Chapter 76 Trouble-maker is here

Lin Luoran doesn’t sleep all night. Although as a cultivator, her physique is better than ordinary people, she feels tired because she has used lots of energy and Reiki to copy down the magic circle. It’s only 6 o’clock, and she has time to take a nap at the desk.

Someone knocks the door and wakes Lin Luoran up when she has just fallen asleep. Actually, it’s already 8 o’clock, which is the usual time for the Qin family to have breakfast. Lin Luoran opens the door and finds one of the housekeepers there.

“Miss. Lin, did you sleep well last night?” The housekeeper knows that Lin Luoran always gets up early, and she is surprised that Lin almost misses breakfast today.

Lin Luoran is embarrassed that she needs someone to wake her up for breakfast when she is a 27-year-old adult instead of a 17-year-old teenager.

She hurries downstairs. Commander Qin is already at the dining table, and Lu Sanchun and the other soldiers are at another table by the side.

“Luoran, the light in your room was on the entire light. Why don’t you sleep in?”

Lin Luoran answers with a smile and doesn’t say that she is woken up by the housekeeper. She takes out the jade pendant and returns it to Commander Qin.

Commander Qin smiles, “You can have it if you like.”

Lin Luoran shakes her head immediately, “This is your family heirloom, Grandpa Qin, I’ll never accept it… One night is enough for me to look at its structure. Just take it back. My hands are shaking with such a treasure in them.”

Commander Qin is amused by Lin Luoran’s clever remark. He fills a bowl with porridge for her, “Ms. Huang makes delicious porridge. Have a taste.”

Lin Luoran passes Commander Qin a fried bread stick. They’re having a warm moment like real grandfather and granddaughter. Eating the porridge, Lin Luoran thinks that things will be better if Baojia is here with them. She has checked Baojia’s condition last night and it is almost time for her to wake up.

Lin Luoran looks forward to Baojia’s recovery, but she is also in a pickle. It is absolutely a good thing that Baojia wakes up, still, Lin Luoran blames herself for not knowing any spells of cultivation.

The gold pattern in her “dream” comes again to her mind. The pattern can absorb the restless and thin Reiki on earth and make them pure and peaceful. If she can figure it out, she may have the chance to speed up her cultivation without any spells.

When will she have another chance to have that “dream” again?

Lin Luoran’s mind wanders during breakfast until Lu Sanchun comes in with an embarrassed face.

Commander Qin pounds on the table and says angrily, “What kind of soldier will act so bashfully like you!”

Lu Sanchun scratches his head and answers, “There are some guests.”

Lin Luoran assumes that Officer Lu only acts so awkwardly because she is here. She says to Commander Qin, “Grandpa Qin, I shall just go upstairs.” She can have another look at the magic circle she copies down.

However, Lu Sanchun looks even more embarrassed. He adds, “Miss. Lin, the guests are here for you.”

Lin Luoran and Commander Qin look at each other. No wonder Lu Sanchun is in a pickle. Lin Luoran has hurt Zou Yaowei last night and they all think that no one will come to the Qin’s villa to find her. Still, people are here just over the night.

Commander Qin frowns, “Luoran, go upstairs. I will send whoever comes away. You just don’t come down here until they leave.”

Lin Luoran shakes her head. She would have known if anyone were peeping her last night. Also, she destroyed the only surveillance camera in the area. The guest at the door must be her rival, Wen Guanjing.

Wen Guanjing is from the special department, so Commander Qin may have difficulties in sending him away. Lin Luoran refuses to let an old man face another cultivator, so she insists to stay.

“Officer Lu, just let our guests in!” Lin Luoran smiles in reply to Lu Sanchun’s worried eyes. She knows that sooner or later, she will have to face him again. So why not now?

Ms. Huang cleans up the table before Lu Sanchun leads the guests in.

To Lin Luoran’s surprise, Wen Guanjing doesn’t come alone. Mu Tiannan is also here— Wen Guanjing may have a reason to be here, but why Foppish Mu tags along? Can it be that he regrets not being able to avenge himself last night, so he comes here today to take advantage when she becomes a drowning dog later?

Wait, why does she call herself a drowning dog!

Both Wen Guanjing and Mu Tiannan greet Commander Qin politely. They seem to know Commander Qin from before.

Commander Qin is confused, “Sorry, you two esteemed cultivators know who I am?” After the special department tries to shield Zou Yaowei, Commander Qin dislikes these members of the department who are said to be cultivators. Mu Tiannan is scared that Commander Qin refers them as “esteemed cultivators”.

The entire Mu family respects Commander Qin for being a soldier who has defended the country. If Grandpa Mu knows about this, Mu Tiannan will definitely be punished.

Wen Guanjing is mature. He understands why Commander Qin is displeased. He says on second thoughts, “Commander Qin, I know that you’re unhappy because our department tries to shield Zou Yaowei. I don’t come here today for this, and I still respect you very much.”

Commander Qin answers with a sneer. If this is not about Lin Luoran who goes to hurt Zou Yaowei in order to avenge Baojia, Commander Qin will leave the table instead of having conversations with these two men.

Lin Luoran doesn’t even stand up to welcome them. She says with a smile, “What, is Zou Yaowei dead? It’s none of my business. I came right back here and went to sleep last night after I left the Blue Bird.”

Wen Guanjing frowns. Zou Yaowei is badly hurt by Lin Luoran under his watch. This has created a bad influence in the department, and he is responsible.

Thinking of the solution he discussed with the department last night, Wen Guanjing says patiently, “Zou Yaowei is not dead. He has been sent back to his home and he is no longer related to our department. Miss. Lin, you can have your revenge any time you want. But I come today for something else.”

Lin Luoran is surprised that Zou Yaowei has already been home.

However, Wen Guanjing says that he doesn’t come here today to “arrest her”. Then what is their purpose?

Lin Luoran doesn’t want to drink tea or chat with people from the special department. She says carelessly, “What, you guys decide not to protect Zou Yaowei when he is seriously hurt… The so-called special department is nothing more than this.”

Everybody here can understand what “this” means.

Wen Guanjing’s expression changes and he shows a self-mocking smile at last.