to Lin Luoran like a bullet the second it is shaped!

Lin Luoran is also attacking fiercely, but she squints instinctively— She can feel the heat of the fire ball before it hits her and she knows that its temperature is much higher than normal flames. Besides, the yellow paper he throws out before can call for thunder. That is the real way how cultivators fight…