Chapter 79 Please Help Me Save A Life

What thief… Mu Tiannan here is clearly out of his mind. She didn’t get those ginseng seeds by stealing, and he always talks like she did!

Lin Luoran’s face is cold, which freezes the harmonious atmosphere in the room.

Wen Guanjing has solved his problem and he doesn’t want to stay any longer because he may be in an awkward situation in choosing a side later. He takes his leave, “Miss Lin, I’ll just contact you later.”

Commander Qin is smart and sophisticated. Mu Tiannan is not a cultivator, so there is no need to worry about Lin Luoran’s safety. He doesn’t want to involve in these two young people— To say the least, even this young lad named Mu is in love with Lin Luoran, old Qin here is not willing to talk him out. Mu is nothing like Liu Zheng. At least Liu grows up under his watch.

“An old man has to walk out more. You guys talk, I will go out and exercise!” While saying, Commander Qin walks downstairs. He gives orders to the soldiers guarding the door that they should not meddle in Mu and Lin’s business until things get deadly. The soldiers raise no question and follow Commander Qin’s order. Commander Qin goes outside and has his exercises along with Lu Sanchun.

It’s easy to imagine what kind of “exercises” that loyal and devoted Lu Sanchun is having with Commander Qin who is old but energetic. Inside the room, Master Mu now has realized that he just makes another mistake…

“Eh-hem, hey, we have known each other for quite a long time…” Mu Tiannan is an expert in coaxing women, but he has never coaxed a female cultivator like Lin Luoran who is stronger than himself and immune to both soft and hard tactics. Thus, Mu Tiannan can’t prevent himself from talking nonsense.

Lin Luoran is amused by his expressions. Master Mu here definitely never butters someone up, and his action is really funny.

“Master Mu, you can just be frank. After all, you have saved me from the embarrassment in Ruili. I’ll help you within my reach as a return to your favor.”

Mu Tiannan is relaxed. He feels that Lin Luoran is adorable when she is considerate. That’s right. The two of them would not fall into the stalemate if her attitude had been nice like it is now when they first met…

“Ok, I’ll just be frank. Please help me save a life.” Mu Tiannan restrains himself from being slovenly and says seriously.

Lin Luoran is alerted at once. She has not even a little of medical skills. Last time, she managed to save Baojia from death because of the help of the mysterious bead, or else she might already be dead too… Therefore, she instinctively becomes alarmed when Mu Tiannan says that he wants her to help save a life.

However, her words before show too much confidence, and she can only try to act dumb, “Master Mu, are you kidding? I’m just a rookie cultivator who has no medical skills. How can I help you save a life? Besides, you are familiar with Wen Guanjing. If the tricks of cultivators are useful, why bother to come to me for help?”

Mu Tiannan grins cheekily, “Miss Lin, it’s bad to pretend to be dumb… Commander Qin’s granddaughter, your best friend Qin Baojia, you saved her, right? You could save her from the mouth of death, how can you say you have no medical skills?”

Lin Luoran has just become gentle in attitude and Mu Tiannan’s words irritate her. She says word by word, “You investigated me?”

Mu Tiannan waves his hand, “No, don’t take me wrong… You directed so much Reiki that day while saving Qin Baojia, and one of the elders in my family happened to pass by the hospital so that we knew that a cultivator was casting a spell to save a life… We never deliberately investigated you. So many people were paying attention to the incidence of Qin Baojia, and they knew that she got out of the hospital just a few days after her life was on the line. I can’t figure out anyone else who has the ability to save her except you!”

She did make a scene that day, didn’t she?

Lin Luoran never regrets gathering such a huge amount of Reiki to save Baojia’s life that day. Even time flows backwards and she knows that saving Baojia will put herself under the spotlight, she will do the same — for Lin Luoran, nothing is comparable to Baojia’s life.

However, she can’t admit it!

If she admits it to Mu Tiannan and helps him save the life, everyone in the privileged class in the capital may know about this — people may always get sick. Lin Luoran is determined to keep cultivating, and she doesn’t want to reduce herself to a private doctor who serves the privileged class of the State of Huaxia.

After figuring this out, Lin Luoran frowns and says, “Master Mu, I assume that you are aware that I’m at the similar level as Wen Guanjing is. How can I do things that he can’t? The truth is that it was not me who saved Baojia the other day… And that man is not going to just come out and save another life.”

Sure enough… Her statement is close to Grandpa Mu’s words. It will be indeed miraculous if Lin Luoran herself actually can gather such a huge amount of Reiki to save a life.

Lin Luoran’s words are all in accordance with Mu Tiannan’s expectations. He is also glad that she has told him the “truth”. It’s certainly not her who saved Qin Baojia that day— Can it be her master who is at the level of Bearing Essence as it is said all over the cultivational world?

“We are aware that our request is hasty, but my family will definitely make it an equal exchange. By then, will you please forget the hard feelings between us and act as a go-between?” Just like Wen Guanjing’s, this is the real purpose of the Mu family. Mu Tiannan only speaks it out because Lin Luoran seems to be in a good mood.

Lin Luoran pretends to be hesitating for a while and nods. In fact, she is happy inside. After all, she is the so-called master so it’s up to her to decide what kind of exchange she wants — this will ease her decision on whether to save the life or not.

Though she has shirked the problems, Lin Luoran feels blue. She may be going to leave somebody in the lurch for her own safety. Is it her “Tao”? The person Mu Tiannan tries to save must mean so much to him. Can that person actually live till she is capable of protecting herself?

Mu Tiannan says that his family will search for something valuable in order to ask the “master” to save the life. Let alone the question that the Mu family may not be powerful enough, can the person whose life is on the line really be able to wait for the day they find the “treasure”? Lin Luoran has doubts.

Mu Tiannan seems to notice Lin Luoran’s doubts and adds, “Today I have another favor to ask of you. You do know that Fatty Cui has sold a special jade to me, right?”

Lin Luoran is embarrassed. She doesn’t just know about it. She actually refines the jade by herself!

Mu Tiannan fails to see her embarrassment. He keeps saying, “Your master can gather pure and peaceful Reiki in the world to save a life, and I believe he can definitely refine some jade filled with restless and useless Reiki… You may have a chance to ask for some pieces of jade the same as the one Fatty Cui sold to me. This is what I mean by asking you to save a life.”

Lin Luoran can refine jade any time, and she will be cold-blooded if she still refuses to help now that Mu Tiannan has explained the source of the refined jade to her. Lin Luoran asks tentatively, “The refined jade…is of great use for the person you want to save?”

Mu Tiannan nods, “It can ease his pain.”

There is nothing more to say. Lin Luoran nods, “In this case, I promise you I’ll give you some refined jade!”

Mu Tiannan is glad. However, something suddenly comes to Lin Luoran’s mind, “I have something to tell you. I do have your ginseng seeds, but I cannot return them to you now. How about you write off our old scores if I give you the jade?”

In fact, Mu Tiannan can’t do anything if Lin Luoran just refuses to admit she has the seeds. Lin Luoran assumes that Mu Tiannan was going to use the ginseng seeds to save a life before, which was the reason why he was so nervous when the seeds were lost. Lin Luoran doesn’t want her Taoist heart to have a defect, so she decides to make things clear.

Meanwhile, Master Mu is in a good mood because things about “jade with Reiki” go smoothly. He waves his hand and says generously, “I am also to blame for that. I will not make it difficult for you even you can’t find the jade for me!”

Lin Luoran exclaims, “This is the first time you act like a man since I knew you!”

Her unspoken words are “You were sissy” — Mu Tiannan’s face starts to look weird immediately.