Chapter 81 Steal the Fire Ball Spell

Lu Sanchun hurries to take over the two stones from Lin Luoran’s hands.

Though he knows that “Miss. Lin” is strong, he can’t stand letting a woman carry such heavy things under his watch.

“Miss. Lin, what do you need these stones for?” Lu Sanchun is muscular, and even he himself is having a hard time with the stone. He can’t figure out why Lin Luoran, a delicate woman, can carry them so easily.

Lin Luoran smiles, “There is good stuff in the stone. You’ll see.”

Lu Sanchun still can’t get it. Nevertheless, he scratches his head and carries the stone upstairs for Lin Luoran.

Commander Qin doesn’t seem to be at home. Lin Luoran first goes to check on Baojia, who has stopped sweating in black. Also, Reiki inside Baojia is stable now. Thinking of the five kinds of “Taoist root” Commander Qin talks about, Lin Luoran wonders which kind does Baojia belong to.

Wait, which kind of “Taoist root” does herself belong to?

It suddenly occurs to Lin Luoran that she has been absorbing Reiki from the bead while meditating. Those pure Reiki don’t seem to belong to a specific kind. She has never tried to interact with the five kinds of Reiki in the world!

Days before, Wen Guanjing was able to direct the fire Reiki by knitting a print with his hand. Is his Taoist root belonging to fire?

An extremely good memory is the bonus of her cultivation. Lin Luoran now remembers that on the night of fighting, even his hand moved very fast, Wen Guanjing didn’t just knit the print once because he was interrupted by her again and again. Thus Lin Luoran actually had observed his gestures for several times.

His gestures, were like this?

Lin Luoran moves her finger and walks out of Baojia’s room slowly.

She went to buy jade earlier this day in the hope of studying the magic circle in Commander Qin’s jade pendant. She suddenly realizes now that compared with the sophisticated magic circle, the Fire Ball spell Wen Guanjing casted that day should be easier to master. After all, she has witnessed the entire process of the spell-casting, but the cracked magic circle on the pendant needs to be tested.

The Qin’s villa is large and has a quiet balcony on the roof. Lin Luoran is afraid that trying to cast the Fire Ball spell may set the house on fire, so she goes up to the balcony.

She takes a deep breath and starts to think back of the entire process of Wen Guanjing casting the Fire Ball spell with her eyes closed.

He first straightened his middle finger and little finger and crossed the other three fingers of the right hand. His thumb and middle finger were both put on the second knuckle of the ring finger— People who don’t have long and flexible fingers may have cramps by doing this. Cultivation is really hard!

Lin Luoran sighs in her heart and starts to do the second gesture— There are a total of 36 hand gestures for the Fire Ball spell casting!

With her good memory, Lin Luoran thinks for a little while and slowly makes all the 36 hand gestures.

She finishes remembering and starts all over again. She makes the 36 gestures consistently— Obviously, Lin Luoran is not a blockbuster, and it will be a miracle if she can pull this off the first time she tries!

However, Lin Luoran is not hoping that she can succeed now. After all, she steals the spell from Wen Guanjing, which is indeed degrading. It’s a nice day. Lin Luoran just lies down on the deck chair and keeps pondering.

That day during the fight, Wen Guanjing’s hand moved really fast. He must have practiced the spell thousands of times.

Lying on the chair, Lin Luoran’s body is relaxed, but her right hand keeps practicing those 36 gestures. When Ms. Huang calls her to have dinner, she can’t stop practicing even with chopsticks in her right hand. Lin Luoran smiles to Ms. Huang’s astonishment and hurries back to the balcony after finishing eating.

She is so keen on these 36 hand gestures that she forgets to ask why Commander Qin isn’t home for dinner.

Lin Luoran is never a smart person. She was able to enter the high school in the county and go to university in the provincial capital all because of her hard work. Lin Luoran could stand doing boring physics questions over and over again. Now, she is interested in the Fire Ball spell, so she doesn’t feel bored by repeating those gestures.

She keeps practicing till the night comes and her hard work finally pays off— She can do all the 36 hand gestures within a time that only 10 seconds longer than that of Wen Guanjing needs.

It’s a pity that Lin Luoran still doesn’t master the key of casting this spell. She wonders that does time really matters that much?

Maybe not. When Wen Guanjing casted the spell, he clearly managed to interact with the Reiki around him. But she fails to do this in her practice.

So, does Fire Ball spell…need the reaction of fire Reiki?

