Chapter 71 Tie

It is already too late for Lin Luoran to dodge the fire ball coming like a bullet. Lin Luoran withdraws the whip and tries to split it in the same way she dissipates the pink smoke. However, the second the fire ball touches the whip, the whip, which is made of special metal, is on fire.

Lin Luoran snaps the whip on the ground but the fire is still burning. The fire spreads fast so she decisively drops it.

Lin Luoran ignores the burning whip on the ground and rushes to Wen Guanjing— He is drawing another pattern when she tries to put out the fire!

There is no longer a weapon in Lin Luoran’s hand to shield the weird fire ball so she can’t just let Wen Guanjing cast another spell. Since she has punched Mu Tiannan in her house that night, Lin Luoran is now quite confident with the moves she learns from Master Jia. She raises her hand and attacks right at Wen Guanjing!

Sensing the slashing hand coming to him, Wen Guanjing certainly has no time to cast the Fire Ball spell. He immediately takes out a white silk backhandedly. Looking at its cold edge, Lin Luoran barely draws back her hand and tries to dodge it. Even so, the white silk sweeps past a curl of hair on her temples and cuts it loose.

Wen Guanjing stands straight with the white silk in his hand. Lin Luoran fixes her eyes on him and finds that the white silk is actually a shiny elastic sword!

Though the sword seems light and less powerful than heavy weapons, Wen Guanjing is quite an expert since he can attack accurately with such an elastic sword.

Wen Guanjing may not be such a cultivator as Lin Luoran is, but he has practiced fighting from scratch. Whether it is knowledge or spell, Lin Luoran is no match for him.

After Lin Luoran decides to make closer encounter, she realizes that Wen Guanjing is an expert on sword and martial arts— Is she destined to lose tonight?

Though Wen Guanjing doesn’t understand why Lin Luoran hasn’t cast any spell yet and only uses her Reiki, he is an orthodox descendant of his family in the Zu Mountain. Since Lin Luoran is empty-handed, he chooses not to follow up the victory after cutting off a curl of her hair.

Standing still, Lin Luoran looks at Zou Yaowei who is lying on the ground with one breath left. For a while, she has a hard time deciding whether she should keep fighting recklessly with Wen Guanjing or not.

She is not afraid of getting injured or losing blood. Lin Luoran worries that she still can’t avenge Baojia even she suffers a lot and manages to beat Wen Guanjing tonight…

“I see that you haven’t done your best. How about we end the fight now?” Seeing that Lin Luoran’s expressions are changing, Wen Guanjing asks.

Wen Guanjing is not a stupidly kind person. Lin Luoran is a better cultivator than himself and Zou Yaowei is already badly hurt. The operation of his department is imperative within half a month. Therefore, won’t it be good if he can rope Lin Luoran in when Zou Yaowei is useless?

Lin Luoran knows nothing about Wen Guanjing’s plan. She just feels that the man is truly strange. Just now, it seems that he wants to fight her to death, then he shows that he can’t bring himself to do it. Now he is trying to make peace?

Even so, Wen Guanjing doesn’t loosen his gesture of holding the sword. Hence, Lin Luoran can’t tell whether he is pretending to make peace or he actually has other plans.

The confrontation between them becomes weird all at once.

When Lin Luoran hesitates about to fight or to retreat, a man shows up at the empty alley.

Lin Luoran’s eyes have become sharp since her physique is changed, but she is not sure if all cultivators have this advantage. Anyway, she can see things clearly even in the dark. With a glance, she recognizes the man— To her surprise, it is Mu Tiannan, who is hit by her not long ago!

Lin Luoran complains in her heart about the bad luck. She is not done with her new enemy, and the old one just arrives. The situation will be detrimental for her if Mu Tiannan and Wen Guanjing reach an agreement and attack her together.

“It’s you!” Mu Tiannan screams, acting like he just recognizes Lin Luoran after walking closer.

A sense of absurdity rises in Lin Luoran’s mind. Why does she have the feeling that Foppish Mu here sounds happy instead of resentful? Is there a chance that he is a masochist so he doesn’t hate her for hitting him that night?

Lin Luoran is disgusted by her thoughts, but what happens next really makes her frown.

Mu Tiannan doesn’t do anything to Lin Luoran after recognizing her. Instead, he runs to Wen Guanjing, pulls Wen’s sleeves and calls out “Brother Wen”. Mu Tiannan’s sissy voice gives Lin Luoran goose bumps.

Wen Guanjing seems not to be bothered by this at all. He asks with a smile, “Little Nan, when did you return to the capital?”

Is this smiling guy still Wen Guanjing who is serious and a good fighter? Two words, “Boy’s Love”, come to Lin Luoran’s mind. She can’t bear to look at the two men “in love” and decides to go.

Taking another glance at Zou Yaowei, Lin Luoran holds back the desire to hit him again with the whip. She rushes out of the dark alley while Mu Tiannan and Wen Guanjing are talking.

Mu Tiannan is frantic, “What should we do! She is gone!”

Wen Guanjing takes his hand back from Mu Tiannan and stops being enthusiastic. He says emotionlessly, “All right, stop your acting. Aren’t you trying to let her go when you grab my hand the minute you see me?”

Mu Tiannan smiles mysteriously, “I can only succeed with your cooperation, Brother Wen. Do you fancy that girl so you don’t bear to hurt her?”

Wen Guanjing points his sword to Mu Tiannan, “Not everybody is like you! I let her go because I want to rope her into the department… I will tell your grandfather about this if you don’t give me a perfect explanation today!”

Mu Tiannan dodges the sword cheekily and says carelessly, “I am familiar with her. You’ll need me if you want her in. Also, you want to draw her over to our side when you two are fighting. No wonder you never succeed, ha-ha!”

Wen Guanjing looks at Mu Tiannan with suspicion, “You mean it? You know about her origin?” He automatically ignores Mu Tiannan’s sarcasm.

Mu nods, “I’ll tell you if you give me your sword as a gift.”

Wen gives him a kick, “You don’t cultivate. What can you do with the sword? You’ll just waste such a nice weapon!”

Lin Luoran rushes out of the alley. She heads back after making sure that no one is following her.

After she fixes her hair, the black Lincoln stops in front of her. It seems that the car has been circling around the area for quite a while. Liu Zheng rolls down the car window and shows his face.

“Get on!”

Liu Zheng opens the front door, but Lin Luoran pulls the back door open and sits on the back seats. She has used a lot of Reiki and energy tonight when she goes to find Zou Yaowei in Blue Bird, socializes with all the people and fights with another cultivator in the dark alley. She has pretended to be another person, which exhausts her mind.

Lin Luoran is resting on the back seats with her eyes closed. She half opens her eyes when she notices that Liu Zheng is peeping at her through the mirror. She asks, “Zou Yaowei is severely injured and you still come back to pick me up. Aren’t you afraid that people of the Zou family may find out?”

Liu Zheng can’t help grabbing the steering wheel harder— She does bear grudges against him!