Chapter 85 Age of Cultivators

Lin Luoran thought that the two old men were collaborating with each other. However, Grandpa Guo doesn’t agree with Grandpa Mu as she expected. He says, “Mu, don’t you know how old we are? It’s awkward for us old men to talk about this in front of the younger generation. Just drop it!”

Grandpa Mu is embarrassed. Lin Luoran feels great respect for Grandpa Guo who is seriously injured and waiting for a cure. If she were in his position, she would not be able to stay calm.

The thing is, Lin Luoran herself is just an amateur. Even Grandpa Mu, who is in the level of Laying Foundation, can not get the injury under control, she doesn’t believe that she can — with the Reiki she refines when she has not completed the level of Training Qi? How ridiculous! If it was not for the bead, she wouldn’t manage to save Baojia’s life.

Lin Luoran puts down the teacup, “Grandpas, I have brought the jade here… But, the injury of Grandpa Guo…”

Grandpa Guo waves his hand, “It’s already a big favor of you to give me the priceless jade for free. How can I make my injury your responsibility? …Mu and the others did have other plans when they tried to get closer with you, but they only did this for my wellbeing. Miss Lin, please don’t mind.”

Mu Tiannan is embarrassed just like his grandpa is. However, Lin Luoran is not surprised by the whole planned thing.

She is not a spoiled girl and she never believes that there is unprovoked love or hatred in the world. She noticed the problem when Mu Tiannan suddenly changed his “malevolent” attitude.

If she does have a mysterious and powerful master, she can absolutely ignore the invitation of the special department and the request of the Mu family for her help. A saying goes that absolute power prevails over strategy. If she is under the wings of the most powerful master, it will all be up to her mood whether she takes notice of them or not.

Nevertheless, Lin Luoran is the only one who knows that she doesn’t have a master who is in the level of Bearing Essence at all. Before she becomes strong enough, she will have to leak some information about her so-called “master” so that no one will have doubts.

Now, hearing Grandpa Guo’s words, Lin Luoran switches the topic, “The Fragrant Hills is a picturesque place, and the grass and trees here are filled with Reiki. It is a nice place for cultivation in the mortal world. The Mu family really has made a good choice.”

Noticing that Lin Luoran tries to change the subject, Grandpa Mu asks, “I guess that it is the first time Miss Lin has come to the Fragrant Hills. How about us two old men give you a tour around?”

Lin Luoran gladly agrees. It’s so much better to enjoy the scenery than just sit still.

Mu Tiannan’s mouth crumples, “What about me?”

Grandpa Mu gives a ferocious glance at his grandson. Mu Tiannan dares not to badger and he leaves with the teacups.

Grandpa Guo stands up first, “Miss Lin, Mu and I are much older than you. How about we call you Luoran?”

Lin Luoran lunges to her feet and nods, “Of course, Grandpa Guo. You can call me whatever you want.” Mu and Guo here are the only living high-level cultivators in the State of Huaxia. Not only do they have deeper cultivation, they are also much older than her, so what they call her is really not a problem.

The three of them walk out of the straw hut and go up the hill along the path. Tall sumaches block out the sun. Fragrant Hills will be taken over by those red leaves in autumn.

It’s winter, and leaves have already fallen on the ground. Lin Luoran likes the feeling of stepping on the thick layer of fallen leaves.

Grandpa Mu notices Lin’s interests in the ancient trees. He explains while stroking his beard, “Some of them were planted during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, and they are at least 200 years old.”

200 years? The trees have grown taller and stronger during 200 years, and what about her? Will she manage to enter the next level of cultivation after 200 years, or will she get stuck by the curse that no one in the State of Huaxia can surpass the level of Laying Foundation?

Seeing that Lin Luoran is somehow downcast, Grandpa Guo thinks for a while and says, “Luoran, I notice that you are a little depressed. It’s not easy for a young woman like you to have such deep cultivation. You should be proud of yourself. Why are you in low spirits?”

Is the age of 27 considered as young in the world of cultivation?

Lin Luoran is ignorant of many common senses in the world of cultivation. Seeing that the seniors are kind, she makes up an excuse in her heart and plans to get some information from them. She says, “Seniors, you both know that I used to be an ordinary person in the mortal world, and I entered the world of cultivation accidentally. Thus I have no idea about many taboos or common senses. I heard from Wen Guanjing that even cultivators’ lives have an end. If one has the chance to enter the level of Laying Foundation, how long may he live?

Lin Luoran’s “accidentally” refers to the space in the bead, but Mu and Guo take it as the proof of their guess — Lin is picked by a master who cleanses her bone marrow and almost helps her complete the level of Training Qi.

They believe that the mysterious master really believes in Lin Luoran, and they don’t think that it is abnormal that Lin doesn’t have common sense about the world of cultivation.

Instead of answering Lin’s question, Grandpa Mu asks with a smile, “In your opinion, how old am I?”

Lin Luoran check on him. Grandpa Mu seems healthy and strong, and he is just as vigorous as Commander Qin. He is in his sixties, isn’t he?

Lin Luoran tells her answer. Grandpa Mu bursts out of laugh. Serious as Grandpa Guo is, he can’t help smiling.

“Cultivators in the level of Training Qi can at least live 100 years, and those in the level of Laying Foundation can live till they’re 200 years old. Masters in the level of Bearing Essence have a life span of 500 years, and as for those in the level of Gathering Vitality, they can even live 1000 years, according to the books. We have no idea what will happen above Gathering Vitality.”

Grandpa Mu laughs and points to Grandpa Guo, “He is 127 years old. I’m a bit older, and I have just celebrated my 130th birthday last month.”

Both of them are over 100 years old? They certainly look younger. Let alone Grandpa Guo, who is injured, Grandpa Mu seems to be more vigorous than Mu Tiannan. This may be the difference between cultivators and the mortals…

The age of 27 is very young in the world of cultivation.

Lin Luoran is used to being called an old leftover lady. She suddenly realizes that she is still young, and this makes her glad.