Chapter 83 Villa on Fragrant Hills

Lin Luoran has known about her quality through practicing the Fire Ball spell, and she doesn’t have the mood to study the magic circle for now. Also, the mysterious phoenix hairpin may be dangerous.

Lin Luoran now can only work with the two raw stones she has bought.

She has promised Mu Tiannan to give him refined jade. She never plans to cut the raw stone open, so she just uses the bead as the converter of Reiki and refines the restless smoke inside of the raw stone into peaceful and absorbable Reiki — Lin Luoran is certain that this is the easiest way to get rich if she isn’t afraid of being beaten up by other cultivators when things are exposed.

Imagining herself being captured by other cultivators and being forced to make refined jade for them, Lin Luoran trembles and comforts herself that she doesn’t need too much money, instead, the freedom and her life are the most important.

Lin Luoran calls Mu Tiannan and informs him that he can come and get the stone any time. Then with a flash of mind, she enters the space of the bead which she hasn’t taken care of in a long time.

The seeds of fleece flower she planted before now have broken through the soil. The sprouts all huddle together so Lin Luoran has to build a shelf for each of them with the bamboo poles she put in the space before. This is a big project. Now she regrets for the dense planting.

While sticking the poles, Lin Luoran comforts herself that her hard work will be rewarded by a large amount of fleece flowers instead of just one — vines of over a hundred fleece flowers will definitely intertwine into one if she doesn’t split them up.

After she finishes building shelves for the fleece flowers, Lin Luoran notices that all six of the ginsengs have born little red fruits. The ginseng fruits are ripe just in time because there happens to be an empty field — Lin Luoran, who is in the joy of harvest, doesn’t notice that a flash of red glow just circles the inhibition over the log cabin for a second and goes away.

Staring at the vegetables piling up like a hill in the space, Lin Luoran thinks that she should take some out for everyone to eat. It’s such a waste to just let them lay in the space.

Fire Ball spell, magic circle, quality… Lin Luoran has a lot to think about today. She transplants the fleece flowers, accelerates the ripening of the ginseng seeds, plants them in the empty field and transports herself out of the space. She is happy that ginsengs are unlike vegetables which the plant will die after she accelerates the ripening of the seed. It’s stress-free that she doesn’t have to choose between ginsengs and their seeds!

Lin Luoran is eating a cherry tomato which doesn’t look like “cherry” because of the evolvement. She fails to notice that logically, empty field in the space has long since used up, or else she wouldn’t have planted those fleece flower seeds so densely. Still, there is an empty field for her to transplant. The area of the space seems to secretly become bigger today…

After putting a bunch of vegetables in the kitchen, Lin Luoran returns to her room with tomato in her mouth and prepares to do some cultivation tonight.

The tomato is juicy and fragrant. When Lin Luoran passes by Baojia’s room, Baojia, who is still in a coma, appears to be attracted by the smell of the tomato. Baojia’s eyes are closed for nine days, but her eyeballs roll under the closed eyelids.

Cultivation is hard. Lin Luoran has known about this since she heard the words of the crazy cultivator from Commander Qin. If her quality is bad, why she is destined to set foot on the path of cultivation?

Lin Luoran casts a glance at the bead on her right wrist. It is so mysterious that Lin Luoran always has the feeling that it is alive — no matter it chooses her willingly or not, she can’t let it become an ordinary bead and be considered as a brighter pearl after hundreds of years.

Lin Luoran sighs. She adjusts her attitude and starts to do her daily meditation.

When there is no jade around, the bead has no choice but to absorb the thin and agitated Reiki from the air. It keeps some for itself and refines the rest of Reiki and exports to Lin Luoran.

Something is different today.

The bead doesn’t convert all the Reiki into the white ones inside of Lin Luoran as usual. It singles out the fire Reiki and exports them together with the mixed stream of Reiki…

With her breathes, Reiki from the bead flow to her meridians, and the fire Reiki flows to where it should be… This is certainly confusing.

A night of cultivation. Lin Luoran feels refreshed when she opens her eyes. The frustration of practicing the Fire Ball spell all changes into the comfort of cultivation.

Lin Luoran goes downstairs light-footedly like a bird. She greets Commander Qin, who is reading newspapers, Ms. Huang, who is preparing the breakfast, and Lu Sanchun, who is practicing boxing in the yard. Everybody can see that Lin Luoran is in a good mood, and under her influence, they all feel that today is going to be a nice day.

Mu Tiannan arrives at the villa right after Lin Luoran finishes her breakfast.

He greets Commander Qin and loads the stone on his car — why there is only one? First, Lin Luoran doesn’t want to make her efforts look cheap. Second, humans are greedy. If she gives him two stones for the first time, she will have to give more in the future, or the favor may turn into hatred.

Lin Luoran is sitting on the front seat. Mu Tiannan smiles at her from time to time, which creeps her out. Anyway, why she becomes friends with Mu Tiannan all of a sudden? Lin Luoran is still confused about this.

Mu Tiannan drives an SUV today, if not, there may be not enough space for the stone. Lin Luoran doesn’t even recognize the brand of the SUV, then she thinks of the fact that she has seen him driving several different cars, also, he promised to lend her 100 million Yuan when they were in Ruili. Is the Mu family really a family of cultivators? The family seems to be powerful. Lin Luoran has to remind herself that even with Mu Tiannan as the intermediary, she should be careful while dealing with the Mu family.

The car goes straightly to the suburb. Lin Luoran looks at the direction post and asks, “Fragrant Hills Park?”

Mu Tiannan nods, “My family house is on the Fragrant Hills.”

Lin Luoran is speechless. Well, the Mu family is powerful, for sure. Everyone who knows a little about the history of the State of Huaxia will be familiar with the Fragrant Hills.

A temporary imperial palace was built here in the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234). As time passed, the palace was expanded for several times. By the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1636—1912), it was renamed as “Jingyi Garden”. There is even an article titled “Red Autumn Leaves on the Fragrant Hills” in one of the textbooks of elementary schools around the country. Now, Mu Tiannan tells her that his family house is on the Fragrant Hills…

“Hey, though you’re a family of cultivators, you don’t have to take the public land for private use. This is beyond belief…” She is not jealous, but the feeling of enclosing a hill to do whatever she wants is really exciting!

Mu Tiannan glances at her, “You can’t say anything you like as you can eat whatever you want. What do you mean by taking the public land for private use? The current public land was donated by my family when our country is first established, ok?”

Eh, is that so?

Lin Luoran is shameful. She keeps her mouth shut and looks out through the window.

Mu Tiannan is in a good mood since he just made Lin Luoran speechless. He hums a song and drives along the mountain road in the opposite direction of the park. Somewhere on the back hill, Lin Luoran sees a carved iron gate in European style. The white pillars are set among flowers and trees, which appear to be elegant and delicate.

Mu Tiannan snaps his fingers and the door just opens slowly. He drives in and says to Lin Luoran with a brilliant smile, “Welcome to the villa on Fragrant Hills!”

Villa! Lin Luoran is astonished. Is the place really where cultivators live in?

Don’t cultivators usually live in log cabins? And what on earth is that music fountain…