Chapter 87 Happy Events

Grandpa Mu doesn’t care at all and explains to Lin Luoran, “Your master may have told you that the nature of your Taoist root decides the magic weapon you can use and the spell you can cast. There are five elements in the world, and they mutually promote and restrain each other. As long as you can enter the level of Laying Foundation, you will be able to use the science between elements to make some interesting changes even if you don’t have certain natures. Take me as the example, I have the nature of metal and earth, so I can direct a bit of fire Reiki to cast the spell by the collision of metal and earth. You should not underestimate the little bit of fire Reiki. It may save your life when it is necessary.”

Taoist root decides the spells one can cast?

Lin Luoran bears Grandpa Mu’s words in mind. The Reiki inside of her used to be mixed up and neutral, and a stream of fire Reiki was distinguished when she tried to cast the Fire Ball spell. Still, most of the Reiki inside of her are still neutral. Are they waiting for her to discover what else nature she has?

So what nature does she have?

Lin Luoran is in doubt. She thinks of these 36 hand gestures engraved in her mind and begins to make them unconsciously with her right hand. She has been practicing the gestures for long, and speed is no longer a question. Moments later, Lin Luoran is about to complete the spell — if she completes them like this, she will definitely fail again!

Before Lin Luoran finishes the gestures, Grandpa Guo shouts out, “Guide your Reiki into the gestures and elicit response from fire Reiki!”

Lin Luoran was thinking that she might fail as well this time. Hearing Grandpa Guo’s words, she reacts instinctively. As if the fire Reiki in her meridians are summoned, they flow directly to her right hand and fill her fingers.

By the time Lin Luoran makes the 35th gesture, the air around her is “lighted”. She can feel clearly that the molecules of fire Reiki are gathering. When she completes the 36th gesture, Lin Luoran looks to the fingertips of her right hand. A ball of flame is floating and beating slightly… She has managed to cast the Fire Ball spell?

Lin Luoran is filled with joy, but she is not dizzy with the success. She lets go of the gesture, and the fire ball disappears. Lin Luoran then closes her eyes and starts to review the feeling of reacting with the fire Reiki.

Grandpa Mu and Guo are surprised with Lin Luoran’s power of understanding. They can see that she is a rookie for she doesn’t even know that she should direct Reiki while casting spells — however, can a rookie comprehend the key of spell-casting only through a few words of Grandpa Guo? Also, she is so fluent in making hand gestures. Her fingers are born to cast spells!

They think of Lin Luoran’s experience. She becomes a cultivator by chance. Though there is a powerful master to cleanse her bone marrow, her quality is extremely good as well.

Is the nature of her Taoist root pure fire?

Seeing that Lin Luoran just casts the Fire Ball spell so easily and she is the apprentice of a senior in the level of Bearing Essence, Grandpa Mu and Guo assume that Lin is a gifted cultivator with single nature.

Of course, immersed in the success of her first spell, Lin Luoran is not aware of the misunderstanding.

When she opens her eyes again, she finds Grandpa Mu and Guo sitting on the chairs made by Mu just now and nodding to her. Three cups of fragrant tea are on the table.

Lin Luoran sits down and sips the tea. Its fragrance refreshes her mind. Tea is really the best for cultivators.

With the booklet of spells and the key point of spell-casting, Lin Luoran is in no rush to study. The opportunity of drinking tea with two seniors in the level of Laying Foundation is precious, so why not take a break for now?

However, Lin Luoran is destined to be busy. Her phone rings when she is listening to Grandpa Mu talking about his understanding of cultivation.

It is a strange number. Lin Luoran picks up. Words from the other end of the phone make her brow relaxed, then happiness crawls all over her face.

She hangs up the phone. Grandpa Mu asks why she is so happy. Lin Luoran answers with tears in her eyes, “Please excuse my humble behavior. My best friend is awake just now.”

After the incident, Lin Luoran’s best friend, Qin Baojia, becomes famous… After all, Mu and Guo look at each other and figure out at once who Lin Luoran is talking about.

“In this case, Luoran, you should go back!”

Though this is a rare chance for Lin Luoran to spend time with the seniors, she always puts family and friends above everything. Lin apologizes to Grandpa Mu and Guo and goes down the hills.

Mu Tiannan comes out from nowhere. Grandpa stares at him with a smile and asks, “Why don’t you send her off?”

Mu Tiannan laughs, “It has been arranged… Grandpa, I want to be a cultivator. Please say yes!”

Grandpa Guo frowns. Emotions flash in Grandpa Mu’s eyes. He says, “You bastard! The family rules are made… Cultivation becomes harder and harder, and our family can’t be so stubborn. You have given the opportunity of cultivation to your sixth younger brother. Why do you want to cultivate now?”

Mu Tiannan answers cheekily, “I regret. At the worst, I shall just give up the supply from the family. Can you teach me spells?”

Grandpa Mu shakes his head.

Mu Tiannan stamps his feet and disappears into the forest.

Grandpa Guo coughs and says, “You should tell him the truth. Why let him bear grudge against you?”

Grandpa Mu smiles bitterly, “My grandson seems to be playful, but you know clearly that he is the most arrogant one. If I tell him the truth, who knows what his stubbornness will make him do? I’d rather that he hates me…as long as he can live his life in peace.”

Live his life in peace? Grandpa Guo sighs. He is not sure that this is what Mu Tiannan wants.

“Anyway, what should we give to Luoran?”

Grandpa Guo’s question baffles Mu. Right. What should they give in return so that they can get closer to her?


Lin Luoran jumps off the car of the Mu’s and runs toward the Qin’s villa. Ms. Huang opens the door for her with a big smile.

“They are all at the upstairs, Miss Lin.”

Lin Luoran nods to Ms. Huang and goes upstairs. The door of Baojia’s room is not closed. Commander Qin, Liu Zheng and Lu Sanchun are all here. Lin Luoran looks around and sees the woman in white standing by the window.

Her white gown is fluttering in the wind, making the woman look like a fairy.

Seeing is believing. Lin Luoran now is sure that Baojia really is alright.

Lin’s eyes are filled with tear. Qin Baojia turns around, stares at Lin, and rushes at her,

“Hey! Did you eat cherry tomatoes in my room last night?”