Lin Luoran forgets about the fact that she hasn’t figured out what kind of Taoist root she belongs to. In fact, even if she knows about the nature of her Taoist root, she probably will not understand that certain nature of cultivators’ Taoist root determines the nature of the spells they can cast— If a cultivator in the nature of water wants to cast the Fire Ball spell, he must do it with the help of magic figures or treasures of the nature of fire.

Lin Luoran closes her eyes and relaxes herself. Gradually, she feels like everything else in the world disappears and she becomes the only one left.

Moments later, she can’t even feel herself standing on the ground, like she is floating in the air.

Another 15 minutes pass, the floating feeling is gone. Lin Luoran is immersed in this endless night.

Street lamps in the capital are on, looking like stars in the dark night.

However, it is no match for the view that Lin Luoran is seeing— Light spots start to light up around her after she is immersed in the world. Red, green, blue, gold, brown… Are these the Reiki molecules of the five elements?

Lin Luoran is stunned by the view. The light spots are flying in the air like colorful fireflies, which are more beautiful than any lamp light.

So the red little elves running around are the Reiki molecules of fire? Lin Luoran finally remembers her intention. She carefully uses a trace of her consciousness to contact with those fire Reiki.

These little molecules are having fun, and an unfamiliar sense of strangeness comes closer to them. They choose to ignore.

Lin Luoran’s consciousness is weak and not aggressive because she was hurt a few days before. Therefore, Reiki molecules don’t attack her, and certainly, pay no attention to her.

Lin Luoran tries to act kinder to get closer to these fire Reiki. A while later, she becomes lack of consciousness and in reality, her face is already bathed in sweat. However, being in the mysterious state, she doesn’t even notice a bit of her physical abnormality.

As Lin Luoran tries to get closer to the fire Reiki and fails, the bead on her right hand moves slightly.

Over the log cabin in the space which Lin Luoran can’t get in, a flame comes out of nothing. It bounces for a while, then breaks through the transparent inhibition and enters the cabin. The cabin trembles for a while and settles down without any apparent change.

Meanwhile, in Lin Luoran’s body, Reiki which used to be mixed up together now sense the change inside of the bead subtly but passively. A wisp of red Reiki separates itself from the mixture and flows to another meridian like it is not willing to stay with those chaotic Reiki anymore.

There are many imperceptible meridians inside of human bodies. Some cultivators may not detect the existence of these meridians in their whole life, let alone traditional doctors in the mortal world. During the long path of cultivation, even those with deep level of cultivation won’t make use of every meridian in their bodies.

Cultivation has been passed on for generations, and there is a classic system of meditating or spell-casting. Most cultivators like these ready-made spells for being easy to remember and understand, and they never think of exploring the function of other meridians— They believe that there is no need to waste time on studying things which are helpless to cultivation.

Lin Luoran was a mortal who happened to get on the road of cultivation. Though she has encountered so many difficulties without the guidance of a master, she follows her heart in every move she makes. The fact that she doesn’t have a master to learn from also gives her the advantage of being bold. She dares to try every idea that comes to her mind…with courage!

On today’s earth, all five kinds of Reiki are agitated. Most cultivators begin to practice spell under the guidance of their masters when they are in the level of Training Qi. They are very careful during the practice in the fear that they may be backfired by the spell if they piss off the angry Reiki molecules…

Lin Luoran is fearless because of her ignorance. Let alone the guidance of a master, she steals the spell-casting method from Wen Guanjing!

Courageous Lin Luoran fails to direct the fire Reiki. She suddenly senses an abnormality in her body and hurries to wake up from the sentimental state. She wipes off the sweat, rests for a moment and enters the state of inward vision.

Why does the red stream of Reiki hiding in an isolated meridian look so familiar? Lin Luoran takes a closer look and finds that they are the same with the fire Reiki she just saw— Lin Luoran is excited because this is the first time Reiki inside of her single out a nature. Does it mean that she has the Taoist root of fire?

No. Even if she just wakes up the nature of her Taoist root unintentionally, Reiki inside of her should all become red. Why there are still lots of mixed Reiki remaining aloof?

Lin Luoran thinks of a possibility which makes her lose the motivation to keep practicing the Fire Ball spell.

Cultivators with single nature of Taoist root are talented. For example, Jiang Mingyue had the nature of water and wood, but these two natures could complement each other, so her quality was relatively good.

As for Lin Luoran, she has detected that she has the nature of fire, but there are still lots of mixed Reiki in her meridians.

Lin Luoran is disappointed. Looking from the amount of mixed Reiki inside of her, it seems that there is more than one nature waiting to be awakened… God, how bad will her quality be?