Chapter 78 I Have a Favor to Ask of You

Lin Luoran’s question surprises Wen Guanjing a little.

He knows from her life experience that she has grown up in a more-than-normal family. However, she doesn’t act arrogantly as most people do when they suddenly become rich. She is prudent. Why is that?

Still, Wen Guanjing has nothing to hide. Conspiracies are usually applied when the strength of the two parties are not comparable. The actual situation is that the gap between them and the others are so huge that others just see them as ants, therefore, it’s better to put everything above board— It is acknowledged that in the State of Huaxia, every cultivator under the level of Bearing Essence is as negligible as an ant.

Wen Guanjing thinks for less than a minute and tells Lin Luoran about the plan his department made last night.

“We’re hoping that your esteemed master can come to help us in the Night of Bermuda half a month later.”

“Night of Bermuda” is obviously a term commonly known in certain levels of the cultivational world. Wen Guanjing and his department never imagine that Lin Luoran is only a lucky dog who accidentally starts to cultivate, and she barely understands the current situation of the cultivational world, let alone these secrets.

As for the help of her “master” — there is no way that she can find a powerful master now. Thus Lin Luoran has no choice but to turn them down.

No… There isn’t a wall which hasn’t a crack and nothing can be kept secret forever in this world. Lin Luoran wants to say no on behalf of her “master”, but what about the next time, or the time after the next? Her unreal master is unreliable. Lin Luoran squints her eyes and comes up with an idea.

“Mr. Wen, I can’t understand what you are talking about. Sorry, I don’t agree with the condition you offer. Perhaps I have no choice but to decline your invitation.” Lin Luoran mentions nothing about her “master”. Her words are ambiguous, which are the most misleading.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know that the special department has identified her master as the only cultivator in the level of Bearing Essence, so she assumes that Wen Guanjing will give up now. In fact, if Lin Luoran agrees that she will ask her master to come, people in the special department may actually have doubts — after all, due to the disadvantageous Reiki in the world, even cultivators in the level of Laying Foundation will try their best to avoid meaningless fights. As a rookie, Lin Luoran can never understand how hard it is to refine Reiki since she owns the bead. High-level cultivators are powerful, but it will take them a long time to regain the Reiki they use in a fight, which is more harmful than good.

Wen Guanjing and the department aren’t expecting that a cultivator in the level of Bearing Essence can come. However, as long as they build connections with Lin Luoran, they may get closer one day, right?

Wen Guanjing has got the answer he is looking forward to, so he makes his next move with a smile, “Miss. Lin, the Night of Bermuda opens once every hundred years. Don’t you want to go and try your fortune? You may find some treasures in the remains if you’re lucky, and there are also weapons and spell books. Plus, you may have a chance of finding one or two Reiki elixirs which can help you out of years of hard cultivation.”

Lin Luoran owns the space, and she is not interested in Reiki elixir. But spell books… Lin Luoran is tempted.

“What’s your condition?” According to Wen Guanjing, that place seems to be filled with magic weapons and elixirs. Lin Luoran doesn’t believe that he’s just offering her a share of the pie for free. She has never seen him laugh, and he is laughing like a fox now. Thus he must have plotted something!

Wen Guanjing’s laughter becomes louder, “Miss. Lin, I have taken a step back by agreeing that you don’t need to join my department as you wish. How about you do the same and work with us so we can help each other? As in the Night of Bermuda this time, I hope Miss Lin can lend a hand within your power if our colleagues are in danger.”

Helping each other? It may be a good idea if things really work.

Lin Luoran needs an approach to get inside the cultivational world. It’s better if she can remain independent and keep a distance. Wen Guanjing’s proposal now meets all her requirements.

Wen Guanjing notices that Lin Luoran is tempted, so he adds, “You can keep everything you find in Bermuda, whether it is a weapon or elixir. But the department should have a prior exchange right, is this ok?”

Is this ok? Certainly! Regardless of whether all the members of the special department are out of mind or not, this is a perfect deal for Lin Luoran.

“It’s so hard to turn down your warm-hearted offer. Mr. Wen, I surely will join you in the Night of Bermuda!”

While saying, Lin Luoran offers her hand. Wen Guanjing shakes with her by the hand, “Wish we have good cooperation!”

Commander Qin is glad that Lin Luoran’s contradiction with the special department is resolved for now. After all, she only causes trouble for the department because of Baojia, and he will not sit by and do nothing. His heart can finally be at rest since things end well.

Lin Luoran still can’t relax after solving the problem with Wen Guanjing. She turns around and says to Mu Tiannan who has been in silence the whole time, “Master Mu, you’re a busy man. You come here today not just to watch the scene, right?” Lin Luoran believes that he has recovered from the injury she caused before. Does he want to mess with her again since the pain is forgotten?

Lin Luoran sighs in her heart. If he talks nicely this time, she may actually compensate for the ginseng seed he lost— She haven’t figured out before why a mortal like Mu Tiannan cares so much about some wild ginseng seeds with Reiki. After the affair of “jade with Reiki” and the intimacy between Mu and Wen, she is sure that Mu Tiannan is an insider of the cultivational world. He wants the seeds back and he has been looking for jade with peaceful Reiki. Perhaps he has an emergency?

Hearing Lin Luoran’s question, Mu Tiannan bursts out dry coughs. He has born grudge against Lin Luoran since she hit him in her house that night. He didn’t expect that her attack was merged with a stream of tricky Reiki, which he couldn’t force out with his inner force. Mu Tiannan couldn’t stand the pain after two days and he wasn’t sure how long would the pain last. Then he returned to the capital shamefully and told his grandpa that Lin Luoran might be a cultivator.

Grandpa Mu scolded Mu Tiannan fiercely while saying that he was lucky to be alive— If a strange man came to the room of his daughter, he certainly would not show mercy.

Thinking of his purpose today, Mu Tiannan forces himself to smile. However, he is not used to acting so flatteringly, so his smile looks scarier than that of ghosts in horror movies,

“Thief… Miss. Lin, I do have a favor to ask of you.”