Chapter 84 Seniors in the Level of Laying Foundation

“Master, welcome back!” As Mu Tiannan stops the car in front of a villa in European style, a bunch of girls in maid outfit come out and greet him all with one voice. Lin Luoran has a vague feeling that she is about to have a mental meltdown…

Master! Maid outfit! I¥%¥…!

Mu Tiannan notices that Lin Luoran is annoyed so he hurries to shoot a glance at those naughty girls in order to tell them to go away. He smiles awkwardly, “This is where I live. My grandpa lives up on the hills and he barely goes out. I’m afraid that we have to walk to him.”

So, she comes here to save a life and she has to carry the stone up to the hills? Although Lin Luoran is benign, she feels a little displeased. Unlike Liu Zheng who is a careful observer, Mu Tiannan doesn’t notice Lin’s displeasure at all.

After all, Lin Luoran is an adult and she can’t just leave. She gets off the car, asks Mu Tiannan to carry the stone and heads to the hills.

The path up the hills is narrow, and it is very wet and muddy due to the rain last night. Lin Luoran is light-footed, so her shoes barely touch the ground. Carrying a heavy stone, Mu Tiannan is not able to employ his Gravity Defying Kung Fu, and his white leather shoes handmade in Italy are covered in mud soon.

Mu Tiannan looks at Lin Luoran who seems relaxed and easy. He gnashes his teeth and thinks, cultivators are cool. Should he badger with grandpa and ask for an opportunity to follow the path of cultivation?

Lin Luoran turns around and looks at charming Master Mu’s embarrassment caused by the mud. Her displeasure changes into a glimmer of amusement. She holds back her smile and keeps walking.

There is no crossroad. The two of them walks fairly fast and they arrive at the end of the road within a few minutes.

A small straw hut surrounded by fences covered by morning glories is on the hill. Mountain fog lingers, making the hut fairy. Lin Luoran is relieved. This finally looks like the place where cultivators live in.

She doesn’t try to hide her steps, so people inside of the hut already notice her incoming.

“Miss Lin, please don’t blame me for not greeting you earlier. This indeed is an emergency. Please come in.” A voice comes from the hut. It sounds a little weak, but quite loud.

“It’s my grandpa speaking.” Carrying the stone, Mu Tiannan is out of breath. He is trying to hide this because he doesn’t want Lin Luoran to look down upon him.

Lin Luoran checks her clothes and makes sure there is not a stain on them. Then she goes ahead and pushes the unlocked door open.

There seems to be some smoke surging inside of the room. Cushions made of straw are lying on the ground. The hut looks like a place for spiritual retreat — it suddenly comes to Lin Luoran that she can also make some cushions out of the “weeds” in her space.

Grandpa Mu is not alone in the hut as Lin Luoran used to imagine. Another old man is also sitting on a straw cushion. One of the old men is sitting in the back of the other with hands on the back of the man in the front, which is exactly like the healing scenes in TV shows.

The old man with silver hair sitting in the back opens his eyes and nods to Lin Luoran while she comes in. Lin Luoran assumes that he is Grandpa Mu since he and Mu Tiannan look alike.

Since Grandpa Mu has the strength to heal another man, Lin Luoran believes that it’s not him who needs the refined jade — so, the other old man who is sitting with his legs crossed needs the jade to extend his life?

Lin Luoran tries to probe the old man with her spirit, and she senses a strong power. Lin Luoran is shocked to discover that even the old man who needs to be healed is a cultivator in a much higher level than herself!

Are they both seniors in the level of Laying Foundation?

Lin Luoran dares not to pry anymore. She waits quietly with Mu Tiannan who is carrying the stone.

Less than an hour later, Grandpa Mu gradually stops the healing. His face looks pale like he has just been through a serious illness. Mu Tiannan hurries to put down the stone and helps his grandpa to sit on the wooden chair. Then he helps the other old man up and supports him to sit on another chair.

Unlike the ethereal and aloof Grandpa Mu, the other old man seems reckless, even his cultivation is deep… Well, his temperament is like Commander Qin’s when Baojia was hurt.

At this moment, Lin Luoran is not aware that in the world of cultivation, it is very impolite to pry on others’ cultivation like she just did. She is lucky that the two seniors forgive her.

Grandpa Mu rests for a while and says to Lin Luoran like he just comes to himself, “Miss Lin, though you have a top master, your own quality is enviable. I notice earlier that you are one step away from completing the level of Training Qi… Within 15 years, you will enter the level of Laying Foundation.”

Lin Luoran catches the key words of Grandpa Mu. Is she really going to complete the level of Training Qi? It is the first time that Lin Luoran has a clear knowledge about her level of cultivation, which is worthy of her long trip to be here.

After hearing this, the other man who is resting his mind with eyes closed opens his eyes. He checks on Lin Luoran from head to feet and says, “Mu, I bet you that she will enter the level of Laying Foundation in 10 years… According to the decreasing rate of Reiki in the world, she may be the last female cultivator in the country.”

The last female cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation? Lin Luoran is glad that both of the seniors think highly of her, but she is not satisfied with the level of Laying Foundation deep in her heart. If there is a chance, she will never stop pursuing higher levels — Lin Luoran wants to go further on the path of cultivation so that she can see more of the world.

Except for Wen Guanjing, who is skillful in spell-casting, Lin Luoran has never encountered with anyone else in the world of cultivation. Hearing that the two old men just make a bet on her, she doesn’t know what to say in reply.

Just in time, Mu Tiannan comes out of nowhere with three cups of hot tea.

Grandpa Mu says while stroking his beard, “This is the Da Hong Pao tea picked from the seed tree on Mount Wuyi. Although it is nothing like the Reiki tea in the old cultivational world, it’s the best we can find in the mortal world. Miss Lin, I hope you like it.”

Da Hong Pao tea picked from the seed tree on Mount Wuyi… Can it ever be bad? If the words aren’t said by Grandpa Mu, Lin Luoran will definitely think that he is showing off.

“Is this senior…” Lin Luoran can’t finish the sentence because she is not sure about her judgment. She lowers her head and drinks the tea. As expected, unlike the evolved vegetables in her space, the tea is tasty with its unique fragrance.

Is there a chance that she can plant some tea in her space? After the refinement of the space, the Da Hong Pao tea filled with Reiki may be qualified as the “Reiki tea” Grandpa Mu just talked about.

Before Grandpa Mu says anything, Mu Tiannan answers, “This is Grandpa Guo. I asked you for the refined jade to help Grandpa Guo heal.”

The man referred to as “Grandpa Guo” by Mu Tiannan says with a bitter smile, “My old bones really have bothered you all. I may as well return to dust.”

Grandpa Mu laughs, “Again? That year, if it wasn’t you that snuck into that tiny country and was hurt by that stealthy man who claimed to be the emissary of Orochi, you would never get this chronical injury.”

Orochi? Isn’t it a creature in the Japanese myth? It is real? An idea comes to Lin Luoran’s mind. Is there a possibility that some characters in the myth of the State of Huaxia are actually cultivators…

However, Grandpa Mu is certainly smart enough to bring about the reason why Grandpa Guo is hurt… Does Grandpa Mu say this to make her sympathize with Grandpa Guo?

Lin Luoran drinks the tea with embarrassment. She is speechless because of the trick of a senior in the level of Laying Foundation.