Volume Three Stars in Bermuda-Chapter 88 Bermuda

The Bermuda Archipelagoes on the North Atlantic Ocean is the overseas territory of the UK. Financial industry and tourism there are developed, and it is the world-famous “offshore financial center” which is known as “tax heaven” and “company heaven”.

A direct flight from the State of Huaxia to Hamilton, Bermuda lands at 3 pm. A group of Asians walk out of the airport quickly, but they still draw the attention of many people around.

The Asians in the group are all tall and slim. Huge sunglasses can’t cover the fact that they are good-looking. Two tourists carrying heavy bags are amazed,

“Mike, are those people models from Asia? Is there going to be a show in Hamilton?”

“Look at the beauty in the front…”

Walking in the front of the group, Lin Luoran’s face is mostly covered by her sunglasses, but her sharp and vigorous temperament is out. In the view of the locals, only tall beauties with full lips from the U.S. or Europe are stylish like this — Lin Luoran perfectly eliminates the aesthetic difference between the East and the West.

English is not a problem for cultivators. They can perfectly understand what the two tourists just said.

Wen Guanjing is an ordinary-looking man. In foreign eyes, he is humble and unimpressive. Wen is not wearing sunglasses. He casts a glance at Lin Luoran and her vigorous temperament and feels too inferior to joke.

Cars have been arranged. Several low-key MPVs with signs saying “Expedition” are waiting at the exit. In the heaven of tourism where luxury cars fill the streets, the MPVs are actually moderate.

People from the State of Huaxia certainly follow their doctrine of the mean everywhere they go. Lin Luoran sits down on the front seat and takes off her sunglasses.

Some of her companions are the young and talented ones in the cultivational world of the State of Huaxia. However, they seem to be afraid and don’t want to sit in the same car with Lin Luoran. Wen Guanjing has no choice but to bite the bullet. He sits on the back seat, and the driver starts the car.

“Brother Wen, I heard that we are not the only ones who come for the operation. Is that right?” Looking at Wen Guanjing who is sitting straight on the back seat, Lin Luoran doubts whether this is good or not. Since her teammates here know that she has met with Grandpa Mu and Guo on the Fragrant Hills, they all start to act like that they want to talk to her but doesn’t dare to disturb. This makes Lin Luoran reappraise Mu and Guo’s position in Huaxia’s world of cultivation.

There is no guarantee that the operation in Bermuda will be a success. Lin Luoran doesn’t want her teammates to fear or disdain her. Harmonious team relationship will be the key for everybody to stay alive!

Wen Guanjing has adjusted his attitude. After hearing from the department minister that Lin Luoran was about to complete the level of Training Qi, he exclaimed over her luck — Wen used to be the best cultivator in his generation, and the woman who only cultivated for a few months just exceeded him so easily. Wen Guanjing was malcontent that she exceeded him only because a powerful master helped cleanse her bone marrow.

However, from Master Mu and Guo’s comments on Lin Luoran, Wen Guanjing knew that Lin Luoran could make such achievements not only because she was talented, but also that she was a woman of good conduct.

Wen Guanjing’s dissatisfaction turned into enlightenment — perhaps Lin Luoran, who tried so hard to avenge a mortal, was inherently different from the others?

Thinking of these, Wen Guanjing answers Lin Luoran instantly,

“Right. Cultivators from a dozen of countries will be here, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and Japan.”

Lin Luoran says nothing in reply. She closes her eyes and starts to rest her spirit. In fact, she keeps stroking an exquisite blue double-head phoenix hairpin, which is glowing blue under the sunlight… Unlike days ago, the hairpin seems to be unlocked now, and it is no longer a normal hairpin decorated with pearls.

Wen Guanjing notices the Reiki fluctuations on Lin Luoran’s hand along the trip. This is also one of the reasons why other team members don’t dare to get closer to Lin Luoran though they are attracted by her beauty — it is said that the hairpin in her hand is a weapon, and god knows how powerful it is! It’s best not to mess with the apprentice of a mysterious master.

“Hello?” Lin Luoran’s phone rings and she picks up.

“Luoran, have you arrived?” Baojia’s vigorous voice comes from the other end of the phone. Lin Luoran is happy every time she hears Baojia’s voice — people will cherish things they almost lose. Baojia was badly injured and she nearly died. Lin Luoran is just glad that Baojia is alright now.

Lin Luoran’s cold temperament fades away. She answers with a smile, “I just get off the plane. How about you? Have you met with my parents?”

“I have taken Mr. and Mrs. Lin, as well as Luodong, to the villa on Mount Qingcheng. My grandpa will be around, so you can set your heart at rest while you’re in Bermuda.”

Baojia stops talking and calls for Mr. and Mrs. Lin to say a few words to Lin Luroan. Lin hears in the phone that her parents say the international call is too expensive. Luodong takes the phone and says “sister”. From such a long distance, Lin Luoran can feel that her family misses her so much — the Night of Bermuda opens early, and she has no time to go home before coming here with the team from the capital. She hasn’t returned home since Baojia’s incident.

Lin Luoran hangs up the phone after reminding Baojia of something else.

She can’t do anything about her parents’ frugality. They can’t meet in person, but the phone call just set their minds at rest.

The villa on Mount Qingcheng Baojia talks about is the gift from Grandpa Mu and Guo in return to the jade. Lin Luoran hasn’t been there by herself. It is said that the leader of Qingcheng School is also a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation who is friend with Mu and Guo… Lin Luoran is not worried that Elly may do something when she is away. She is afraid that the Zou family may find out that she is the one who hurts Zou Yaowei, and they may go after her family.

After all, the Zou family is powerful. It won’t take them too much effort to make trouble for the Lin family. Now, her family is living in the villa on Mount Qingcheng, which is so much safer than before — after practicing the spells of the five elements, Lin Luoran has a clearer view on the power of cultivators.

Checking on the phoenix hairpin in her hand, Lin Luoran puts it into the space with a flash of mind. From the back seat, Wen Guanjing notices that the blue glow is gone, and then he discovers that there is nothing in Lin’s hand. He can’t control the contraction of his pupils — as the apprentice of a powerful master, Lin Luoran certainly is capable of using some ancient tricks!