Chapter 75 Remnants of Magic Circle?

Lin Luoran wasn’t 100% sure before if Baojia could cultivate so she didn’t tell Commander Qin about it. Now, she has listened to the old story of the Qin family and it turns out that Baojia’s great-grandmother is a cultivator. Although Commander Qin and his father don’t have the Taoist root, Lin Luoran is pretty sure that Baojia does, whether the Taoist root has skipped generation or the gold pattern forces to unlock it.

Therefore, Lin Luoran nods slowly and seriously facing Commander Qin’s hopeful eyes.

Commander Qin doesn’t speak for a while due to the joy. Minutes later, he takes a pendant out of his clothes and keeps stroking it gently.

With a closer look, Lin Luoran finds that this is a pendant made of mutton-fat jade. It is gold-rimmed but is full of cracks. This is obviously the patching work done by an expert craftsman. Lin Luoran’s eyes are lighted up.

Noticing Lin Luoran’s expression, Commander Qin understands what she is thinking about. He nods and says, “This is my grandmother’s pendant, the one that was broken on the battle field… My father asked a craftsman to patch it because the crazy cultivator said that it was my grandmother’s pendant of life, and he gave it to me before he passed away.”

A jade pendant which can protect its owner? Lin Luoran can’t help getting excited and wishes to observe the pendant at the thought that the gold-rimmed thing in Commander Qin’s hand is made by cultivators.

She tells Commander Qin about her wish. Commander Qin smiles, puts the pendant on Lin Luoran’s hands and tells her that he should go to rest now.

Except for the bead, it is the first time that Lin Luoran touches an item of cultivators. She becomes bewildered because of the excitement.

This is a fantastic night. First, she saw the actual combat mode of cultivators. Then she heard about the “Taoist root” and even some secrets of the cultivational world from Commander Qin. The surprise didn’t stop there. Now, a pendant which used to belong to a cultivator in the Qin family is right in her hands. How can she sleep?

Lin Luoran goes back to the guest room and starts to observe the pendant under the desk lamp.

Though it is full of cracks, Lin Luoran can tell that a picture themed on “fishing boat on the river under the moonlight” is carved on it. The carves are simple but vivid.

Jiang Mingyue— Maybe it is the pendant of life made by the crazy cultivator for Jiang Mingyue. Although Commander Qin never says frankly about the man’s identity, Lin Luoran knows that he must be a relative, or even the father of Jiang Mingyue!

If he were not her close relative, why would he bother to follow Commander Qin to Korea while knowing that the Qin family was full of trash without the “Taoist root”? Nothing in the world is just a coincidence. The crazy cultivator obviously went to protect Commander Qin.

Lin Luoran draws back her thoughts and looks at the jade pendant in her hands. No matter how vivid the carves are, this will not be the reason why it can protect its owner from danger.

What is so special about it?

Lin Luoran can’t see the specialty of it with her bare eyes so she looks closer at it under the lamp light.

Something is wrong. With her clear vision, Lin Luoran ignores the gold rim and the cracks. Then she is able to “see” inside of the pendant— What are those weird lines?

Lin Luoran is sure that they are not cracks. Even mingled with the subtle fractures, these beautiful lines look harmonized as they are designed to be like this.

Lin Luoran feels blessed. She directs a stream of Reiki to probe inside the pendant. As expected, these lines start to glow after being nourished by Reiki. Perhaps due to the interruption of the cracks, these lines can’t form a complete circle. Lin Luoran feels pity about this.

Nevertheless, she is amazed. These lines which can conduct Reiki may be the magic circle of cultivators in the legends! After all, the little amount of weak Reiki inside of the pendant can hardly have the effect of saving its owner’s life on the battle field for several times according to Commander Qin.

Only magic circles in the legends of the State of Huaxia are able to mysteriously amplify the power of Reiki for dozens or even hundreds of times by using special items!

For Lin Luoran, the pendant is too broken to be repaired. An idea comes to her mind. What if she copies the lines down?

Lin Luoran doesn’t believe that she is smart enough to cast any spell only by those broken remnants of the magic circle. However, she should be able to copy them down for her future meditation!

There are papers and pencils in her room so that she won’t have to disturb anyone else. Lin Luoran smoothes out the paper on the table, holds a pencil in her right hand and directs Reiki to probe inside the pendant again.

Lines inside of the pendant are lighted up as before. Lin Luoran slows herself down this time because her hand has to work together with her mind in order to copy down the lines on the paper.

Cracks between the lines don’t affect Lin Luoran’s copying though they do interrupt the flow of Reiki.

The whole magic circle inside of the pendant seems small so the copying work should not be too heavy. However, the pattern of the circle is complicated since so many lines are carved on such a small pendant.

From 1 to 3 am, Lin Luoran only manages to copy half of the lines because she is going slowly to make sure of her accuracy. She doesn’t just roughly sketch the lines which have various thicknesses. Instead, she copies them down on the paper according to the ratio. There is a chance that these mysterious lines with different thicknesses also have diverse frequencies, and they can mobilize power in the world with the jade pendant as the media.

Clock ticks. It’s already dawn. The day always comes late in winter.

Lin Luoran blinks to rest her eyes and finally puts down the pendant and the pencil.

It’s already 6 o’clock? Lin Luoran is surprised that time has passed so quickly. No wonder her eyes are sour and she can barely move her right arm. Reiki inside of her are screaming for rest. She has been copying the lines all night.

Looking at the exquisite pattern on the paper composed by clear and fluent lines, Lin Luoran breathes a sigh of relief.

It is the magic circle which can mobilize the power between sky and earth, and she may get something useful from it. It is worthy of her effort tonight.

Besides, since she has copied it down, it won’t be impossible for her to cast the spell one day, right?

Looking at the fruit of her labor, Lin Luoran smiles with satisfaction.

However, why do these lines feel so familiar?